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Rokes- Quick, Simple And Safe Cryptocurrency Exchanger

Rokes – Digital currencies are such more than 100 percent probability of returning to your account to invest your money, but also the volatility of such problems. You can mark different encryption currency trading Fiat’s stock number is like the stock market there. Exchange Cryptocurrency work 24 hours seven days a week and work with the latest ancient technology. Traders can access their accounts anytime, anywhere live better active trading of the currency exchange fiat.

Cryptocurrency industry and ready to go. Each day the number of new users and companies in the industry continue to grow. All this is due to many factors, including decentralization, presented by Blockchain technology. It fixes problems caused by centralized business system. There I often encounter is that it is very difficult for many owners of digital currency, investors and traders find a reliable trading platform issues.

Traders Are Currently Facing A Problem:

  1. Most of the existing trading platform has been delayed input or output. Sometimes you have to wait three days, which is very annoying.
  2. Higher transaction costs.
  3. Security is very low. You may have heard about how hacker attack this or that transaction platform when a large amount of money was stolen news. Several new investors are not investing because they think the exchange cryptocurrency unsafe and unreliable, they will lose their money.
  4. Poor customer service. A bad habit, some trading platforms will take more than one week to view your document. In addition, the proppant is not ready to answer any of your questions, you should ask at any time that is convenient for you.
  5. Some trading platforms have a very comfortable interface and complex, it is understandable and even experienced traders to move forward.
  6. This is a serious problem, very annoying. But today, we will analyze the trading platform, which will try to solve this problem.

What Rokes Exchange?

Rokes Exchange buys and sells digital currency, it will be a fast, simple, reliable and safe trading platform. Rokes exchange offer to buy or sell the currency for your digital best price.

The company is registered and managed in accordance with the laws of Estonia. This Rokes direct placement and handling of all customer transactions governed by the laws of Estonia.

Features and Benefits

  1. High security:
    Your personal data will always be encrypted to ensure very high reliability and security.
    Create a trading platform developer, to purchase digital currency will be even beginners can easily understand.
    Rokes Exchange to accept VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card.
  2. Only the best and most high-end cryptocurrencies:
    Buying digital assets in a variety of the most popular in the world cryptocurrencies.
  3. Personal Wallet:
    Upload your file today and support will be reviewed within one hour.
  4. Reliable Platform:
    Wherever you are, you can use all the services, you can always be sure of the reliability of the trading platform.
  5. Customer service, you can trust:
    support agents are ready to answer any of your questions, you can ask at any time that is convenient for you.

The Rokes Blockchain ​​cryptocurrency Features

The Rokes blockchain Cryptocurrency function in nature is basically perfect. Here are a few:

  • Blockchain framework:
    The Rokes smart contract for all operations. This blockchain framework makes it a safe and secure platform to external influences. Cryptocurrency communication is of practical benefit users, but also of the majority of investors.
  • Advisory Platform:
    Rokes Platform Platform Services consulting, which makes it easier for investors and lawyers user requirements for exchange trading and from cryptocurrencies. This helps to easily experience when the general expansion of trade. Additionally, users around the world, while others can be the best stocks to trade and carry-over in counseling encrypted market.
  • Scalable Nature:
  • Rokes platform is scalable nature of the user, making it easy and flexible for users to explore. Scalable nature can bring an unlimited number of transactions the user traffic, also makes large-scale dramatically to reach the user.
  • Decentralized:
    Rokes its features for users decentralization framework. This makes borderless global reach reliable. This means that users can use the extended network and close to the carry-over stocks traded on the platform in general. In addition, the platform uses a distributed node to create a wider audience spectrum, in order to achieve business growth and platform.
  • Values ​​Returned:
    In the Rokes platform, there is no limit to how much value exchanged on how to return the user can be obtained from the exchange platform. This makes a reliable, flexible process and a record profit in the importance of all exchanges.
  • Transparency:
    Rokes on the platform, all transactions that trust between users, integrity and a complete transparency value. This explains why every user can exchange need not be limited to the platform.
  • Real-world use cases:
    The use of the structure and the nodes in the case Rokes provide the real world. Therefore, to meet the real-time investment practices of all functional requirements.
  • Liquidity:
    Under normal circumstances Rokes users. In platform dispersion and liquidity framework, you can easily pay, the platform allows users to password exchange for a fait accompli.

Commons Cards

  • Debit Card Solutions
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  • The Most Important
    Chat for special interest groups, who know the technology world leaders. Injection of national statistics is important to chat with you to extend our special Mattermost.
  • Developer
    To integrate the country with OS services or custom scripts? Based on JSON / REST API We lightweight makes this process very easy.


Rokes Exchange is a trading platform with numerous features that allow users to make smart trading decisions, reduce their costs and maximize their profits from each transaction made.

The success of each project depends largely on the team. The team of this project consists of numerous experts and various Blockchain professionals who have experience in the world of cryptocurrencies for many years. They will be able to take the trading platform to a new level and offer a highly reliable and fast trading platform for traders.

Rokes Team

  • Jun Kawasaki, Engineer, Philosopher
  • Kaito Ugata, Growthacker
  • Takeshi Osoekawa, Engineer
  • Sakuma Toyo, Designer, O’Henro Master
  • Toki Kawase, Lawyer
  • Hiro Shinohara, Supporter Otaku
  • Keitaro Nakayama, Supporter
  • Tomoaki Sato, Smart Contract Designer

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Telegram username: @ubaygates
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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Rokes team, I just give you the latest ICO info”