Sessia – Creating Their Own Specific Social Media For Business Activities

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Sessia – Creating Their Own Specific Social Media For Business Activities

Sessia – The use of social media in modern times is no longer a novelty. Every society has now been untouched by the influence of social media. Various facilities and interesting and entertaining features just some of the reasons people really like the type of activity. At the beginning of the rise of social media, its function is limited to the exchange of messages via chat and post with various themes. Social media is actually intended for people to be able to obtain a variety of information from around the world at super speed. Social media is considered as the first medium that connects millions of people throughout the world through the media. From here, everyone can exchange information about events happening around them at that time and tell the world. Access to information is not difficult anymore after social media presence. It is this extraordinary role that improves the existence and prestige of social media among other types of media, which gradually shifted his position. The number of users of social media every day makes the founders worked hard to provide a better service in line with the continued increase in the number of users of their media. To treat users, social media continues to grow in terms of functions that begin supporting new features to provide greater convenience to users in their activities and obtain information.

New features such as sharing photos, videos, audio content, location, and even supports business development functions. The use of social media to promote businesses are now crowded by many businesses. This is supported by the fact that a high number of users of social media makes the media that this new type of market. Users accessing social media more now can receive a post in the form of business promotion is very diverse. The number of ads we see today when accessing social media is the influence of the convenience provided by social media for business people. They use this medium because they do not have to spend a lot of money to promote their products. They can advertise merchandise for 24 hours without restriction and free. If they are using media such as television, newspapers, magazines, radio, etc., they would have a very high cost and duration of the ad is also limited. That’s why social media is an area of high potential for businesses to assist them in promotional activities.

Sessia utilizing current social media presence by creating their own specific social media for business activities. Sessia is blockchain based digital platform that not only supports function as water digital currency transactions but also as a promotional medium for the various types of businesses in the world. All types of businesses can be advertised through Sessia social media, from a culinary business like cafes, tours, beauty services, movies, fashion, health, beauty products, furniture, footwear, transport equipment, refueling stations, products, finance, services, and other types of businesses are supported in this section. Sessia wider pave the way for any business person to achieve success in business and help them to get more consumers to support the purchase of their products in large quantities. through this platform, every business will be easier to build and run. Sessia makes everyone can easily start their business from now on. And users do not have to worry about the lack of customers on this platform because Sessia builds this platform with social media functionality. In addition to exchanging information and messages with other users, each user can shop for any product that they need where they are available in full in this social media.

The unique combination of these two functions will further expand the digital market trading activity that will benefit every user. Social media is very flexible to use. Users can perform transactions using fiat currency and have the opportunity to get cash back in the form of digital token created by Sessia, KICKS. In addition, each company business owner can communicate directly with clients through Sessia because this platform wants to eliminate the role of agents or third parties who are considered to provide distance and limit the connectivity between business firms and clients. Therefore, through this social media platform, business people will be able to interact with clients without restriction so that they can provide services more affordable.


For businesses> FREE innovative software-based blockchain:

  1. lower advertising costs
  2. loyal audience growth that stimulates the activity of the client while the client pays for the purchase cash back

For clients> Comfortable market integrated into social media platforms:

  1. People choose stores, goods, services they love by purchasing a friend earlier to get daily cash back and bribery.
  2. Business Problems Solved
  3. Easy launch е-commerce for an offline business.
  4. Eliminate technical debt.
  5. Engage and retain clients without intermediaries.
  6. Increasing the size of the transaction.
  7. Reporting and data analysis.

Improving The Efficiency Of Your Business Processes With Sessia

    Once you have downloaded and installed Sessia for business, you must register and fill out a profile of the company. In a few minutes, you can start working with the application (e-shop constructor, setting loyalty programs, etc.), without waiting for your company to be verified.
    Sessia company offers flexible arrangements for the loyalty program so that each customer gets cash back for every purchase and the purchase of their friends.
  • E-SHOP constructor
    This is the constructor comfortable and free to set up an e-shop mobile phone and manage the ecosystem Sessia on all available platforms. It gives the opportunity to upload a photo of a product, enter a description, set pricing, manage the content of e-shop after it is set up.
    The Reports tab has detailed information about sales, purchase history and client base with the level of (tree). Companies can send their customer’s different notifications and offer special discounts for individual clients or groups of them.
    While registering your company, you can show your store address (offices, restaurants, etc.) – and the user will be able to see them on a map Sessia and choose the one that is closest to them.
  • Critics
    Internal Sessia is the messenger chat, where you can exchange text and voice messages, stickers and pictures. Companies can use chat to communicate directly with the customer and support services.

First Ever Cashback System Based On Technology Blockchain

  • Customers can purchase items at Sessia using money or Kicks
  • Tokens are issued on the platform Ethereum have high liquidity and are listed on global stock markets
  • Enterprises and service providers can immediately pay cashback for their customers in every part of the world, or perform other internal payments
  • All transactions are processed using Kicks on blockchain technology, which ensures maximum security and safety


  • Sasha: Sessia’s backed-up
  • Roman: Mobile app programmer
  • Igor: Head of the QA department
  • Vika: Our fitness coach
  • Andrey: IOS-programmer
  • Nataliia: Head of Kickvard’s PR-department
  • Pyotr: Project manager
  • Mikhail: Head of blockchain development
  • Aleksey: PHP-programmer
  • Denis: Executive Director
  • Sveta: the Living embodiment of Sessia
  • Vlad: Project manager
  • Dmitriy: Senior Programmer
  • Alexandra: Voice of Sessia
  • Alexandr: Lead Programmer


Sessia Roadmap

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Telegram username: @ubaygates

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Sessia team, I just give you the latest ICO info”