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Sessia – Social Media Design That Support Trading Features

Sessia – Each user would want the business he managed to grow quickly and gain more customers. Many factors determine the success of a business. Users must have a creative way possible to package their products to become attractive to entice consumers. In terms of promotion, users must also provide an excellent appearance and outstanding so people want to buy their products. media campaign also helps in introducing the product to the community and support business development. Most of the things that business people complain about are the high cost that must be incurred to support their promotional activities. Although these costs can be tricked so that they can be stored and can be allocated to other uses. but most businesses are still keen to achieve deeper pockets financing promotions and advertising.

The costs incurred by business people is if they advertise their products on television. Costs incurred huge for ads that have lasted up to 10 seconds. In addition, the higher the frequency of their ads are displayed, the greater the cost. It may not be a big problem for business owners who have reached a gigantic scale. but for small businesses, they have to use other ways to promote their products at a cost of more modest. Finally, social media is considered as the most appropriate solution for businesses and businesses that are just starting their careers. This is because social media has a very large number of users and continue to be accessible for 24 hours. In addition, the business people do not have to pay a little amount to promote their products, unless they use the facilities more specialized advertising and of course the cost will not be burdensome.

A digital platform called social media design Sessia to support trading features. They make the scope of the digital trade or what we call an online store. However, Sessia wrap with social media display which is very easy to use and now. It has been a subtle way of this platform to reach millions of users. Sessia support blockchain technology implementation and support transactions using digital currencies. This combination is very complete and everything is the world that is currently in demand by people in the world. Blockchain technology users will again receive a big surprise with the presence of the world’s Sessia cryptocurrency. This role is very important to actually answer the challenges of the world and provide a solution to the community.

About Sessia

Using all the advantages of technology blockchain, Sessia presents a new way of communication between companies and customers. We call «social market» – an ecosystem in which brands can only develop and implement promotional tools for effective sharing of their client’s purchase with friends and followers

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate intermediaries such as marketing agencies and social networking between businesses and customers, regardless of location or origin. In Sessia, brands can directly communicate with customers and reward them to make purchases and to promote their products to others through crypto-cashback worldwide. Such an approach allows the company to distribute marketing budget among the people who actually bring in new clients without paying a third party for advertising.

To become a real global service, we pulled out our “kick” token. Kick is designed to provide the fastest and cheapest solution operating worldwide cashback without being limited to the regulatory system of each country. Cryptocurrency not just another kick, but a real tool of interaction between all participants of the social market. As a result, we can significantly increase the use of cryptocurrencies can in the real economy.


A constructor is convenient and free help setting up a mobile e-store and manage the ecosystem Sessia on all available platforms. This allows even inexperienced users can easily customize the goods, services and control commands. Sessia makes smart business.

Providing the opportunity to upload a photo of a product, enter a description, set pricing, manage the content of e-shop after it is set up. Businesses can sell their products in the e-shop, using not only the standard payment systems but also kick.


With Sessia Calendar You can tell your customers about special offers, invite them for a limited-time promotion, or offering booking services (ticketing, beauty shops, restaurants, etc.).


Sessia internal chat is the messenger of the unique multi-purpose, where you have all the functions required to communicate with the client. You can exchange text and voice messages, stickers and pictures. Or even create a customer support service that will work with customer questions quickly and efficiently.


Sessia internal social network is an innovative advertising platform, where companies can place ads, product or service cards, and customers get direct access to the products and services without the use of external links.

Once the client makes a purchase, followers receive a notification, including scanned receipts. Each post can be liked, discussed, recommended or even be used as a direct link to the store.


Here clients can find product catalogs and news feeds, where companies can publish a preview of their advertising and promotions. On the market, the client can find your business by searching or by selecting the right part.

How it works

  • First, take advantage of the fame Sessia blockchain technology to manage the platform. There are so many digital platforms that are currently using the technology as a main blockchain ‘live’ them. This is because blockchain technology has advantages in terms of network security. Any structure that exists in the cryptographic component which consists of a very complex and complicated that special skills are needed to penetrate them. All platforms that use this technology have recognized blockchain system reliability. The system is capable of storing any type of data permanently. These properties are then used in cryptocurrency system vulnerable to fraud and manipulation of data. using blockchain technology, it is certain that any stored data will not change at all.
  • Second, Sessia also read the public interest in the digital or cryptocurrency financial system. digital financial systems provide greater benefits and have differences with the conventional financial system. Each value of the digital currency will not easily fluctuate as is the case with fiat currencies. increases and decreases in the value of the digital currency are based on the movement of the number of users on any digital platform and how far they are distributed digital tokens. The more users they have, the more trafficked digital token, higher and stronger the value of the digital currency. This is what causes many people today to choose to transact using digital currency because it is easier and more practical to use.
  • Third, Sessia sees mass activities in social media. today’s society is like hanging their lives in social media. individuals currently have a social media account. they also spend a lot of time doing activities with the virtual world through social media. any type of activities undertaken will certainly be published by users on social media. This shows how much social media activity is a demand and a favorite of the people. the amount of reliance on social media now makes Sessia had the idea to design a digital platform with the concept of social media. This concept has been very appropriate and in accordance with the times. Users can freely perform their social media activities while shopping online.
  • The last or fourth, Sessia take advantage of the tendency for people to start their own businesses. Today there are many products that are traded both online and offline. People now assume that the business is one right way to get a simple financial gain. They usually reject the kind of work that seems boring office. So they finally started doing business to generate income with a more pleasant way. Businesses can now be done by anyone. No need to bother to make the first move. They just need to set up a product that wants to be traded or service they want to offer and then promote them through social media. Sessia fully supports this functionality on the platform. The facilities provided by Sessia specifically support the new business people in starting their business.


  • Sasha: Sessia’s backed-up
  • Roman: Mobile app programmer
  • Igor: Head of the QA department
  • Vika: Our fitness coach
  • Andrey: IOS-programmer
  • Nataliia: Head of Kickvard’s PR-department
  • Pyotr: Project manager
  • Mikhail: Head of blockchain development
  • Aleksey: PHP-programmer
  • Denis: Executive Director
  • Sveta: the Living embodiment of Sessia
  • Vlad: Project manager
  • Dmitriy: Senior Programmer
  • Alexandra: Voice of Sessia
  • Alexandr: Lead Programmer


Sessia Roadmap

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Telegram username: @ubaygates

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Sessia team, I just give you the latest ICO info”