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Rubius – A Blockchain Software Company

Rubius – There may be more than 17 billion adults do not get the financial institution and are still dealing in cash or reciprocating system. This leads to crime and corruption.

Technology has changed our lives in so far as an unimaginable level. This is the era of globalization and digitization. Internet and cell phone use have made our lives comfortable. Most services provide us with just one click.

Although most people have smartphones, access was denied. This is due to the software and limited cross-border restrictions. third party service providers to increase costs and limit access to their products on the basis of the position you are staying on the people who live in the war-torn country that is most affected.

In the Middle East, 86% of the population, and not because of banking and sharia Islamic law violation biggest bank access to any financial services in the world. Another major barrier is dependent on trust.

These problems have one, the only solution, Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has the ability and capability to provide global financial services. However, this is not a positive use of large masses because of bad software. The Cryptocurrency wallet inhuman, instinctively. They are not really designed for the consumer. Their sole purpose is to make money, they do not focus on improving their ICO / project.

About Rubius

Rubius committed to the development of an aryl group blockchain-based software startup. Aryl group is easy to use payment platforms Ethereum wallet. Aril also allows users to send, receive, or require the payment currency of their choice.

Rubius also provide scattered Ethereum wallet, support thousands of access cryptocurrencies. Aryl groups can also be used to sign transactions Ethereum, giving users access to so-called Rubiex, where they can buy, sell and trade exchanges centralized encryption selection (digital currency) cryptocurrencies.

Aryl substantially cryptocurrencies of Venmo, as it also includes social media, friends and allows users to directly connect the application. But also offers privacy protection for those who prefer anonymity. To finance the Fang application and development Rubiex exchange, an ICO will be established. The team will give its own cryptocurrency called Rubius (stock code: RUBY). RUBY contracts intelligent token is a decentralized platform cryptocurrency Ethereum operations (script) protocol.

RUBIUS mission is to promote the industry but also makes it easier for cryptocurrency facing software development blockchain through direct consumers. These days, Cryptocurrency solve the problem of almost all banks required in the world.

Rubius software will be designed for consumers and will continue to enhance and improve no end. This may include re-branding RUBIUS products in certain regions, to help promote the mass adoption. RUBIUS main purpose is to provide access to banking and financial services to users via a software product.

Modern Market Issues

Two main functions of banks are to lend money and collect a percentage, but perhaps most importantly, it is trust. The banking system is highly dependent on trust, it left millions of people, limiting the development of the world economy. Cryptocurrency can solve all the problems of the banking sector. Not interested and need a loan, there is no trust, the payment network via peer to peer networks. It’s all so simple, but why not the world use this system? What prevents provides next-generation banking system, all those who do not have access to financing? First: corrupt government underdeveloped countries do not benefit from the system honest. Second: there is no software that will help achieve this, there is no means “people” are real. There are many projects, but basically all of their software, for advanced users, rather than an ordinary man who is far from the world cryptocurrency.

Solution (Rubius Vision)

Rubius company located in Tampa, Florida, United States to start blockchain software. Rubius creating software that is very easy and simple, that everyone can use. Designed specifically for the consumer will continue to increase. Therefore, the aim of this project is to provide financial services to everyone in the world. All the software project will use a decentralized system, such as Ethereum.

Interact with Other Peoples

Platform-user applications can be directly connected with them (the people of / her contact list) that is sent and payment requests. This feature will reduce the potential risk of making the wrong deal.

Wallets and Exchange Features

Fang and Exchange applications with an electronic wallet function, users can buy, sell, send, request and receive payments, produce bags addresses Ethereum, watch Eth and balance Rubius coin mark will provide various exchanges and all transaction costs only 0.1%; low and stable. Many forms cryptocurrencies and trading assets will be added to the exchange or trading applications.

Volatility Shield

Cryptocurrencies current market conditions are very dangerous because there will always be some sudden drop in prices. In the App, aryl fluctuations Shield choice, reduce the use cryptocurrencies exchange currency risk and security cryptocurrency holder preferred. This feature will allow funds to switch back to the pre-set cryptocurrency them when they want to perform automatic cryptocurrency payment. The system will also automatically exchange form you receive cryptocurrency for monetary stability. Therefore, the risk of reduced volatility.


There are a lot of losses due to natural, human error. the user interface is sometimes prone to errors of confusion and complexity of the application, resulting in a loss cryptocurrencies. The user-friendly application that will simplify the process cryptocurrencies everyday use.

All products RUBIUS will be open source, free to use, and will also be zero trusts involved. RUBIUS product will use a distributed application and runs like Ethereum on blockchain existing platform. Rubius is the name of the company but also coins cryptocurrency. The coin is running on a platform cryptocurrency Rubius blockchain Ethereum. They are designed to resemble a bit of credit and monetary Ethereum operations.

RUBIUS cryptocurrency team focused on the development of products, services, and solutions in the industry to promote blockchain to assist and promote economic development. The world needs Rubius because the traditional banking model is dying. Through the power Rubius blockchain and provide everyone the importance of financial services to be used in the world. Rubius platform will also enable mass adoption and technology cryptocurrency blockchain.

Rubius Ecosystem

The ecological system consists of aryl (mobile applications), Rubiex (exchange cryptocurrency), Rubius coin (currency items). As the project progresses, the system will include a proposed new product. Ecosystems with a computer or mobile device into a secure financial platform.

Aryl APP

Fang is based on the two sides of Ethereum wallet payment platform. The aryl and simplify later use technical cryptocurrency and cause blockchain cryptocurrency various users and more comfortable. Millions of people do not want to use blockchain technology throughout the world, because the application is not complete, everyone wants to be clear from the first, which is why the aryl application will be able to understand everyone’s time, so Rubius able to attract the number of people! They will discuss the outstanding applications with each other, it will spread everywhere. It takes time to reach the target, but the project does not sit still, it continues to grow. Aril application has such an intuitive interface, each user can use it immediately, without preparation. In Rubiex Forex trading can be done directly from the application aromatic.

Aryl APP main functions

  • Asks receives, and Fiat, Ethereum, or others send the payment, currency or other conventional cryptocurrency also the possibility of simplifying the transaction.
  • Connect with friends. On the main screen, you can see the user’s friends final match. Buddy list of contacts users by linking to collect the account, from the social network.
  • In – the iMessage. iMessage dialogue during transmission rights payment capability. Do not be afraid to pay the wrong address (anything can happen), you can select a contact name, not the address of the recipient bag. Very comfortable.
  • Rubiex cryptocurrency exchange. You will be able to exchange projects, the direct application of the transaction Fang. Users need to register Rubiex and KYC procedures.
  • Fluctuations in funding under the user with “Fang Shield” special assistance. Shielding is stored in the user’s money cryptocurrency safer, switch to one of the first choice when sending payment.
  • After receiving the payment, the money received will be automatically converted back to a “favorite” store money.
  • Rubiex exchange Cryptocurrency
  • The main cryptocurrencies will be placed, as well as many different altcoins. Quality and user-friendly interface will help users to trade items. I think, and plan to join trade transactions for all types of assets, such as stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, etc., it will be a huge advantage over other stock exchange Rubiex, consider the following.
  • The company plans for software developers that provide customer service Rubius cryptocurrency introduced Richangshenghuo, intelligent Rubius hosting (RSE) and smart loan Rubius (RSL). social networks themselves can see the world.


• PRE-ICO: 31st JULY(It Would Last For 2 Weeks)
• Main ICO: 21st of August
• ICO from 21st of August until the 25th of September.
• 1 ETH: 7000 RUBY

The Rubius (RUBY) Coins

RUBY is a utility kind of cryptocurrency. If a user opts to use RUBY as his/ her trading pair, the incurred fees will be reduced by 50%. As the app demands grows, so does the price of RUBYs.

The following are some details of Rubius’s Public ICO

Rubius ICO

  • Start: August 21, 2018 (2:00PM EST)
  • End: September 25, 2018 (2:00PM EST)
  • Total coins for sale: 210,000,000 RUBY (70%)
  • ICO rate now: 1 ETH = 7000 RUBY
  • Accepted currencies: ETH
  • Minimal amount: 0.05 ETH

Distribution Token

Rubius Token Distribution

Summary And Conclusion

After RUBIUS team plans to reach all of the bank’s financial products and the world, the blockchain focus will change. RUBIUS blockchain also plans to build its own infrastructure, and to decentralized first Internet service provider in the world.

To know the latest information about Rubius project you can visit the link below:


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ETH: 0xC7B643eA72a38091337E7CaB8E4cE1A144D3AA4B

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Rubius team, I just give you the latest ICO info”