Rockz – The World’s Most Bulletproof Cryptocurrency

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Rockz – The World’s Most Bulletproof Cryptocurrency

Rockz – Lately it seems a virtual monetary standard just found not a few techniques to get brokers and financial specialists who need to get paid within a period that is very limited. RockZ is rooted stage to reach the answers to the current perceived weakness in the crypto sphere. It can combine the abrupt emergence of grip that can be relied on indigenous economies – a technique for dealing with the benefits of the book while until now remained in the crypto; techniques for handling opponents places, security, and market harm. Institutional financial specialist, for example, backup, backup insurance agent or benefits, going into the study of this new resource, which is incompatible with indigenous efforts.

There is no uncertainty that cryptocurrency has brought all greater than terrible in the idea of global business relations between the countries in the world. With crypto, dealers everywhere in the world are busy with trade in goods and the company missed a lot of the impact of a national approach. Although this dimension combinations that as it may, the crypto brokers and financial specialists face the danger dependably high welfare of their speculation. The exercise of con artists and programmers in particular crypto sphere which has shown that all (speculation crypto) can be lost in one second. While the stage is accessible crypto security has been trying the best they have not neglected to realize the security of digital currency in crypto sphere it, another creative phase called RockZ has found a different methodology in achieving prosperity crypto effort. What at the time was RockZ and how it can work? Subsequent section will answer this.

About The Rockz Platform

RockZ is entrenched stage realize the answer to the present shortage experienced in the crypto sphere. It can combine the lack of a dependable grapple in conventional economics – how to deal with the benefits of a book while as far as staying in crypto; how to deal with counterparties location, security, and market harm. institutional finance specialist, for example, reserves, insurance agent or benefits reserve, will enter this new resource class, which sating correlates of indigenous businesses.

Why Swiss Francs?

RockZ base in CHF is not only because of the work key Swiss play in improving the form of cryptography money but first in the light of the way that the CHF offers protection against swelling and degrading quality. During the period of last 50 years, the United States Dollar (USD) has lost 78% of the strength of the motivation for the CHF. Although when CHF pay negative credit costs, cash has grown in price. In a manner of speaking, CHF has, starting in the not so distant past, the Bitcoin from conventional markets: money a small country with a limited supply.

Who Can Use Rockz

  1. Early Crypto Adopters
    Private finance specialist crypto has an adequate premium finish on the crypto sphere and the need to protect their wealth by protecting it from the market, security and counterparty risk. RockZ offering ‘guaranteed harbor’ for their wealth when the sea gets brutal.
  2. Crypto Institutional Investors And Managers Fund
    institutional speculators grow their assistance in this class of new resources. For both the short and the whole exchange agreement, they need a framework for the delay between the time development effort.
  3. Corporate, Service Providers And Private Investor
    RockZ planned for partnerships contribute explicitly to record their own specialty, and association pros follow up in the light of a legitimate concern for their clients, and individuals are also privately wanting to get a portion in the form of cryptography money, still, hesitate to put everything on the line relating with coin center.
  4. Crypto-traders
    crypto agent adept at making some game plan every day, or week, depending on the style they are exchanging. As has been made for more than a reference, these clients need tools that empower them to settle angular position and change a new target in sight. On the merchant is using Tether, is under danger counterparty, or Bitcoin is under the danger of the market. RockZ made to avoid both these dangers. speculators agreement comparative entire share issue – and certainly comparable action.
  5. User P2p Money Transfer
    This client hunt means strong and does not bother to trade assets into different regions or countries, which can be adequately modified to rapid asset available. RockZ deals with this problem, and even empower clients to maintain the separation of the keys of the adventure changes because stable coin RockZ mind empowers sellers to recognize this token as a strategy for serving.

The Principle Of Operation

RKZ virtual currency will be issued by the company Alprockz AG, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. cryptocurrency will be given by one of the most stable currencies in the world – the Swiss franc.

It is important to note that 90 percent of the Swiss franc reserves will be kept in a safe deposit box in the form of banknotes. At the same time, 10 percent of the remainder will be located in deposits from Swiss banking institutions the most reliable, thus ensuring a constant increase in the value of the virtual currency.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that all the backup will be stored in case the mandate of trust. It allows the holder RKZ token, even in the event of bankruptcy of the issuing company, to gain access to Fiat funds in Swiss banks.

The Primary Users Of Digital Assets Must:

  • cryptocurrency investors who want to protect their funds from risk;
  • sellers of goods and services who wish to use cryptocurrency reliable and safe for their payment;
  • miners who wanted to legally convert the received token to Fiat;
  • ordinary users who want to keep their funds safe.
  • Unlike some existing stable coin RKZ will ensure transparency in the process. In accordance with the laws of the Swiss anti-money laundering, RKZ foreign exchange reserves will be subject to audit by an independent body. The audit results will be placed in the personal account of each client. Thus, every owner RKZ token will be acquainted with the state of the currency reserves at any time.

Security of customer funds secured by multi-factor authentication, which requires multiple signatures, as well as the use of biometric data to confirm access. In addition, clients’ funds are not stored on the RKZ platform, which is why hackers can not steal them. It is also important to pay attention to the presence of P2PE encryption algorithm, which is considered the most reliable for today.

Cost Of The Platform Will Be Charged For:

  • cryptocurrency RKZ delivery to the holder;
  • transfer of funds to the owner RKZ equivalent amount in the currency of Fiat;
  • delivery of an equivalent amount of banknotes in Switzerland;
  • licensing partners.

Why Is Rockz Important To Today’s Economy?

RockZ as a reserve currency: Task fundamental and important of RockZ will be used by financial experts crypto willing to place and hold the digital currency: offers immutable and openly supported by fiat cash and abstain from any counterparty in vain, market or safety hazard , client base start time financial specialist in crypto sphere which has benefited from the market and by the progress and planning to defend some part of their wealth.

RockZ PIVOT AS CURRENCY: Advanced financial specialist, for example, crypto reserves, seeking turn the money they can use to grow danger or to quickly leave showcase crypto in the midst of high irregularity can feel safe in Rockz. In view of the rapidly connected to the CHF, RockZ unchanged and thus offered the position of shelter for the financial specialist.

RockZ TRADITIONAL STORE AS CURRENCY VALUE: By not get change things, RockZ is endless and offer anyone who is willing to get or pay for goods organization or probability to pay with digital money with regard bases described. This is the basic way, make sure and sharp to deal with getting or paying for an organization or stock.

RockZ CRYPTOSPHERE AS TO EXIT FROM THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM: Since phase RockZ does not spend money without actually supported, coin holder can ensure that the same amount of fiat money continues to be set to trade or to the holders Rockz circled. Attractions along the lines of the license holder to leave crypto sphere coins whenever and without experiencing liquidity or counterparty risk. Andal, the holder can RockZ mastermind trade their treasures for their books or have them forwarded as physical paper money in Switzerland.

RockZ AS A BRIDGE TO THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM: Since the holder is not by any stretch of the imagination RockZ want to trade their wealth outside regulated crypto sphere but need access to their property, they can ask RockZ to issue, to pledge their property, confirmation to the agency budgets worldwide. It empowers RockZ holder should be seen as fiat money retained for resource managers advance their crypto keeping money in the scene.

Rockz AS COLLATERAL: Given such similarities RockZ cash, coin holder can use it as a protection to put assets into the world of crypto. RockZ will continue to be recognized as a cash break even with the exchange.

Token Alprockz Utility

To benefit by RockZ stage, the client needs to keep the proportion of Swiss Franc explicit in accordance Alprockz token (APZ) on their personal wallet. Alprockz brings their holders additional benefits, depending on the aggregate held, in go the way.

Rockz Distribution

Rockz Distribution

Rockz Access Platform

APZ holder holding something like 500 APZ will be approaching all organizations RockZ stage: including purchases and offering RockZ and transport of RockZ relative in banknotes in Switzerland.

CREDIT CARD emissions: APZ holder holding something like 1500 APZ will have the ability to apply for a Mastercard with our accessory bank in Switzerland. The CHF farthest reaches cards should swear by the coin holder in RockZ with Rockz AG.

Guaranteed LOAN FACILITIES: APZ holder holding something close to 3,000 APZ will have the ability to apply for the issuance of guarantees. CHF proportion of affirmations ought promised by coin holder in RockZ with Rockz AG.

Block show Asia

Program held their first campaign as the ICO and the gift of telling step to increase the user base as has been done by another company before. Furthermore, RockZ BlockShow actively participating in Asia held in Singapore on 27 November 2018 – December 1, 2018.

Rockz Blockshow

Rockz Blockshow


The creation of a platform for the exchange of law cryptocurrency Fiat funds and digital currency is stable with maximum transparency and security is quite interesting. This project should attract the attention of investors due to the fact that all funds deposited in Swiss banks, which are considered the most reliable in the world.

In addition, the company’s own MVP RockZ AG, which shows the serious intentions of the developers.

To know the latest information about the ROCKZ project you can visit the link below:


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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the ROCKZ team, I just give you the latest ICO info”