Securypto – Anonymous Encrypted Data Exchange Based Blockchain

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Securypto – Anonymous Encrypted Data Exchange Based Blockchain

Securypto – Cryptocurrency digital assets designed to use strong encryption technology to protect financial transactions, create an additional control unit, and the transfer of assets to confirm the exchange of media work. Cryptocurrencies is an alternative currency and electronic money (where the virtual eye portion thereof). Cryptocurrencies decentralization of control, rather than a centralized system of digital money, and Zhongyangyinhang.

Each cryptocurrency decentralized control through distributed technologies ledger, usually blockchain, acting as a public database of financial transactions.

Securypto in many cases is not a competition, but new or additional layers or given a different future, create new use cases.

For example, if a security message DSG can be used WhatsApp, only the cable or the signal integrity of the sender of an encrypted message when QR transferring encrypted messages, but not essential anonymous.

In the case of cryptocurrencies Hardware wallet, there is always a trade-off between security and user-friendliness. You can not put a bank vault with you on the road, you can not put hundreds of millions in your pocket. According to the amount of storage / safe assets need, you need to choose wisely the best vault. Our proposal is to require the maximum number of higher security to use DSG.

Another example is in progress between movies, music or other media, industry and war-download sites piratebay. Securypto network can be used for transporting and storing the encrypted, untraceable and monetize uploads and master data that can be selected for download salaries. More like a torrent network, but with a combination of bits in steroid coins. However, this will not replace Hollywood, Spotify, Netflix company or piratebay but only gave a new dimension to data stored or distributed network Securypto parties can use to win the battle in their own way.

What Is Securypto

Securypto ICO is Zerocoin, Masternode B project based chain block focuses on anonymous and encrypted storage. With the anonymous market mechanism of the income distribution. Creating emerging markets. Transferring or storing encrypted messages and files can not be found via the Internet. This is an additional opening connected to a security sheet layer of security. It is a combination of hardware modules, software, and networks that are designed to achieve.

Dedicated Open Source Hardware

Maximum security can only be matched by combining hard and software design together to achieve. We have designed a program called DigiSafeGuard (DSG), to further improve the level of safety of open source hardware. Physical security payments encrypted digital vault in the palm of your hand, information security, password management, file encryption. DSG is specifically designed to work with Securypto blockchain maximize the security and privacy of your interactions. For more information about open source hardware is dedicated, visit the website DigiSafeGuard or watching videos.

Features Of The Hardware DigiSafeGuard

  • DSG safely store and use the device, it will take your digital assets as hardware wallet, such as Bitcoin and so on.
  • Securely send and receive using open drains and information safe and documents WhatsApp, telegram or e-mail.
  • Secure login Gmail, Facebook, Weibo, banking and other online services
  • Keep all of your accounts and password protection, you DigiSafeGuard encryption certificate on the device.
  • Encrypt sensitive files or directories, and to ensure their safety and reliability.
  • Everyone is easy to use, even if you do not understand how encryption works.
  • You can use any non-secure channels, even if the PC is damaged or smartphone because each byte is encrypted device DSG leave.
  • Users do not need to trust a third party, not even the Securypto team, to ensure that they cryptocurrency assets, because they can use the random / services, are widely available, making the transaction cryptocurrencies signatures for their consumption, and make DigiSafeGuard undersigned Trading.
  • You can use the document and publicly available information to decrypt the encryption software, we use well-known, documented public AES encryption protocol.
  • Users can create, import, export and verify their own RSA key.

Privacy on the Internet

When DigiSafeGuard independent hardware or software, e-mail, and other uploaded data is encrypted, but they do not really anonymous. Your Internet service provider or other person tapping your network for file and message can be associated with the payment and your speech.

This is a major privacy problem, what can be easily used Securypto Blockchain resolved. email and data are not only encrypted but also the use of technology zerocoin blockchain difficult to trace.

What Is The Value Proposition Of Securypto?

As Securypto embodiment has wide applications, for example, would interfere with Netflix, Spotify from piratebay, Amazon cloud, telegraph signals WhatsApp, 2FA hardware. Securypto in many cases is not a competition, but many services or new or additional layers provide different or additional functions and creating new use cases, can co-exist with the existing ecosystem, creating a situation of use of each other.


  • Presale
    Pre-sale start date: 03 Dec 2018
    Pre-sale end date: 31 Dec 2018
  • Token Sale
    ICO start date: 01 Jan 2019
    ICO end date: 25 Mar 2019
    ICO token supply: 70,000,000
    Soft cap: 250 ETH

Token Details

  • Ticker: SCU
  • Type: Utility-token
  • Additional Token Emission: No
  • Accepted Currencies: ETH

Bonus Program

  • Pre-ICO week 1 – 30%
  • Pre-ICO week 2 – 26%
  • Pre-ICO week 3 – 23%
  • Pre-ICO week 4 – 20%
  • ICO week 1 – 18%
  • ICO week 2 – 16%
  • ICO week 3 – 14%
  • ICO week 4 – 12%
  • ICO week 5 – 10%
  • ICO week 6 – 8%
  • ICO week 7 – 6%
  • ICO week 8 – 4%
  • ICO week 9 – 2%

Token Distribution

  • 70% – Crowd Sale
  • 8% – Treasury
  • 7% – Developer Team
  • 5% – Bounty
  • 5% – Angel Investors
  • 3% – ICO Team
  • 2% – Airdrop

Funds Allocation

  • 30% – Marketing
  • 25% – Blochchain Development
  • 17% – DSG Development
  • 10% – Legal
  • 10% – Reserve
  • 5% – Bounty
  • 3% – ICO Team


Securypto Roadmap

The team behind the project

Securypto is a diverse team with different skills come into power on many topics are added together to open up a great concept, a project to change the world of professional people. In Securypto We believe that the crew marketing or hardware engineer for our blockchain developer or security expert important, not the other cannot be successful.


Creating software and technology-based Blockchain, to ensure maximum data security equipment, as well as providing the ability to monetize content is a pretty interesting idea. In this case, the project Securypto attracting those who want to protect themselves from intruders and earn money to sell encryption data. Based society, not only the members who want to protect their own funds as much as possible, but also regular users of all the above, we can say, and this idea has been successfully implemented correctly, which is in the early stages of its development investments Why can bring big profits.

To know the latest information about the Securypto project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

BTT Username: ubay

ETH: 0x7872e2099F8Ec07D4c538E03708e50f4325D4509

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Securypto team, I just give you the latest ICO info”