Securypto – Allows You To Store Data Anonymously Perfect Weight

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Securypto – Allows You To Store Data Anonymously Perfect Weight

Securypto – Most people are now familiar internet resource, which is a free messenger to send information or have a low price allocation, through dialogue and conversation. In fact, all of them focused on the server, and you can use your communication data for their own selfish purpose: sales to other units, ad agencies.

Few people are really, really concerned about protecting their local information and information to a password, with the help of bank accounts, personal email and social media distribution of their own to lose it. Then they began to lay his head and find a more reliable way to communicate and store personal data.

The social network is centralized and does not provide information security for safe storage and reliable, they can be easily attacked by hackers. Many people make instant messaging software, like WhatsApp and chat rooms to exchange data, they can be automatically loaded to set up a Google cloud cluster got to turn off access to it, which reveals the data communications community.

There is no doubt, of course, this update brings comfort, talk is cheap, but there are no human data are available, most likely, will not do to make billions of profit dollars to provide adequate protection. In order to ensure the confidentiality of the call are met, the information is transmitted via Inet in accordance with the implementation of a software program SECURYPTO.

About Securypto

SECURYPTO is blockchain and masternodes technical computing software that allows you to store data anonymously perfect weight, and encryption is based, which allows users to make face to face in the use of dialogue, through the World Wide Web possibility of monetization of content creation.

Mind suddenly, thanks to the implementation and marketing of software development DigiSafeGuard expressions, which are stored personal data to cover cryptocurrency physiological, behavioral anonymous e-mail, every communication data encrypted wallet.

Securypto Blockchain, this figure increases protection of privacy and the protection of traditional and recognized the angel of your communications, users can create their own key and share them with others. In order to apply the benefits of such a platform, you certainly need to have personal digital SCU mark, now you can participate in their personal sales through a form on the website.


Securypto only familiar cryptocurrency rates paid admirer and native human individual not to fight, but also those who want to protect their personal data on the internet, so they entered the execution, which gives the number of users in a bright hope for the future and growth of the software. This effect increases the value of each sign.

Project Objective

The main objective of the project developer should emphasize:

  • To ensure the anonymity of users;
  • Creating a secure environment for the storage and transfer of information;
  • Providing an opportunity to monetize content to create a new market;
  • Securing data from intruders;
  • Creating conditions for safe trading and storage of virtual currencies.

Securypto Dedicated Open-source Hardware

Maximum security can only be matched by combining hard and soft ware design together to achieve.

Securypto has designed a program called DigiSafeGuard (DSG), to further improve the level of safety of open source hardware. Physical security payments encrypted digital vault in the palm of your hand, information security, password management, file encryption. DSG is specifically designed to work with Securypto blockchain maximize the security and privacy of your interactions.

Monetization Of Content Distribution

Empower content creators to receive each download, opinions and buy direct payments. Just upload, ask for a fee for your content and get paid for download!

Securypto Blockchain distributed by the content provider paid contributions to monetize content.


As Securypto is a wide project, it will disrupt many services like;

  • HollyWood/Netflix/Spotify, PirateBay
  • Amazone Cloud
  • WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and other messaging services.
  • 2FA Hardwares
  • Hardware wallets

Principle of operation

To achieve all of the above objectives, the Securypto project will use a comprehensive solution consisting of:

  • Software;
  • Specialized equipment;
  • Blockchain technology.

About The Software

The main products are Securypto with the same name, whose goal is to create a unique software to ensure privacy and reliable system users of their information protection. The software can be absolutely all users, regardless of their economic status or country of residence. Zhidezhuyi is that the program is open source, it can be used to ensure the safety of Caozuojitong running on the following devices:

  • Linux;
  • Windows;
  • Android;
  • iOS

It is important to note that regardless of whether the software will work in the new or old equipment, which will be able to provide high-quality data encryption to protect personal information, messages, and multimedia files. Zhidezhuyi that any user of this software will also help to create a security key, if necessary, sales in the second Internet.The the data itself, but called DigiSafeGuard equipment from Securypto as important as the product, is used to store personal information, as well as digital assets wallet hardware.


  • Presale
    Pre-sale start date: 03 Dec 2018
    Pre-sale end date: 31 Dec 2018
  • Token Sale
    ICO start date: 01 Jan 2019
    ICO end date: 25 Mar 2019
    ICO token supply: 70,000,000
    Soft cap: 250 ETH

Token Details

  • Ticker: SCU
  • Type: Utility-token
  • Additional Token Emission: No
  • Accepted Currencies: ETH

Bonus Program

  • Pre-ICO week 1 – 30%
  • Pre-ICO week 2 – 26%
  • Pre-ICO week 3 – 23%
  • Pre-ICO week 4 – 20%
  • ICO week 1 – 18%
  • ICO week 2 – 16%
  • ICO week 3 – 14%
  • ICO week 4 – 12%
  • ICO week 5 – 10%
  • ICO week 6 – 8%
  • ICO week 7 – 6%
  • ICO week 8 – 4%
  • ICO week 9 – 2%

Token Distribution

  • 70% – Crowd Sale
  • 8% – Treasury
  • 7% – Developer Team
  • 5% – Bounty
  • 5% – Angel Investors
  • 3% – ICO Team
  • 2% – Airdrop

Funds Allocation

  • 30% – Marketing
  • 25% – Blochchain Development
  • 17% – DSG Development
  • 10% – Legal
  • 10% – Reserve
  • 5% – Bounty
  • 3% – ICO Team


Securypto Roadmap

The team behind the project

Securypto is a diverse team with different skills come into power on many topics are added together to open up a great concept, a project to change the world of professional people. In Securypto We believe that the crew marketing or hardware engineer for our blockchain developer or security expert important, not the other can not be successful.


Creating software and technology-based Blockchain, to ensure maximum data security equipment, as well as providing the ability to monetize content is a pretty interesting idea. In this case, the project Securypto attracting those who want to protect themselves from intruders and earn money to sell encryption data. Based society, not only the members who want to protect their own funds as much as possible, but also regular users of all the above, we can say, and this idea has been successfully implemented correctly, which is in the early stages of its development investments Why can bring big profits.

To know the latest information about the Securypto project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

BTT Username: ubay

ETH: 0x7872e2099F8Ec07D4c538E03708e50f4325D4509

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Securypto team, I just give you the latest ICO info”