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ShareMeAll – One Stop Marketplace For Sharing Everything

ShareMeAll -In recent years, we have seen the return of a strong habit that involves the exchange of goods and services between private individuals. This revival began around 2008. More and more people are discovering, then, in practice, the solution to restrict the use of money is getting harder to get through the work. The dynamics created at that time was not out of breath, and today, there are even more followers who find in this practice, although it is more “environmentally friendly” them, an alternative way “communication”. Free Easy hoping to open up space for this exchange.

Easy Guide will make the Internet and mobile platforms used and get eSwitch®. This Platform will display eSwitch® portfolio associated with a user account that allows it to offer or use the services division, the object and all or part of the house. It will be possible to import on our platform and export eSwitch® cryptocurrency wallet for this wallet. Thus, all investors ICO will be able to use our platform.

The information contained in blockchain cannot be deleted or modified. After the operation is complete, it will remain etched forever in the chain block and this allows you to know the exact path of information. This traceability and transparency is a big advantage for users ShareMeAll. With a team of brilliant ideas and blockchain barter share, ShareMeAll will undoubtedly bring the company to a large, multi-user and successful future which will bring huge dividends not only to creators but also to users of the platform. The eSwitch Token is a cryptocurrency that allows users to exchange with calm and confidence on the site ShareMeAll platform created by Internet Easy. Each ShareMeAll exchange through the platform provided and archived by eSwitch blockchain cryptocurrency.

After the ICO, this platform will be the center of the project. It shall be an important marketing and commercial plan so that this platform be a reference site in terms of sharing.

About the project

The project, which intends to carry out all these so-called-ShareMeAll. The main objective of this project is to combine modern technology and the age-old tradition of barter into a single environment and harmonious. And of course, I’m talking about blockchain technology, which itself is sharpened under transparent relationship, secure and trust between the participants of the two sides. In addition, the information contained in this system is not subject to further changes and deletion, which is an integral benefit to all users, because they have the unique opportunity to track the flow of information.


In its traditional form, this kind of operation may be subject to negative effects. What I mean:

First, before you make such an exchange with people, you have to trust him;
The second, very often when bartering people avoid formality to make a deal only on verbal agreements, which may affect the outcome of the transaction;
third, to carry out the same barter people need to meet to once again examine and verify the veracity of their partner. Which in turn requires a very long time.
Having considered all these issues and feel, a team of specialists decided to offer a solution to this situation, moreover, is more modern, comfortable and safe.

Barter Today

As we just saw, bartering is not just always there, but it continues and is being practiced today, is traditionally among individuals, but also between governments, between companies, and so on. It is remarkable to note that for commercial practices such as the old, trade in goods and services, a more apt name than barter economy, a decent 31% of French GDP in 2016 and 32% in 2017 [source OECD]. Therefore barter continues to not only use but to develop especially with the architecture of the new structure of human economic relations. The report we want to be more humanistic, based more on the trade balance and less on market prices. With our platform, also now accessible to everyone from home.

Bartering And Blockchain

“Blockchain is information storage and transmission technology that is safe, transparent and works without a central control organ. excerpt from Balva Claire, one of the founders of the French Blockchain has the merit of stating the broad principles of the blockchain. A blockchain is a register that contains information, data, transactions will be grouped into a block, the block name chains, blockchain.

The uniqueness of these registers is that it will not be stored on the server, but the succession of computers and servers (knots) which makes them much more difficult to attack. It was in 2008, in the midst of the economic crisis and distrust of the banking system, that a person or group of people hiding behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto decided to make the currency, which Bitcoin, freed from the control body and is based on a secure system called blockchain the.


Start: January 15, 2019, 8:00 AM
End: May 15, 2019, 11:59 PM
Hard cap: 7.5M€
Soft cap: 2M€
Token: eSwitch ESW
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 194 ESW
Project protocol: ERC20
ESW ESWITCH TOKEN CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x4891675bafc593d033f3098a94f0fa7b128dee07

TEAM ShareMeAll

Cyril Pierrefeu , Founder & CEO
Christian Le Clech , Director & CTO
Deepanshu Bhatt , Chief Marketing Officer
Deri Septian , Community Manager


Quantin Herbrecht, Top 1 France ICObench Expert
Vladimir Denis, General Manager ABC Corporation, ICO Advisor
Guillaume Micouin, ICO bench Expert, Blockgeeks Ambassador
Bryan Blaevoet, Director Marketing, ICO Advisor
Florian Rezeau, COI, ICO Advisor


  • July 2014 — Easy Free Founding
  • January 2015 — Registration of the eSwitch® brand with the INPI
  • January 2019 — PRE ICO
  • March 2019 — ICO
  • Mai 2019 — Issue of eSwitch® tokens from the ICO
  • Q3 2019 — Website launching / Graphics and ergonomic chart revision of the site
  • Q4 2019–500,000 users / Mobile application launch / Translation and multilingual support / Expansion in Europe
  • Q1 2020–1,000,000 users / Launch of a secure identification API with eSwitch® digital identity for other sharing/platforms expansion in North America
  • Q2-Q3 2020–3.000.000 users / Expansion in Asia, Africa and South America /(ongoing) Translation and multilingual support
  • Q4 2020–10,000,000 users


I want to complete the image and the idea of a project whose goal is much higher than it might seem at first glance. Developers themselves intend to restore meaning and the meaning of the word “together”. Brings users of all ages and interests, different nationalities and races in one place. Where everyone can find what they need and share with your friends. I think this concept looks very interesting and unusual, given the fact that such a project, I have not met. Therefore, I dare to assume that he has all the chances to take a position in the market cryptocurrency.

To know the latest information about the ShareMeAll project you can visit the link below:

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Bitcointalk username: ubay
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=376156
Telegram username: @ubaygates

ETH: 0xEDDbb1aFc2439FeA77B19c44bEac8556313dA822

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the ShareMeAll team, I just give you the latest ICO info”