RewardMob – eSports Cryptocurrency Game Rewards Based Waves Blockchain

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RewardMob – eSports Cryptocurrency Game Rewards Based Waves Blockchain

RewardMob is a competition based eSport and faithfulness program for versatile diversion engineers. We have a completely incorporated wallet based on the Waves Blockchain that enables clients to win and win RMOB Cryptocurrency tokens. We can without much of a stretch transform any versatile amusement into a free easygoing eSport. Prizes are earned when clients play recreations that are incorporated into the RewardMob programming. Once a client has earned at least one prizes they have to open them to uncover what they have earned. Prizes extend from gift vouchers, our RMOB digital currency tokens or competition focuses that assistance them climb the leaderboard. Toward the finish of the competition, the champs are paid in RMOB tokens, money or prizes from our backers.

About RewardMob Mobile eSports

RewardMob’s eSports platform and portable unwaveringly program use the speed and security of the Waves Blockchain to bring amusement designers and players together in an all the more captivating way.

Every single amusement engineer characteristically confronts a similar basic business issue. Finding new players for their amusement, keeping those players connected with and working a gainful gaming business. RewardMob has assembled a competition based reward platform that can transform any portable diversion into an aggressive eSport.

By utilizing the energy of the blockchain we can take care of these issues through better diversion disclosure configuration, expanded player engagement and more grounded adaptation strategies. We accomplish this by conveying players an all the more compensating background where they can win, or win genuine money, prizes and tokens for their endeavors.

The RMOB token is a motivating force based token that is the focal money of our platform. It will be the fuel that runs our focused portable gaming scene and our Pay-to-Play multiplayer competitions. RMOB tokens can’t be obtained specifically from RewardMob. They must be earned or won on or through our platform and applications.

RewardMob attempts to end up a pioneer in Free-to-Play and Pay-to-Play versatile eSports by helping portable amusement distributors and engineers make more noteworthy progress while making an additionally energizing and remunerating gaming background for players.

The RewardMob Platform

RewardMob is a competition based eSport and reliability program for portable diversion engineers. Our platform is completely coordinated on the Waves blockchain enabling clients to win and win RMOB tokens – the RewardMob digital currency token.

Utilizing our framework, we can without much of a stretch transform any portable diversion into a free easygoing eSport. Prizes are earned when clients play amusements that are incorporated into our product. Once a client has earned at least one prizes amid a competition, they can open them inside the RewardMob application. Prizes can run from gift vouchers to our RMOB cryptographic money tokens or basically focuses that assistance them climb the competition leaderboard.

Every competition is redone for the diversion engineer. Competitions will extend in term and will have fluctuating payout arrangement structures (i.e. top 10, top 50, and so on.). Any clients that place in the competition are paid in RMOB tokens, money or prizes from our patrons.

How RewardMob eSports Cryptocurrency Game Rewards Works

The platform was made to tackle the issues of diversion disclosure, adaptation, and player maintenance that are looked by the present amusement designers. The platform offers amusement engineers player maintenance, adaptation, and client securing. The platform is set to change the plan of action utilized by amusement designers.

The platform offers a reward framework on the platform which enables the engineers to remunerate players which rouse the players to play longer and often. The reward framework additionally enables the clients to contend with each other for genuine money and prizes.

The platform additionally gives a place where clients can find amusements. The designers of amusements can likewise showcase themselves. The more diversions on the platform, the more the clients who join to play and any new amusement added to the platform will get to more players on account of the group as of now made by the platform.

Adaptation for players is likewise accomplished. Since players are spurred by competitions and prizes, they are probably going to play for long hours and all the more every now and again and in the process buy more in-application, and their utilization of promotions will undoubtedly increment. The platform likewise shares the income from promotions with the engineers of the diversion which prompts a win-win circumstance for the two gatherings. The more individuals that play a diversion, the greater the competition prizes. The player wins a reward which can be as tokens, prizes or focuses. The players likewise get an opportunity to get extra focuses in the event that they take an offer from publicists in the application.

RewardMob Ticket Sale

On February 27th, 2018, RewardMob will run a Tournament Ticket Sale. Tickets bought amid the sale can be utilized to enter our Pay-to-Play competitions which will keep running on the RewardMob portable platform.

Pay-to-Play Launch

Our Pay-to-Play display is prepared for discharge!

As our platform has just been constructed and is completely operational, we have no compelling reason to raise finances through a customary Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

We have along these lines picked an exceptional model to convey our RMOB tokens. This will enable us to put center around the way that we as of now have a working token set up.

Competition Tickets

Competition tickets will be required to enter our Pay-to-Play competitions. The cost of each ticket is $1.00 USD. While a few competitions will cost just a single ticket to enter, others may require various tickets. Amid the Ticket Sale, clients can buy tickets with Bitcoin, ETH, Waves, Visa, and Mastercard.

Tickets can’t be re-sold or exchanged, they must be utilized to enter the Pay-to-Play competitions. The tickets will have no termination date.

After our underlying Ticket Sale is finished, tickets might have the capacity to be obtained with RMOB tokens.

RMOB Bonus Structure

First 5,000,000 Tickets purchased: $1 Each = 50 Bonus RMOB Tokens
Next 5,000,000 Tickets purchased; $1 Each = 32 Bonus RMOB Tokens
Next 5,000,000 Tickets purchased: $1 Each = 23 Bonus RMOB Tokens
Next 5,000,000 Tickets purchased: $1 Each = 15 Bonus RMOB Tokens

Ticket Sale Versus Traditional ICO

We are frequently inquired as to why we have picked not to complete a conventional ICO.

The RewardMob ticket sale enables us to pull in genuine players and not examiners and enables us to construct the minimum amount of players and engineers of awesome diversions.

Our concentration is to expand our client base naturally by bringing the cryptographic money and gaming universes together through the use of the Waves blockchain. We will likely make web-based gaming more beneficial and additionally be energizing for amusement engineers and players alike.

We produce income through utilization of our RMOB tokens, as opposed to through the sale of them. We are not just hoping to subsidize our venture.

Joined with the way that our item is discharged and our token is completely incorporated and working, this separates us from customary ICOs.

We have exploited these distinctions and adopt another and energizing strategy. When ICOs are confronting much examination and government direction, we feel this is additionally the most secure approach for all members.

The RewardMob group has worked industriously finished the previous two years to give an item and venture that we are extremely pleased with and we feel others will trust in as well.


  • April 2017
    RewardMob launched closed beta tournaments
  • August 2017
    RewardMob launched open beta tournaments giving away cash and prizes
  • September 2017
    RMOB token created on Waves blockchain
  • December 2017
    Token integration is completed and token model will be active
  • February 2018
    Tournament ticket sale. The full launch of free-to-play worldwide.
  • Q2 2018
    Launch pay to play

Token info

  • Token Name: RewardMob Token
  • Token Symbol: RMOB
  • Price in ICO: 1 RMOB = 1 USD
  • Tokens for sale: 1,092,000,000
  • Total Supply: 3,000,000,000
  • Platform: Waves
  • ICO Start Date: 27 / February / 2018 12:00:00
  • ICO End Date: 14 / March / 2018 12:00:00

Investment info

  • Min. investment: 20 USD
  • Accepting: BTC, ETH, Waves, Fiat
  • Distributed in ICO: 36.4%

For players to take an interest in the competitions, they should buy competition tickets utilizing the RMOB tokens. The ticket sale will begin from 27th February this year and end on fourteenth March this year. Least exchange acknowledged is $20, and the most extreme is $10,000.

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