Saturn – Liquidity Provider For Crypto Markets

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Saturn – Liquidity Provider For Crypto Markets

Saturn – In product development atoms trading Saturn, team challenges in supporting people to look forward to, this is the way the password by millions of players around the world to represent. A list of attributes will depend on the network encryption market demand, our team will organize a referendum, on the first stage of the sale of tokens, so you can capture the market potential, the need to expand the secondary market.

As for the property, tokens sold at the rate of replacement signs XSAT interesting shape, we can negotiate with the group on behalf of the beneficiaries of these assets, and they spoke with the current state of liquidity assets. Tim flow fixed assets of problem institutions flowers will help partners, including the shape of the tool list of property transactions. Saturn does not intend to price additional liquidity price of the steering network Platform Saturn in the current market and new markets. In addition, over-the-counter trading and auction services will allow holders of a large number of assets to realize their property through our platform.

In addition to the popularity XSAT sign and Saturn platform, the team plans to enter the famous exchange. Because the number of buying and selling near decentralization shifts, we assume that the XSAT get a fair fee voucher, so you can rule out the possibility of surgery. With the development of the platform, the team intends to examine the chain, to help the development of new methods of the encryption property market and increase liquidity in the find. In this study, we are waiting for the support of our network, so you can tell us about common development. Another step towards universal mobility of the original program. The new initiative will be supported by the Saturn team. Under the plan, but reaching the exchange program will have access to liquidity assessment audit and future symbol of a way to get enough comments Model mark. Strategy intends to promote straight-through marketing platform, the use of software gift funds. the mobile content product can be encrypted society players, in addition to the preservation and development of quality products of our element, with plans to create a new, fluids and over-the-counter security market is the same.

What is Saturn?

Saturn is reciprocated between the user and the exchange, which may be called symbiosis. Effects think there can enjoy high-security system by the traders and all cryptocurrency comfort you would get. Each security has a spark with high security to trade your password spark atom assets. For some cases the loss of foreign exchange assets currently rampant because the rules do not have super-enhanced security, which makes hackers to find vulnerabilities to steal every asset trader. Hackers can crack Saturn? I do not think so!! Because of the small things, is a high level of security for Saturn. Trading will feel safe because Saturn has the third party to solve the problem by users worry about

Saturn’s Goal

Provide security protection to ensure that every person who commits a landing, deposits, and withdrawals from the merchants. Aiming to create exchanges and OTC platform has cross chain agreement, the agreement has a relatively good system because it can be used to exchange tokens and coins. Saturn delivers a plan by investors, companies, and brokers interested in this program will build P2P exchange. A new market, new security, and you will find in the design of exchange to facilitate the creation of a very simple and easy to use. Ober-called counter security it provides all the keys, and even small materials.

Competitive Advantage

Compared with the traditional exchanges to reduce the risk. Address to send encrypted transactions of goods, protection of property buyers and third partyTrusting encrypted exchange agree, they can not ensure one hundred percent safe. Exchange reserves to prevent appropriate price range did not give a reason, and now freeze withdrawals and every so often nearby. exchange transactions with the deal, the player is no longer sending encrypted asset transactions. Coins remain in the pocket of buyers until the sentence transaction fulfilled by other parties. The enhanced security is a fundamentally different way of doing a deal Saturn.

Speed. Saturn, the specificity of the software program structure is as quick to make the performance blockchains exchange and network connections. If we remember the level of deposits and evacuation vengeance belongs example, a change in the traditional encryption.

Compliment machine builders and application presentations buying and selling a platform that Saturn is both attractive and functional. Because our products through to become buyers and buyers for basic development, we understand how difficult it is to attract a new platform for property transactions. As the shortage of liquidity situation that has attracted new interest in alternative, can be achieved by a program approach is a fantastic reward and relentless.

The market is divided according to the specific circumstances change and trading volume. In addition to creating a replacement for the traditional password, that the release plans our roadmap to close the object, purpose first Saturn’s crew to be released are the main players, dealers and suppliers are paid services cryptocurrencies. Has studied the specific circumstances of the different volumes of transactions, we recognized a change in the service counter, given the growing appeal to professional property investors encryption. The more well-known by-product purchase and sale of units mainly based on the cost of the asset encryption, with Bitcoin, an increase in the futures market appeal of safe assets together. The purpose of Saturn in this process is to make sure direct contact between seller and buyer, so that the security of certain transactions in an automated fashion while maintaining the anonymity of the event.

Saturn profit

Initially, swap agreements and trade commission to blockchain the most effective alternative for the creation of the atom. Saturn service possible additional charges may reach zero.2% due to change, 0.Five – five transactions cons percent and 1-5% for the public sale transaction. The commission’s final expression will be released in accordance with the roadmap authorized release point Saturn. In addition, for some assets, we will be independent of the employer to provide liquidity to the two places, so that the form of the spread of earnings.

Effects atom encrypted asset exchange protocol

Direct atomic exchange protocol allows encryption of assets, initially incompatible blockchains exchange, there is no third party involved. For example, with atomic transactions, it is possible to exchange bags litecoin bit direct credit.

Saturn Atomic exchange protocol

If you can not reach terms of the deal the two sides exchange swap agreement to ensure that each party to the transaction or cancel this transaction. In our example, Bierbite coins, tokens and Sarah have XSAT. For example, Bill wants to buy from Sarah XSAT token, and Sara was ready to sell the Bill of Bitcoin. Through the swap agreements are Bill and Sarah, trading, asset reception counter, in compliance with the terms of the deal for everyone. If the condition does not meet one-sided, it will not happen, and more importantly, the loss does not occur with the plan assets to exchange encrypted. In the example has been implemented in the stock exchange protocol described here.


  • Escrow -> December 2108
    Saturn – secure legal transactions between owners of crypto-assets with third party warranty – direct exchange protocol.
  • OTC cross-chain trading -> December 2018
    Selling and buying large amounts of crypto-assets is not a problem anymore.
    Secure over-the-counter transactions through the atomic exchange protocol (from wallet to wallet) are relevant for holders with a large number of crypto-assets, early investors and team members of blockchain startups.
  • OTC auction -> 3Q 2019
    Buying and selling a large number of crypto-assets at the best-proposed price. Security of transactions, settings for the execution of the order and low commissions will make the search for a seller or buyer more accessible and safer.
  • Exchange of atomic transactions -> 4Q 2019
    Saturn launches P2P trading based on the protocol.
    Saturn is additional liquidity for crypto active assets with low liquidity, safe cross-exchange and convenient interface in your browser.
  • Transactions with EURO and USD -> 1-3Q 2020
    Saturn is working to make a fiat currency exchange infrastructure for all directions: atomic exchange, over-the-counter cross-chain trade, over-the-counter auction.

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