SaTT – Allows Advertisers To Run Ads Based On Performance Objectives

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SaTT – Allows Advertisers To Run Ads Based On Performance Objectives

SaTT – The publisher wants to find the most relevant campaigns and profitable and the content to the audience. Thanks to blockchain it, partners can now ensure that the campaign is funded and will be paid as soon as the conditions of the contract between the partners and advertisers are met, such as at the end of the campaign or the performance threshold.

Once the goal is reached, automatically triggers Smart Contract and the transactions specified funds transferred directly into the net portfolio of commissions paid to the Oracle module.

About SaTT

SaTT is a Smart Advertising Transaction Token revolutionary platform that facilitates transactions blockchain based advertising and settlement through smart contract. The SaTT smart contract will allow advertisers to create campaigns and set the conditions for participation among users. The smart contract itself is working on decentralization structure allows users to specify criteria for the award for publishing and advertising. Additionally, SaTTintends to make the ads look through their user-friendly API.

SaTT will change the transactions between advertisers and content editors to be instant, transparent and secure! The SaTT is ERC20 mark is made to facilitate transactions with contractual smart ads. No more late payments or banking services expensive. A decentralized system for measuring the results of the campaign thanks to third-party applications and smart contract.

How it Works

Smart Contract SaTT allows advertisers to run ads based on performance objectives and can trace the evolution of an advertising campaign on the interface used to use as Google Analytics, Instagram, thanks to Facebook Analytics for Oracle module connections between Smart Contract convey information and data sources to determine the parameters of the transaction. Thanks to the blockchain, publishers are guaranteed that your campaign is set and that it will be paid immediately after fulfilling the conditions set by the advertiser or campaign end date is defined in the transaction. Once the goal is reached, Smart Contract automatically triggering transaction and the funds are transferred directly to the net defined portfolio of commission paid to the modules of Oracle.


Until now, there was no offer of a simple and effective way to meet this requirement: it is man’s work, the work of the institution. Advertisers and publishers in many ad networks have to rely on centralized advertising agencies without being able to verify the statistical results are provided, which can make campaigns more costly tilted. In case of technical failure on a centralized platform, all ad campaigns stop working until the incident was resolved and if a centralized network hack, hackers can access all accounts in the system.

The traditional business model of the traditional advertising agency and centered based on the pricey entrance fee and monthly billing for the services provided. The minimum fee to use the interface they range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per month and the payment of affiliate commissions can take several months so that a significant transfer fee and can even be blocked in terms of minimum billing charges.


The blockchain is decentralized and distributed database that ensures the integrity of data and transactions. Thanks to the blockchain, advertisers and their campaigns are not connected to each other. As such, they are not all affected by hacking or damaged. Thanks to the Smart Contract SaTT, advertising and transactions are governed by autonomous beings module is secured by blockchain Ethereum. In the event of damage to the module or Oracle, other advertisers advertising integrity is preserved.

The transaction costs are shared between the encryption and the Oracle modules as needed. Therefore, there is no minimum monthly charge. The rivalry between Oracle modules guarantees the level of service and competitive prices. By using SaTTs, direct payments immediately after the success criteria are met. Payments do not transfer fees or currency conversion fees, providing the industry with significant cost savings.

SaTT Advantages

SaTT platform has some advantages that are relevant for the user:

  • Paying for efficiency – advertisers only pay for their promotional campaigns that actually bring results;
  • Using smart contracts – they automate the advertising campaign, and administrators continue to control the situation;
  • Data protection – all information stored in the blockchain, which does not include unauthorized access;
  • Many retransmitters ads – you can choose which channel promotions on the Internet, including social networking and other popular platforms for sale.

Elements of SaTT

SaTT Smart Contract: Smart Contract SaTT mechanism operates in a decentralized structure of blockchain Ethereum to allow the user to design the advertising tool created. Publishers receive profile analyzes prior Ranked happen according to their segments. In addition, they can acquire a campaign proposal made specifically for their profile
Advertiser: advertisers can create ad campaigns, manage goals and provide the details necessary to remuneration models. Basically, the establishment and maintaining visibility of their ads.
SaTT sign: under contract smart technology, SaTT token utility will start to be used to set advertising transactions between the parties and their audience advertising.
Oracle modules: the application modules will help relay information between the data source and provides a definition of the parameters Smart Contract agreement for the advertising campaign.

Main Function For Advertisers

  • Choose the relevant publishers
    All transactions with SaTT Smart Contract will be validated only with the following conditions:
  • So this means that advertisers who have the power to determine the criteria for participation in the campaign partners.
  • Measure the results of advertising campaigns
    On the platform, everyone will use SaTT Smart Contract and will communicate with third-party API to measure your campaign performance and evaluate the amount of the transaction.
  • So every advertiser will have the opportunity to choose between a third-party application depends on the purpose and the data that exist.

Build Trust, Prevent Fraud

  • That’s means that any falsification – no way!
    Last time it was the most important feature because of too much manipulation and false on the market!
  • SaTT ensures data integrity billing and payments without the possibility of forgery.
  • Reduce costs, speed up transactions
    SaTT promise to make payments directly for the success criteria are met. Also no minimum monthly charge.

Blockchain and Tokenized Economy

Smart Contract SaTT working with decentralized and distributed way. blockchain will cover all current offer allows any API or platform to perform the operation if it is a creation as part of the builder, the screen to create an ad directory, or Oracle for example by providing the required statistics to validate and count the transaction. To create a more liquid SaTT, we will install PayBySaTT functions in our app store and offers an SDK for third party developers so many products and exclusive events paid in SaTT.

Token Info

  • Token: SaTT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • Price in ICO: 0.4200 USD


  • Pre ICO 100%
  • Step 1 50%
  • Step 2 30%
  • Step 3 20%
  • Step 4 10%
  • Tokens for sale: 68,000,000

Investment Info

  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
  • Distributed in ICO: 34%
  • Soft cap: 3,360,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 28,560,000 USD

SaTT Token Distribution

SaTT Token Distribution


  • Gauthier BROS
  • Stéphanie CLEMENT
  • Samir KSIBI
  • Geoffrey MOYA
  • Nicolas ROY
  • Caroline POURCHIER
  • Mohamed BOUHAOUALA
  • Mohamed Aziz BEN REJEB
  • Amel CHAMMEM
  • Wiem BOUTITI
  • Mohamed MEZLINI


  • Barrak EL HOMAYSSI
  • Laurent LELOUP
  • David AZAR
  • Kanaway YUSINGCO
  • Richard ESTEVE
  • Jean Michel BILLAUT
  • Nabil ASSAF
  • Philippe ERB
  • Eric Alexandre CERET
  • Jordan Delagnau
  • Joseph OUZIEL
  • François LePage
  • Sanem AVCIL
  • Florian Rézeau
  • Guillaume Micouin
  • Quentin Herbrecht
  • Vladimir Denis
  • Bryan Blaevoet


SaTT Roadmap


SaTT Team


SaTT Advisor


SaTT platform, which allows advertisers to pay only for ads that are effective, able to attract many manufacturers of goods because it will save them money in large quantities. Not less interesting would be for agencies, because they will gain confidence that the advertising company funded and for work done they are guaranteed to receive their wages. Given all this, the platform is able to collect a large audience, so investing in development can be profitable.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the SaTT team, I just give you the latest ICO info”