RxEAL – Powerfull Ability To Ensure Flexibility And Control Project Growth

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RxEAL – Powerfull Ability To Ensure Flexibility And Control Project Growth

RxEAL – Smart contracts do not require technical information on lease contracts by providing an interface to participate in these activities. RxEal is An unreliable and safe deposit in the ethereum blockchain is a platform for storage security. It provides decentralized dispute resolution, with a focus on real estate and automotive rental markets valued at more than hundreds of millions of dollars.

RxEAL can also be used by untrustworthy storage areas and other industries demanding a fair dispute resolution. A deposit is a measure used to cover the damage suffered by rental property. However, distributing money to others for storage is a matter of trust.RxEAL not only resolves the problem, it also provides faster return deposit rates and cost-effectiveness than closed chain solutions.

The role of the RxEAL Token Code in the economic field. The RXL token is an important part of the RxEAL platform, which has the ability to ensure flexibility and control project growth. Payment of service fees, arbitration or other interactions with the platform is limited to RXL.

The RXL token is an important part of the RxEAL platform and also ensures project flexibility and control. Any terms of payment for the service, debt for arbitration services, and other interactions with the platform are fully exercised in RXL.

RXL is the full version of the ERC20 token code. The standards are seamless throughout the interaction and use of the same protection criteria in the Ethereum system deploy the implementation of smart contracts.

The basic economy has a strong effect on the RXL token code utility. The RXL Token provides exclusive access to the services provided by RxEAL, which in turn creates the convenience of the token code.

The RXL token code value will follow the RxEAL platform directly. Proposals for providing token codes still help to understand the value of token codes based on standard service billing.

RXL token is used by the owner itself and transferred to an intermediary.

The initial conversion rate for RXL tokens: 1 ETH = 400 RXL. The amount of capital contributed by the token helps determine the amount of money available in the market.

Tokens can be used or estimated some, but their value does not affect how much. Only provides round cycles to reconcile the original market value.

Initially, this market will provide the greatest support, but under the direction of the chain of supervision, it will be done in the form of a new start-up as a basis for potential markets.

Token Sale Explained

During the token sale, we will provide a total of 56% of RXL tokens. This figure includes 6% of pre-sales and 50% of major sales tokens. In addition, private investors can be given tokens before major sales. Unsold tokens in the pre-sale sales and sales of private investors will be transferred to the main sales, therefore, in all cases, the total number of tokens given will be equal to 56%. Minimum limits are lower targets for token sales, including large pre-sales and sales. If 300 ETHs are not raised, all donations received during the main sales period will be returned to their sender address through the sales contract, and the amount raised in pre-sales will be used for the main promotion.
In the case of successful token sales, the remaining tokens will be burned, reducing the total supply and market value. After reaching the hard hat, no more donations will be received. All tokens sale parameters will be compiled in smart contracts for public inspection. Smart contracts can be used as managed services to ensure that all requirements are met. The currency received for token sales is Ether (ETH).

Tokens Detail

  • The token code is: RxEAL.
  • Tag code: RXL.
  • Standard token code: ERC20.
  • Token decimal number: 18.
  • Total token code: 96000000
  • Token pre-release code: January 15, 2017.T
  • his token was released on 19/02/2017.
  • Price per token: 1 ETH = 400 RXL Token

Describe in token sales code

In the token code sales process, they will give you a total of about 56% of the RXL token code. Of these, 6% were sales before sales and 50% were sales. Unsold tokens before launch will enter official sales, therefore, the given token’s code will account for 56% of the market share.

The minimum limit of this goal is a sales token, including pre-sales and official sales. If the ETH does not exceed 800, all attempts will be returned to the owner’s address and the balance will be used for promotion.

Security and Privacy

Security is a major concern of any Internet project involving personal or financial information. In addition to building the Ethereum network and using the standard token ERC20, the RxEAL platform also implements prudent security measures for complete customer trust. The main security advantage comes from the working principle of the RxEAL platform. RxEAL is an interface designed to create and deploy smart contracts, we do not store deposits, nor can we access the funds stored in smart contracts. This approach is against hacker incentives because gaining control over user accounts has no direct benefit. Publicly accessible information on the Ethereum blockchain should be considered carefully. Any personally identifiable information will be stored outside the shared chain with SHA256 hash values calculated for data stored in smart contracts to ensure that the stored information is irreversible and inaccessible to the public.

If there is a soft hat that shows a mark of damage, its size will decrease. With the number of tokens sold, there will be fluctuations between the index and the soft cap during the final sale of the token. This approach allows RxEAL to provide end products and launch combs to help expand token markets. The percentage of token code allocation will be calculated in the second round and then redistributed at final disbursement. If there is a sign, get out quickly.
The value of the RXL specifier is directly related to the success of the RxEAL platform. Given the fixed indicator supply, an increase in the use of RxEAL service leads to the appraisal of the indicator value because it is a necessary unit to pay for the direct platform service charge. RXL Volumes are meant to be used by the owner personally, to a third party, or to be traded on the stock market.

RXL token initial conversion rate: 1ETH = 400 RXL. Given the marker distribution model and the number of markers available in the market, the initial market value will be equal to the amount contributed by the distributed markers. Therefore, bail, which is held in reserve or cannot be sold in the public market and does not affect the price, is not included in the calculation. Only circulation supply is used to determine initial market capitalization rather than aggregate supply. After the contribution rounds, the maximum starting market value can prove to be conservative, given the potential of a large market, after the newly established company becomes an expected solution supported by a revolutionary blockchain technology.

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