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RocketICO Review

RocketICO – ICO attracts everyone because of its ability to provide access. Global investment market for quick and secure project fundraising. RocketICO describes the steps that each project must accomplish when setting up an ICO initiative on the Platform, as well as tools for team startups, investors, and experts designed to ensure their efficiency of interaction within the Platform also determine the RocketICO model token and explain the reasons behind the cost increases.

Digital (digital age) is a new term used in the emergence of digital networks, the Internet, especially computer information technology. New media is often used to describe the digital technology.

New media have features that can be manipulated, network or internet. In addition to the internet such as print media, television, magazines, newspapers etc. are not included in the new media category.

Mass Media Switch to new media or the internet due to cultural changes in the delivery of information.

New media capabilities make it easier for people to receive information faster, in this case, the internet that makes mass media in droves to move the bow.
Technological advances that force the mass media must change the way information is transferred. Online media (internet) in this era is transformed into mass media.

If companies and media such as newspapers, magazines, and others live without time on this (internet) then certainly the company will experience a recession because it needs to receive information to be transferred to new media or the internet.

The ROCKETICO project is currently conducting activities to interact around the world to stay connected in all situations.

RocketICO is the world’s first decentralized accelerator based on the DAO concept. This document explains the Platform operation principle. RocketICO is an environment where beginners interact with experts and investors to create projects, prepare ICO initiatives and raise funds in cryptocurrency. The RocketICO platform is a decentralized web application (dApp) built on the DAO Solidity framework.


The mission is to contribute to the sustainable increase of quality and efficiency of projects that are setting up ICO initiatives by boosting cooperation, coordination, and skills of the RocketICO expert, investment and business network.


  • During pre-ICO 1 million preRocketCoin tokens with fixed price will be distributed
  • 1 ETH = 300 preRocketCoin = 300 RocketCoin

This is a planned and packed project with great interest to anyone who wants to join investing because it is handled by experts and professionals in their field in doing this activity and will progress to the moon like the motto of this project. For all a complete information and can certainly visit the LINK below as a guide or reference if you feel interested to participate in a profitable investment.

To Whom This Platform is addressed

Platform main users:

  • The team of startups and their team are willing to carry out their project however lack of resources and experience to make successful ICO initiatives.
  • Experts – specialists who have a successful track record of ICO initiatives, whose high level of competence has been confirmed by RocketICOcommunity.
  • RocketICO investors who own the RocketICO token, have an investment expertise and want to make money from projects created at RocketICO Platform.

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