Skillchain – Makes It Easy For Users To Access And Change Their Data With Extension

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Skillchain – Makes It Easy For Users To Access And Change Their Data With Extension

SkillChain aims to make the world of work more clear, so skill, graduates, and skilled personnel will not make mistakes again Others. In this case, make sure the candidate’s resume is not only based on his own declaration, but also This is the result of rapid certification and interaction with their institutions. Skillchain takes action As a medium for users to store and process data through another user’s server, In this way, it can protect and monitor data in a decentralized way. Therefore, the user can delete An eco-friendly approach to provide servers and data more closely to users And suppliers.


The skillchain platform makes it easy for users or server owners to access and change their data With extension. You can use a browser to use extensions to help users connect or access Skill chain platform. This API will be used as an extended interactive medium With Skillchain skeleton.

1. Expanded Security

Security extensions are extensions that are created to clarify and verify that they are included in Destructive behavior. This security extension uses code validation as a tool.

2. Access control

Currently, if the user only wants to expand their access to sensitive information through their skill chain. The skill chain will use the access control list (ACL) to provide some resources for the extension. Methods for determining permissions on problematic objects (eg files), and Agent specified (such as user account). This is a computer security model of some kind of object You can perform a transferable operation. The Skillchain platform will send permission to Expand to grant certain permissions.


Introduction of academic and non-academic academic landscape a nonpartisan The verification system is reliable, reliable and transparent.
Connect private and public training institutions with companies and headhunters.
Let everyone have a chance to have their own personal online LIVE LIVE PASSPORT
Personal resume, certification of personal skills related to instant work recruiting markets can then be done without reference or additional brokers.

Life Skills Passport

SkillChain Pasport

LIFE SKILL PASSPORT will become the world market standard for education and work. Accuracy and The transparency of data stored in it will become the new standard for CV. This blockchain-based document will contain a user’s professional path certificate and Reference work experience based on Blockchain. Through the basic URL, users will be able to Showcase their career path and an educational certificate in a clear and unambiguous way Making sure the presentation is transparent and correct.

Vision Skillchain is one ecosystem that can be easily owned, managed, and maintained by certification staff Take advantage of their verified skills (user profile) and data from their LIFE SKILL PASSPORT Experience. Skillchain will become a scattered professional network to translate references and verify Drag new resume.

Long-Term Strategy


Skillchain will establish a quality and security assurance team that will often audit system security. We also do maintenance to make sure that we can handle more users and Provide users with some required features. We will use the JIRA platform as issue tracking management TLA + systems and software often test the system.

Standard Committee

Committees in blockchain and related technical areas will be set up to oversee Advance open source specification. We will work with regulatory agencies Standards include but not limited to ISO and W3C.

Mobile app development

Skillchain will develop Android and iOS-based apps to make it easier for users to access this app Platform. It is expected that this development will be completed by mid-September 2018 Our roadmap. First, we will provide basic functionality for our mobile app development Limitations of the mobile operating system. Therefore, inter-application restrictions will be used as Integrate into the Skillchain platform.

The function of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis

Skillchain will develop data analysis capabilities with embedded artificial intelligence In-depth analysis of the job market, high-paying jobs, and even some provide In accordance with their skills and previous situation, to propose which companies are suitable for users.


ICO was launched after the third quarter of 2018

Allocation of Token
• 35% Initial Investment (ICO)
• 35% of the company’s reserves
• 10% of the team
• 5% of consultants

Budget allocation
• 35% ADV% Marketing
• 30% development and design
• 30% of operations
• 5% legal and audit

Type of TOKEN: ERC20
Soft Hat: 3,000 ETH
Hard hats: 15,000
Total replacement supply: 190.8 million ski


SkillChain Roadmap

  • September 2017
    Feasibility studies and ideas.
    This includes idea validation, market research, and analyzing whether this idea will solve painful points Our current education system cannot be analyzed or collected through several case studies Some data.
  • In October 2017
    The concept of development.
    This includes proper development planning and implementation. Analysis of required resources Successfully implementing this idea, gathering teams, and performing concept studies.
  • December 2017
    Outlook and relationship development.
    This includes the possibility of identifying a serious partnership and what value we can bring into it Partners and others, and reach out to potential partnerships Between Skillchain and Partners.
  • January 2018
    Initialization of technical architecture.
    This includes an initial study of a skill chain tool, detailing what these functions should be Available on the platform, how UI looks, and other technical settings required To develop Skillchain tools.
  • March 2018
    A prototype of skill chain tool.
    This includes the Skillchain platform prototype and often tests and analyzes it.
    The Skillchain prototype is given to the public.
  • April 2018
    Online skills chain tool.
    The Skillchain tool will be released to the public as the first edition via the World Wide Web.
  • June 2018
    Application development
    Will develop mobile apps to facilitate mobile users and provide The ability of users to use the platform skillset on the road.
  • September 2018
    Online edu platform Skillchain, android app / iOS.
    Skillchain adds new features that allow users to sign up or publish anything on Skillchain Platform. This course can also be accessed through the Skillchain mobile app.

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