Simdaq – A Trading Simulator Based On Historical Data Of Cryptocurrency Prices

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Simdaq – A Trading Simulator Based On Historical Data Of Cryptocurrency Prices

Simdaq dispatches crowdfund for the innovative platform made for crypto trading democratization and advancement. Simdaq was made for the group, so to guarantee scope and enhance the strength of framework SMQ tokens will be discharged on double blockchain — Ethereum and Waves. Tokens issued on Waves and Ethereum can be traded whenever at 1: 1 rate. Simdaq gives an arrangement of apparatuses to acing exchanging techniques: preparing on chronicled information, a structure for exchanging robots advancement and backtesting, space for imparting background to others. The undertaking gives an out of line preferred standpoint to crypto traders as well as causes cryptographic forms of money biological community to wind up more developed.

In 2017-2018, the group of crypto startup Simdaq will execute a thorough platform and commercial center for creating exchanging procedures on cryptocurrency trades. To date, the originators have just put more than $1 million in the improvement of the task, which utilizes the SMQ token as its inward cash. The principal phase of the Simdaq venture, an exchanging test system in light of chronicled information of cryptocurrency costs, will be propelled in November 2017.

An exhaustive way to deal with creating exchanging methodologies, sharing background and the improvement of exchanging bots for retail financial specialists and brokers of any level are key highlights of the venture. Before Simdaq, just fractional answers for helping merchants in these ways existed. Simdaq thinks about the user”s encounter and gives different potential outcomes to novices and propelled members for breaking down the cryptocurrency advertises, making and testing exchanging robots utilizing perception and verifiable information, and importing data and exchanging signs to each other.


Simdaq isn’t just an arrangement of instruments, however, an entire biological community for individuals inspired by exchanging. The platform presents an extensive variety of chances for sharing your experience and thoughts – individual and gathering exchange with tutors, late cases investigation, competitions, solid all-around tried exchanging signs and robots, spilling of exchanging. The substance is made by the group for the group and is exhibited on a decentralized Simdaq MarketPlace. Installments inside Simdaq MarketPlace are finished with the issued amid the token sale Simdaq token (SMQ). Members can likewise exchange SMQ on different trades that make a shut cycle of token course. The token is straightforwardly identified with the action of the group on the platform and will develop with it.

Exchanging recreation on recorded information

With an enormous measure of recorded information quickly prepare your specialized examination abilities with no hazard. Create and test exchanging techniques in an effective and dependable way. Adjust your exchanging knowledge by picking an instrument, period, speed, volume of capital and use. Get the experience of quite a long while exchanging a matter of hours.

Advancement of exchanging robots

Actualize exchanging calculations and make exchanging robots utilizing an uncommon programming condition. Backtest and improve your robots. Far-reaching reports will discover parameters that give the best outcome.

The primary components of the platform include:

  • A Trading Simulator in light of authentic information that enables clients to get essential abilities of investigation and comprehension of the market. It is a beginning stage for testing theories about exchanging choices.
  • The decentralized Simdaq Marketplace is a platform for sharing information and experience inside the group. Group individuals make content and give administrations, for example, giving exchanging signals, preparing, exchanging with a tutor, social exchanging and exchange gushing. What’s more, decentralized competitions are hung on the Simdaq Marketplace.
  • A Visual Environment for making exchanging robots enables clients to figure calculations for settling on exchanging choices and testing them on a lot of authentic information.

Simdaq permits utilizing chronicled exchanging information from different markets for backtesting keeping in mind the end goal to create exchanging abilities rapidly and without hazard and turns into an accomplished broker. Additionally, Simdaq makes it conceivable to create and test exchanging methodologies in a quick and effective way.

For preparing, you can pick an exchanging instrument, period, speed, volume of capital, use, or prepare to utilize uniquely arranged showing illustrations. Among the exchanging instruments, an extensive variety of digital forms of money and tokens will be accessible. Later on, customary instruments, for example, stocks, prospects, Forex, and so on will be included. The preparation procedure is as near genuine exchanging as could reasonably be expected.

Simdaq additionally gives you a situation for improvement and testing exchanging robots in view of chronicled information to robotize exchanging methodologies. Test outcomes are imagined for the most point by point investigation, and extensive measurements are assembled. The decentralized Simdaq Marketplace gives access to solid and all around tried bots and exchanging signals that can be utilized by group individuals for genuine exchanging.

The SMQ token is will be acknowledged by Simdaq as an installment for memberships and extra administrations, and as a reward for benefactors on the Simdaq Marketplace. A portion of the primary methods for utilizing the token include: installment for memberships to get to the test system and verifiable information; compensating content creators on the Simdaq Marketplace; production and advancement of substance on the Simdaq Marketplace; commitment to a prize reserve for decentralized competitions; testing exchanging robots utilizing chronicled information; obtaining exchanging signals.

After the ICO, which is booked for December 2017, the SMQ token will be accessible on crypto trades, and its esteem and liquidity will have an immediate connection with group action. The ICO cost of the token is $0.50. In the wake of propelling the platform in the primary quarter of 2018, the token cost will be $2.50. The greatest number of tokens offered for arrangement is 25 million. The base subsidizing focused for the advancement of the venture is $0.5 million.


  • Q1 2018
    – Trading simulation on historical data
    – Statistics collection
    – Trading reports
  • Q2-Q3 2018
    – The environment for trading automation and robots development
    – Real-time data feed
    – Educational case studies
  • Q4 2018
    – Simdaq MarketPlace
    – Tournaments
    – Rankings
    – Real-time data update
  • Q1 2019
    – Streaming
    – Social trading
    – Portfolio management
  • Q2-Q3 2019
    – Licensing for real trading


  • Evgenii Dubovoi
    Accomplice, Product, and Management
    Involvement in exchanging and exchanging calculations advancement. Taken part being developed and upkeep of mining pools and a few cryptocurrency framework ventures. Experienced business visionary, crowdsale expert. Author of Evapolar – an organization that began from crowdfunding and turned into a vast gadgets maker.
  • Vladimir Levitin
    An accomplice, Marketing, and User Engagement
    An experienced director of promoting and configuration ventures. Taken an interest and oversaw advancement of advertising procedure of tech organizations and new businesses. Overseen programming, equipment and apply autonomy configuration ventures. Executed Design Thinking technique for a long time. Originator and CPO at Evapolar – an organization that began from crowdfunding and turned into an extensive hardware maker.
  • Alexander Usikov
    Lead programming engineer
    High qualified proficient programming engineer and modeler. Taken an interest in different mind-boggling and high load ventures including greatest Russian taxi requesting and sustenance conveying administrations. Enormous involvement in money related and managing an account programming improvement.
  • Saveliy Bobov
    UX and Art Direction
    Over 10 years creating interfaces for enormous brands. Driven undertakings for Xiaomi, Morgan Stanley, Yandex Money. Created items on all means from conception to usage, support and development after that. To a great degree experienced in portable and web interface look into.
  • Evgeny Levitin
    Group and association
    Seven years involvement in overseeing bunch procedures and group administration in such fields as e-learning, foodtech, and fintech. Building long haul effective organizations with the two clients and temporary workers is my territory.
  • Yaroslav Levichev
    Being a wide experienced expert used to chip away at science materials, lithium batteries, molding innovations, and coal methane gas extraction, private knowledge and money related investigation. Energetic about the eventual fate of advances. Worried about private cash history and money related markets directions everywhere throughout the hundreds of years.

Advisory Board

  • Julian L. Zegelman, Esq.
    Julian is an accomplished corporate lawyer, serial business visionary, and heavenly attendant speculator. He is a Managing Partner at Velton Zegelman PC, a boutique corporate and securities law office with workplaces in San Francisco (CA), Sunnyvale (CA), and Moscow (Russia). Julian’s training centers around a corporate law, securities, investment, and the developing field of cryptocurrency law. He is at present going about an organization’s direction in various prominent token sales going from Singapore to Delaware. Julian is additionally a Founding Partner at TMT CryptoFund, a $60M blockchain centered VC finance and a counselor to various blockchain organizations.
  • Eduard Gurinovich
    Serial business visionary and a financial specialist, author of various enormous and well-known undertakings like CarPrice and CarMoney. Works on a few new task in the crypto industry now applying his expert abilities in back, examination, advertise building and business improvement.
  • Dr. Vitaly Berzon
    Speculator, overseeing accomplice for a few venture establishments (Germany, Israel, USA) with over 15 years encounter, with significant specialized foundation. Top regions of expert interests are cryptocurrency, installment frameworks, howdy stack programming arrangements in view of blockchain innovation. One of the early speculators in the cryptocurrency. In the previous 16 years was included into in excess of 40 new companies.
  • Michael Hoh
    Michael has been an individual from the leading body of various understood, worldwide money related administration organizations as the previous AXA little girl ZSH and OVB. After an apprenticeship at Bayerische Vereinsbank and his examinations in Law and Economics, he began his transporter as an Assistant to the Board of Allianz Insurance Group. Since that time he is occupied with the improvement, organizing, task, examination, and sales of the store and elective speculation ideas: Public shut end finances and additionally private positions, club bargains and organized bonds for proficient financial specialists – specifically in the field of Venture and Real Estate speculations.
  • Mikhail Lunev
    The originator of eCoinomy Ltd, an organization that spotlights on complex ventures in fund and blockchain like and Tailor Swift Token sale platform.
  • Vitaliy Tsigulev
    Business visionary and master in the ICO and blockchain circle. Over 7 years of work involved in the fintech and crypto industry. Since 2016, the author of the Digital Finance Agency, which works in organizing ICOs and PR for fintech and blockchain ventures. Managed more than 5 fruitful ICOs.

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