Serenity – Create A Secure, Transparent And Standardized Trading Environment

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Serenity – Create A Secure, Transparent And Standardized Trading Environment

Serenity – A colossal interest for money exchanging and expansive benefits have set off a fast development of exchange clearing focuses and business organizations. Established control has not yet made laws or principles which could ensure the premiums of brokers and organizations, and which could have been institutionalized, straightforward and effectively pertinent to all market members paying little mind toward. At the present minute, around 90% of financier organizations have no control. The majority of the above makes conditions for the presence of con artists, which control the customer’s assets, and considerable troubles for the section of new organizations into the market.

We will probably make an autonomous commercial center with a shrewd contract vault, which records all exchanging and non-exchanging exchanges in blockchain and is intended to end up noticeably a solitary institutionalized framework for checking and settling the debate between the dealer and the merchant and to kill the likelihood of abuse of customer reserves. Blockchain innovation ensures straightforwardness and absence of connection. In SERENITY all exchanging and non-exchanging tasks and exchanges amongst merchants and dealers will be handled and recorded in the framework, which will wipe out the likelihood of retroactive falsifying and will permit to have the privilege of official conclusion if there should arise an occurrence of debate.


A large number of dealers can possibly acquire on peripheral exchanging with high use. Exchanging this shape takes into account exceptional returns, however with comparing high dangers included. Diverse resources utilized for these exchanges incorporate monetary forms, digital currencies, stock, file and item CFDs and different instruments. Countless are not shielded from misrepresentation by delegates, (for example, intermediaries, merchants and even trades themselves).

Strikingly, the Foreign Exchange Market which is ostensibly the biggest monetary market by volume is the most questionable because of the absence of control and models. Presently, securing the broker’s enthusiasm for this circle is troublesome.

In outline, the customary direction of the market is inadequate, obsolete, and can’t be depended on to secure ventures for retail customers. By the by, blockchain can take care of the issue. That is the reason we made SERENITY.


We have made SERENITY — a blockchain stage that secures the premiums of dealers and speculators. We guarantee the security of merchants’ assets by setting them on SERENITY brilliant contracts. The agreement is made and organized to guarantee that assets exchange continues just by the shared assent of the dealer and the specialist. In the event that a contention happens, SERENITY can intercede in the exchange.

For the choice to be straightforward and honest to goodness, SERENITY records computerized marks of specialist merchant communications in the blockchain. The innovation lessens usually related budgetary dangers for merchants in any piece of the world.

Likewise? Crypto brokers can put resources into great resources while keeping their records in designated digital currency and accepting a benefit in cryptographic money.

Advantages of purchasing SERENITY token amid the ICO

Amid the ICO, SERENITY tokens are sold with a huge markdown (half amid pre-ICO and up to 40% amid ICO) contrasted with their ostensible esteem, while after the dispatch they will be acknowledged at the ostensible esteem or at the market esteem if it’s higher. Along these lines, the token is a significant advanced great that gives access to the administrations offered by the framework, as Serenity will acknowledge tokens as an installment for the commission’s administrations. No less than half of each installment for Serenity administrations must come in tokens. On the off chance that a customer doesn’t have tokens, they should get them on a trade. Since there will dependably be purchase arranges on the trade, the statement will develop. Every utilized token will be wrecked, thus the aggregate number of tokens will be continually diminishing.


You may utilize SERENITY tokens to pay for straightforward business administrations and conceivably might be capable exchange them to SERENITY customers after the framework’s dispatch. The accompanying segments contain figurings of the token request in SERENITY framework.


Handles: All organizations, which give web-based exchanging on the money and cryptographic money trades.

Two classifications of intermediaries will take part in the framework:

– Category A Broker – giving reimbursement certifications to everything of assets contributed by the customer, considering the benefits/misfortunes under finished exchanges. These assurances will be executed by supporting exchanging dangers through an open source or potentially through the gave liquidity.

– Category B Broker – ensuring the arrival of customers’ own saved assets.

Merchants – private financial specialists, members of theoretical exchanging on the money markets who put specific significance on the exactness of exchange execution, the speed of exchange preparing and a genuine and fast withdrawal of assets.

IB – accomplices of business organizations who put significance on the dependability of association with the agent, on the precision and auspiciousness of settlements.

Tranquility Tokenomics (Supply and Demand)

  • Request: By the finish of 2019 Serenity task will draw in 1,000 dealers. This likewise infers 5 million Serenity token clients as a piece of the biological community.
  • Utility: half to 100% of SERENITY benefit cost must be paid with tokens
  • Market: the Steady deluge of BUY arranges in the Depth of Market will expand Serenity Token request. In the interim, every single utilized token will be pulverized, diminishing supply in the market.
  • Estimating: Serenity tokens will be acknowledged at their full ostensible esteem or at the higher cost in light of the market valuation.
  • Supply: Tokens used to pay for the organization administrations will be pulled back from dissemination and crushed.
  • Trades: After the ICO, SERENITY tokens will be exchanged unreservedly on trades.

How Serenity Financial functions

  • Registers in the Serenity stage and picks any confirmed agent from the pool
  • Creates a record with the merchant and chooses Serenity as an assets store framework
  • Serenity will utilize Ethereum smart contracts for the customer’s reserve security. The smart contract code is distributed through Etherscan.
  • Smart contracts are intended to guarantee the exchange of assets just to the specialist or the customer, requiring endorsement from no less than two gatherings (Serenity, the representative, and the customer). In this way, if there’s no debate between the customer and the agent, they can pull back the assets all alone.
  • The customer’s MetaTrader account gets an indistinguishable measure of assets from is on the brilliant contract
  • For classification A representatives, Serenity exchanges the assets to the liquidity supplier
  • Broker and customer introduce the Serenity module to the server-side and the customer side bits of MetaTrader stage. The module transmits the information on all the customer’s exchanging orders and their preparing by the specialist to Serenity frameworks continuously.
  • All the exchanging information is enlisted in the circulated database, duplicates of which are at the same time available by the agent and Serenity.
  • Every hour a hash (cryptographic mark) of the information from Serenity’s server is recorded in Ethereum blockchain through a unique brilliant contract.
  • If the customers documents a claim against an exchange and the hash doesn’t coordinate the database, any question is settled for the customer.
  • Client exchanges on the record
  • For class An agents (who utilize the liquidity gave Serenity), if a customer gets the benefit, Serenity exchanges the earned assets to the keen contract. In this manner, the likelihood of withdrawal of every one of customer’s assets, including the got benefit, is ensured.
  • For class B handles, the measure of assets in the keen contract stays unaltered until the point when the customer presents a withdrawal ask. Along these lines, the likelihood of withdrawal of the customer’s underlying store is ensured.
  • If a customer has any cases against the representative in regards to an exchange’s execution they can speak to Serenity.
  • At the main phase of checking on the claim, the exchanges question are naturally broke down with “Confirm My Trade” framework.
  • If the merchant, as well as the customer, don’t concur with the consequences of the exchange’s programmed examination, they may speak to Financial Commission. It’s a paid administration. FinaCom specialists get every one of the information associated with the exchange’s execution, ask for extra archives from the customer and additionally representative if essential, and report an ultimate choice. This decision cannot be advanced.
  • A protest can be documented within 1 business day after the exchange is shut. This period might be stretched out in remarkable conditions

ICO Details

Serenity ICO Details

  • ICO dates: January 25th — March 7th, 2018
  • Payment for services : A client will pay 50%-100% of the company services with tokens
  • Company services : Transaction fees, manual arbitration in case of disputes, provision of liquidity to brokers
  • Utility token : Tokens used to pay for the company services will be withdrawn from circulation and destroyed
  • Listing on exchanges : After the ICO, SERENITY tokens will be traded freely on exchanges.
  • Total number of tokens : 400,000,000
  • Token : SERENITY
  • Abbreviation : SRNT
  • Nominal value : 0,0001 ETH
  • Token type : Utility


  • January 2017 — SERENITY is founded
  • May 2017 — Beta release of the Automated Trade Analysis System
  • June 2017 — Cryptocurrency Exchange MVP launch
  • October 2017 — The first brokers are being connected to the system
  • November 2017 —Pre-ICO round
  • December 2017 — Closed round of sales
  • January – March 2018 — ICO
  • March 2018 — Listing of SERENITY tokens on crypto exchanges; introduction of independent mediators for client claims analysis.
  • April 2018 — Cold wallet system launch
  • June 2018 — Launch of Serenity cryptocurrency exchange; launch of the custom blockchain for recording client transactions
  • September 2018 — Release of the live version of Serenity platform
  • November 2018 — Implementation of the Client Digital Signature for user identification
  • December 2018 — Implementation of Serenity liquidity aggregator into the platform
  • January – April 2019 — Serenity receives liquidity from European banks, License acquisition
  • May – December 2019 — Marketing; introduction of new wallets
  • 2020 — > 1,000 brokers are in the system


It would be ideal if you take note of that SERENITY Tokens without anyone else’s input won’t give you any arrival on the venture. We are not offering a security or a budgetary instrument. We won’t take any activities that may build the estimation of SERENITY tokens after some time and you will be liable to a limitation of offering the SERENITY tokens on auxiliary markers. The main motivation behind why you should buy the SERENITY tokens today is that the supply of the tokens restricted and in the event that you need to get to our items at a sensible cost or by any stretch of the imagination, your best open door is to buy the vital measure of SERENITY tokens at the Token Sale.

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