Smilo: A Revolutionary “Hybrid” Blockchains Platform

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Smilo: A Revolutionary “Hybrid” Blockchains Platform

Smilo platform was born from a spark of inspiration in June of 2017 when the founder Smilo sees some blockchain platform created through the privacy and anonymity, but none of these platforms can provide an intelligent and user contracts spread application.

Blockchain world has witnessed great interest in different industries across the border, out of tens of hundreds of new companies, dedicated to laboratory blockchain indicated in the commercial and federal agencies, or make some consortia to address the major challenges of the industry.

Blockchain technical details remain on all financial transactions and non-financial record a higher level. Blockchain technology minimizes the possibility of being manipulated or misrepresented information distribution through the network. One of the best parts about blockchain general discussion is that it is usually not governed by a specific entity. Each participant or body or to obtain a copy of a chance to share. Although some people think that power, which is also seen as a major weakness tends to require not safe enough.

Fortunately, technology Blockchain in three different ways – public, private and mixed-use. Although much has been said about the discussions and blockchain technology mix private and public remains the same, is relatively “fresh” is used.

What Is Smilo platform?

Blockchain Smilo is a unique platform to support hybrid trade, contract and the hybrid intelligent combination of mixing and application deployment – to “mix” refers to the public and private sectors. Smilo blockchain intention is to use technology to create an alternative for distributed applications.

What Is Smilo’s Unique Selling Point?

Smilo unique advantage of some of the features and combinations caused. In the best platform Smilo revelation, a mix of trade, social contract, and centralized applications. No other features that together.
Various features of embodiment in many different, useful to investigate further in the following embodiments.


Our mission is to create full transparency by providing, at the same time protecting the needs of consumers mentioned to customize the environment for consumer privacy and security by governments, financial institutions and NGOs require the company. All decentralized safe, fast and sustainable way. We will share all of this, the unlock code for future blockchains, organizations, and applications can apply this to their specific needs.


Our goal is to make the data available to the public is irreversible, while protecting personal data, in order to promote the culture. This opportunity will allow some extra people in the middle, significantly limiting corruption, while at the same time
Recognizing the need to protect personal data. public and private affairs on the basis of the agreement on the same platform BFT Smilo This combination is defined as a hybrid platform blockchain affection.

Business Overview

Various specialties by seventeen members of the core team that Smilo platform. In addition to the core team, Smilo platform access to more than 200 developers through partnership working Smilo free. With more than 30 years of experience in business and IT leaders Smilo platform.


Smilo blockchain intended to provide a full-featured platform, bringing a mixture trading – Intelligent and application -decentralized contract. Since we were in Java to create a platform of the square, we can guarantee that it is the fully open source.

Smilo Hybrid Blockchain

Smilo is a revolutionary platform “hybrid” blockchains will be able to withstand mixed transaction, contracts, and smart distributed applications. low power consumption Smilo blockchain will ensure sustainability, making it environmentally friendly. To achieve this consensus mechanism mixing and Byzantine fault tolerance plus sign (+ BFT) based on the stack (POS) proof.

At the same time, the unique Smilo Network Protocol (SNP) will ensure scalability, thus making the network 100 times faster than revenge. Smilo there will be a low cost of revenge precise and complete compatibility blockchain and intelligence contracts. Smilo blockchain error eliminated its predecessors, and make blockchain technology closer to mass adoption.

Smilo Platform can navigate blockchain private and public networks and distributed applications. The smilo team noted that their goal is to develop a full-featured platform that will host blockchain mixture transactions, contracts, and intelligent distributed applications. Developers claim that their solutions can be taken in the following areas: medical field, product tracking, insurance, logistics and so on.

Smilo Advantages

Smilo using a unique Byzantine fault tolerance and homemade plus (BFT +), BFT is the same as evidence Stake (POS) faster, more efficient, but not perfect. BFT POS standards and mechanisms that are not the safest consensus mechanism. For this purpose, has created a mechanism consensus Smilo Smilo + BFT BFT unique to improve the standard mechanism. The mechanism is really secure, scalable, fast and sustainable trade. So, with this Smilo has many advantages, including:

  1. Transparency:
    Users can monitor transactions more transparent, using this technique
  2. Anti-Corruption:
    With transparency, can minimize or even eliminate corruption in every transaction
  3. Sustainable Development:
    The Smilo BFT + protocol blockchain green platform.
  4. Privacy:
    Smart trade contracts and hybrid
  5. Security:
    Smilo of BFT + provides better security than the previous mechanism.
  6. Fast, Scalable:
    The platform of revenge or more platforms 100 times faster
  7. Affordable:
    Smilo provide transaction cost is much cheaper

The Smilo Token

The system uses two markers: Smilo sign (XSM) and SmiloPay sign (XSP). The Smilo Smilo signs are part of the network. They represent private sharing network users and power to influence. SmiloPay sign will be used to pay for all services. As a service fee for registering or changing assets. This service fee, then allocated proportionally to all owners Smilo, which means SmiloPay will be distributed through the system.

ICO Information

  • Token Name: Smilo Token
  • Token Symbol: XSM
  • Total supply: 200,000,000 XSM
  • Tokens for Sale: 84,960,000
  • Price in ICO: 1 Smilo = 0.25 USD
  • SoftCap: USD 2,500,000
  • HardCap: USD 18,000,000

Smilo Platform Funds Distribution

To know the latest information about the Smilo Platform project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

BTT Username: ubay

ETH: 0x7872e2099F8Ec07D4c538E03708e50f4325D4509

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Smilo Platform team, I just give you the latest ICO info”