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Resto Token – Global Foodservice Loyalty Space

Resto Token – Global foodservice market is at a turning point. It has shown strong growth over the last decade, is expected to continue. According to the proportion of total retail sales, have been relatively (clothing, footwear, white goods), currently being used by the food service, recreation and entertainment products in shopping malls, retail outside the city to replace the decline in the proportion of retail parks and the hub of a large retail , This trend is changing consumer shopping habits and retail growth, indicating that consumers’ willingness to strengthen the shopping experience and the composition of the drive and the people physically. It does not only fall a certain tempo, retail in the US and European markets, but also in Asia-Pacific and Eastern and Central Africa, a fast-growing market. As a result, the new shopping center construction, renovation, and expansion began to incorporate more of F & B and lifestyle of the area, including independent food stalls and kiosks. By increasing the footsteps of retail food and beverage program, owners can increase traffic, consumer dwell time and – more importantly – consumers.

Total revenues for the global food and beverage industry is, 4.5% in 2012 and 2016 the compound annual growth rate of $ 3,628.6bn between the consumption sector (CAGR) of compound annual growth rate of 3.1% between 2012 and 2016 in 2016 to grow, reaching a total value of 526.2 billion of transactions in the global consumer food services in 2016 transactions (current and constant 2016 prices) and: in 2006-2021

Below Are Some Common Problems:

  • Existing loyalty program does not provide information on the back of each and every customer;
  • When the program itself does not provide information about the consumer, it requires expensive market research, collects data to match the needs of the target audience;
  • No sensor is sufficiently transparent, get the best possible advice from consumer feedback (and reviewing existing services can be easily provided in writing by competitors false feedback or opinions);
  • Establishment of special deals that consumers can lead to work in the short run, but failed to attract new consumer demand;
  • Have an existing database of potential consumers in the region;
  • There is no way to cover a lot of viewers do not have large marketing budgets;

Resto: A Service For Business Owners

Consumers are increasingly picky about their diet and choose to spend, forcing service providers worldwide look at the product and supply chain on the menu, to provide a concept of a better dining experience.

  • Business Owners: Problem And Solution
    The way to increase loyalty and give them looking to improve the dining experience. While this solution is very clear and has been proven to be successful, it is still not suitable for all foodservice operators. In designing a loyalty program, each operator is faced with many difficulties, whether they are a small cafe or a comprehensive food chain. These problems can become self-employed but their solution to a serious impediment to the development of a global scale. This requires a comprehensive and grouping problems one by one to find the final answer.
  • Non-chain Of Internet Cafes, Quick Service And Fast Casual Restaurant
    Individual style cafe or restaurant, do not support the franchise, designed loyalty program seems to be a fairly ambitious goal. It took a lot of expenditure under the loyalty of qualified human resources and over to be a success story that involved the situation fairly. For an independent businessman, trying to make their businesses profitable, resources often a thorny issue. individual foodservice operators who have the opportunity to participate in nearly enough tools and the ability to perform in-depth analysis of the market and the real returns from consumers and businesses a wide range of established procedures.

Therefore, The Main Problems Are:

  • lack of human resources (marketing experts, IT specialists, etc.), and thus a lack of understanding of the concept;
  • lack of a CRM system, a lack of information about the effectiveness of business processes to make decisions;
  • lack of tools and increased spending on new consumer appeal available.

Business Model

We must work together with the following list of consolidated operating profit models in various ways:

  • For CRM Resto restaurant recurring costs;
  • Commission business owner;
  • For payment processing fees;
  • The campaign targeted business owners;
  • Former business owners to market.

How to make money listed above will be explained in more detail Resto restaurant revenues generated by the platform. To develop a draft business plan, we have been using the minimum amount of commissions and recurring costs estimated worst circumstances, and assess risk.

Chain Food Service Operators

Full-size food chain tends to have more resources to develop a loyalty program. However, the building itself is not the whole story, because it requires more maintenance and development. If no operator risk ends the normal development of the program, reaching a membership card that is not used anymore. Job offers, operators need to collect timely and sufficient information is given to potential consumers, and there are ample scope spectators channels. Therefore, this program should be flexible enough to capture the interest of customers. Worth a customer loyalty program communication two-way process continuously.

Resto Pack

The Resto Pack Includes The Following Products:

  • Platform restaurant Resto loyalty – loyalty foodservice operators blockchain Program technology, the CRM system is mainly based, and built-Resto Restaurant CRM system integration.
  • Resto CRM – customer relationship management system for small business and medium-sized food service.
  • For customer loyalty programs, in order to obtain additional restaurant Resto tokens and other prizes restaurant wallet (Android, iOS version).
  • Restaurant – Resto restaurant with a platform that loyalty and feedback Resto wallet comprehensive service restaurant.

Resto restaurant package products issued will be in a staggered integration with external services, as well as detailed test. This package is a Resto restaurant had major problems in the food service industry and consumers and operators a single complete solution. One Resto offers a free package of CRM systems, customer databases aggressive, innovative marketing tools and a strong competitive advantage over the long-term operator.

Operator benefits and can be restored without geographical limits of cash to provide customers with the most competitive price and an interesting selection of interesting earnings. Restaurant Resto Package exclusive official carrier marketing resources, such as today’s consumer database, and focus on the most important revolutionary customer-specific requirements targeting options. Resto restaurant in the whole package unmatched in the world. This is the first complete global loyalty system, a breakdown of the global food and beverage industry

Resto Loyalty Platform

Resto restaurant loyalty platform (RLP) is a versatile loyalty program. With each restaurant, Resto restaurant operator receives all the RLP packets free service. While completing your profile, the operator will be included in the percentage share of each customer’s bill for any cash or credit card payments.

Each of these operators to gain access to their target audience – excellent customer database. loyalty program to collect and aggregate information about the preferences of each customer, which is assigned to it or her personal ID, and continue monitoring further. As more and more customers are integrated into the system, expanding the database for each restaurant to effectively advertise their activities according to personal taste, target customers, the average cost, location and so on.

Cross-functional maximize personalization and marketing platform allows operators to offer individuals related to preserve the positive response received, for precise targeting of the most effective advertising, the advertiser directly to its core audience. A new product launch or preferential currently require the business owner to use outdated or expensive way to promote digital campaigns offline. There is no ready-made platform, showing that even Facebook or Google, which is capable of providing 100%, in addition to interest income and the target group is relatively nominal. RLP enables any business owner who wants to intentionally from time to buy food, eating out, spending an average bill is equal to the specified location of the restaurant and invites customers. Therefore, business owners can achieve the target, there is no additional cost.

Customers want to enter the program and get a bonus RestoTokens should be installed Resto restaurant Wallet app and sign in. RestoToken bonus provision for purchase (payment order), for certain operations (such as restaurant reviews Resto audit opinion), survey/blog and so on.

Resto restaurant loyalty program customers can use RestoTokens receive a cash payment or possible sale of stock resto Dozens restaurant and back the local currency.

RLP programs for different companies. Customers do not need to carry a variety of cards and membership cards, you can access, but not all of them at the restaurant Resto electronic wallet application. Also, instead of offering relevant interrupt, customers can only receive an attractive according to personal taste.

Resto Wallet

Resto restaurant Resto restaurant wallet loyalty platform for user-friendly applications. The restaurant Resto wallet application is available for Android and iOS. This application allows users to access all the services of the RLP. Each user can be appreciated RestoTokens from partner companies, you can get the token or transfer them to another event RLP users. References and recommended restaurants selected by the rating system and applications geopositioning given application.

To log in, the user wallet new Resto restaurant can create their own personal account via the portal or application load its mobile applications. In order to recuperate Resto restaurant Wallet Balance, users can exchange cryptocurrency or legal tender, to get RestoTokens. RestoTokens used for all transactions in order to reduce transaction costs. RestoTokens can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency or legal tender. Application of traditional loyalty programs tends to be awkward and uses less understood.

Wallet restaurant Resto advantage of QR codes, transaction humanity more than ever. Resto restaurant every foodservice operators CRM generate applications to scan and provide direct transaction restaurant POS system or other unique QR code. QR code and a user receives a payment order and a 24-hour restaurant and Resto Wallet app (if he has a hand application device) for scanning. After RestoTokens bonus is calculated in just a few minutes to scan a QR code, a user account.

The restaurant is based on the ethereum blockchain wallet technology platform. Each individual receipt for exchange or payment RestoTokens treated as a trading platform revenge. Each transaction has a net grudge unique ID, to protect users from potential fraud and external hacker attacks. Because the network has been verified revenge, loyalty restaurant Resto platform based on a central server without any intermediaries or participation and ensure safety. Blockchain safe technology, decentralization, transparency of transactions. Each completed transaction can be viewed at any time Etherscan users. Therefore, guests RLP and joint monitor foodservice operators, so that both sides can not fraud protection. Optimized for more details and options, see the technology.

Token Sale

  • Ethereum: ERC20
  • Token emission: 1 100 000 000
  • Resto Token Price: 0,0001 ETH
  • Accepted Currency: BTC, ETH, LTC
  • SOFT CAP: 12 500 ETH
  • HARD CAP: 50 000 ETH
  • Additional token emission: impossible
  • Bonus Scheme: yes
  • KYC: yes
  • Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.01 ETH (or equivalent)/no limits
  • Whitelist: no
  • Tokens for the Team will be frozen for 1 year.

Use of Funds

Resto Funds

  • 20% Product Development
  • 10% IT Operations
  • 20% Sales
  • 10% Marketing Budget (attraction of business owners)
  • 25% Marketing Budget (attraction of MAU)
  • 5% Finance, Legal and compilance
  • 10% CapEx (new offices)

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