Sidera – First Wearable Technology Devices Based Blockchain

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Sidera – First Wearable Technology Devices Based Blockchain

Sidera is cryptocurrency consumerization creates a new platform that allows users in the sales point OD (POS) retail applications and smart with the contactless smartwatch. Sidera is the first to use this technique decentralized blockchain first wearable device.

Sidera network hardware provider by geographic European Internet retail stores as the first to provide incentives for the participants. Users will be appreciated by the accessibility and ease of use, convenience and smart mobile devices with simple hour paid to participate Sidera network.

Platform Sidera help generates the emergency and long-term cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency have large and small needs. No other online cryptocurrency exchange can make this part of the new cryptocurrency users in the same amount. We focus on the consumer Tokenet withdrawal.

Sidera Vision

  • Sidera will contribute to the creation of new, old and needs, as well as an electronic currency that large and small.
  • Sidera more focused on Asia, especially Indonesia and China.
  • Half of all people living in Southeast Asia, Indonesia. There are more than 700 million people in China
  • Use the Internet, Sedira have a deep understanding of the local team and with Indonesia
  • China’s market performance connector products to meet your needs
  • Bridge market, leading Sidera

Sidera complex functions and a unique wearable device (DWD)

  • Global And Complete Dispersion Measurement
    BitSmart can be used on the wrist, and really decentralization blockchain ensures hardware wallet.
  • Various Additional Features
    Provide a variety of functions, such as automatic detection of address transactions, cell phone notification, need to be adjusted based on hours, ghost mode, price watch alerts, generate a QR code, trade and so on. Wearable devices have also been used BitSmart intelligence software, will provide the latest news can handle smart devices are not the visible or wearable device. In the near future, these devices will be added to a third party verification 2FA security. BitSmart software will be released, can further add social functions necessary for the development of a new open source.
  • Mobile And Offline Transactions Between Wrist
    Sendor Wearable apparatus having a close, allowing other devices using smartwatches a certain distance BitSmart interact Bluetooth or WiFi connection. This feature allows users to trade wrists covered only between sender and receiver. You can trade Off-chain cryptocurrency really decentralization even if no other third party applications.
  • Payment Through POS Module In NFC
    The device is equipped with a built-in NFC module, so you can make a POS payment process is very fast. NFC NFC system today, instill more sophisticated appeal. You can use the NFC very easy and quick shopping store.
  • Auto-detection Trade Address
    SmartWatch device users can BitSmart bit of credit or other cryptocurrency send more revolutionary way that automatically detects the address of the transaction. If you get a notice or other Bitcoin cryptocurrency address, it automatically detects and then you will get a notification or send funds to cover the transaction option specified address.
  • Entropy Generation Motion With Your Hands
    BitSmart devices can only move your hand to your wallet entropy. This feature was developed by using a standard acceleration sensor.
  • Bitcoin Purse Or ERC20
    OFF-CHAIN wallet your money can be saved on the device wearable on the wrist. Use several layers of encryption security milited level will not collapse.

Wearable level security devices (DWD)

  1. Unique Identifier System
    Most of the unique identifier or password each person on a user’s movement arm, the arm kilit, sweat and other elements were obtained in an encrypted secret key is unique. smart watches are equipped with these entities to receive and decode the sensor to access your wallet hardware sensors.
  2. Ghost Mode
    The use of ultra-safe mode is a special, application ghost mode. In this mode, your wallet will not be detected by other devices. ghost mode will also change the clock mode normal normal time, so it does not look like cryptocurrency bags. Encryption key security and military level.
  3. Anti-theft Security System
    The system will provide high security sandbox by using a private key storage device. It’s super-secure partition will be encrypted military-grade AES-2048 can not be used by anyone invasion, so it was stolen from. BistSmart Smartwatch discounts are separate devices and supporting applications do not store your private key. Only you can have a word written in 12 private key to access your funds. You should keep in a safe place, because it can not be restored.

The First Dispersion Has Been Exchanged Wearable

Continuously is the first exchange in the hands and using decentralization. You can directly relate to from your wrist and not dependent on trade and the central authority.

  • Protocol Burden Of Proof
    POL network node status review will take place continuously, then entrusted to the micro level of intelligent nodes in multiple operations immediately suitable for lighting blockchain.
  • Balance
    Sidera platform provides a balanced network, authentication of transactions, and receive the remaining network nodes calculate delegated to the micro-segment.
  • Cut
    Sidera Platform intersection blockchain that uses encryption and transaction DAPPS complement each other, do not overload the principles of the network.
  • .btc .bitcoin greet domain extensions and .blockchain
    We ordered a portion mengisis domain extensions and third party applications .bitcoin .btc .blockchain fundraising. We believe it is because the public encryption is now part of Bitcoin start a family. We had the opportunity back something valuable prizes Bitcoin community and public resonance blockchain they deserve during this period.


  • Target: $ 15,000,000 USD
  • Total Supply: 51,000,000 EQUOS
  • Price: 1 USD = 0.5 eQUOS
  • SOFT CAP: $ 1,500,000 USD (If the soft-stamp will not be achieved during Pre-Distribution and Distribution, the funds will be returned)
  • HARD CAP: $ 15,000,000 USD (after the hard-cap is reached, the donation will be stopped)
  • TOTAL SUPPLY 51,000,000 eQUOS
  • 1% of the funds collected will be donated to a charity organization.


  • Start: July 10, 2018
  • End: July 25, 2018
  • Bonus: $100 to $1000 = 25%
  • $1001 to $50000 = 30%
  • More than $50000 = 35%


  • Start: August 1, 2018
  • End: August 31, 2018
  • Bonus: First week is 20%, Second week 15%, Third week 10%, Fourth week 5%

Pre-distribution will be extended to 15 days in case of problems accessing the donation system because the cause is not caused by blockchain technology.


Sidera Roadmap


Sidera Team


Sidera Advisor

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