Resto Token – Create A Cross-functional Marketing Platform Associated With Restaurants

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Resto Token – Create A Cross-functional Marketing Platform Associated With Restaurants

Resto Token – We all know the fact that the food is energy-saving activities of the people, the source of power, building materials as the main body, of course, of your skills, you can earn the respect of many different enjoyable dishes. In the usual ordinary citizens to eat three times the light of day 3, and choose which one is better to do it: at home or in restaurants and cafes. Every day 100 food stores really feel open in all directions: as omnivores, vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists.

But not everyone can develop steadily, and popular throughout the world and recognized brand and bars, fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC, as a result, businesses can compete in the collapse of several months. No individual is competent in the promotion of cooperation with the customer brand experts.

In other words, many businesses do not consider the potential customers who walk around in their lifestyle, no fresh vegetables, and activity reports are a new campaign, it is very easy to implement mobile gadgets to achieve, but equally they demand was made by accessories help cash.

And now, in the main, loyal customers are interested neutrality, thanks to the customer is really a good opportunity to collect prizes and gifts, has received the software development of productive wide and large. However, this system does not almost all the stores are acceptable. And to break barriers in the field of nutrition similar to the same problems, which takes the concept of software with Resto Token name.

It began to make the restaurant, catering, and cafe between their customers ongoing and direct potential spread of fair cooperation platform, using blockchain technology that allows integration in commercial applications of this risk and takes advantage of it.

The blockchain is a revolutionary technology is improving our community-based internet from each room. Every day, we know blockchain based on an innovative new project aimed at solving the basic problems of the various areas of our society. Our topic today is focused on a very unique project, the pioneer that will revolutionize the food industry.

Restaurant / cafe refresh / rejuvenate the local cafe atmosphere and the food is delicious and refreshing. Today, every restaurant/cafe shop using technology in innovative ways to provide more benefits/bonus points or cash back for draw food lovers.

RestoToken is to create a cross-functional marketing platform to address the problems associated with each of the restaurants.


everyday food industry to provide a wide variety of delicious food, better service, offering stunning hit our imagination. Today, every consumer has become the best choice of food/food pickier. So every restaurant owner needs to re-examine the products on their menu to offer better and delicious dining experience. The purpose of each restaurant is to provide quality services to attract customers, but all to no avail. Most of the time small and medium enterprises suffer much because they can not afford an effective CRM system, it can not have enough money to hire a lack of marketing and business tools. the loyalty program is running, management and cover a large audience, you need a large marketing budget, every business can not afford.

Production of market research is a very complex process that requires in-depth analysis of the market, research the target audience, their interests / needs / preferences, the effectiveness of loyalty programs and so on. So let’s analyze this market is very expensive. Their marketers to easily and effectively provide the ideal tool is not available for a better solution.

The primary purpose of a loyalty program is incidental food loving customers convert into real customers. The customer will be involved in activities and spend more aggressively. However, today’s customers left a lot of different membership cards and many of them are not active/inactive. Most loyalty programs are incomplete because they do not take the interests of customers, their own tastes and preferences into account.

About RestoToken

After analyzing the problem of the food and beverage market, a group of experienced members decided to create a platform that provides catering services for all business models effective point solutions. Resto restaurant blockchain SME technology platform, provides a powerful tool for marketing and advertising services, global loyalty program. It helps them become successful, providing customers with better service.

Principle Of Operation

With the platform Resto restaurant, business owners get these benefits:
  • Can effectively control their Resto restaurant business tool and CRM system, which helps to make better decisions to improve profitability
  • A powerful tool that can help effective marketing/advertising to attract more customers
  • Resto restaurant offers a large consumer database, which enables them to target audiences based on their preferences effective
  • The increased customer loyalty program is to return/supply
  • Resto restaurant makes the review process is transparent so any feedback, comments, and suggestions from real consumers
With the restaurant Resto platform market experts and customers also get great benefits:
  • Resto restaurant offers many advanced tools to assist in the analysis of market experts
  • Customers will get applied to all other business point card
  • With customers can browse Resto and food service inspection of all available discounts/deals
  • Resto restaurant to ensure cash back system allows customers to save money and at the same time
  • The offer will be available on the customer’s interests, preferences, tastes, etc.
  • Users will get transparent nominal ratings, reviews business

Resto restaurant experts highly professional marketing platform to help small and medium-sized food businesses grow faster. Resto restaurant in the platform business, marketing, and consumers are connected to an application. RestoToken applications provide different functions depending on their needs. For business owners, the functions they receive to help them manage, plan and improve operational efficiency. For marketers, they get all the advanced features tools that allow in-depth analysis of the market. And customers can get there by geographic location RestoToken best offer, reviews, ratings and purses and shopping to get the best selection.

Resto restaurant package comes with the following features:

  • Resto restaurant loyalty platform: it is integrated into the power blockchain Resto restaurant meal loyalty programs and CRM systems. This, in turn, increases the efficiency of the company, to attract more customers
  • Resto Restaurant CRM: Resto strong platform from CRM systems to service small and medium food businesses
  • Resto Restaurant wallet: A loyalty program based applications help of cash back, bonuses and rewards and collect tokens Resto restaurant. Android applications can be used and iOS
  • Resto Restaurant Comments: This is a transparent blockchain powerful feedback/review of the restaurant Resto platform. It helps to get real feedback from real customers

Resto restaurant Resto Restaurant Platform tokens each operating platform/commerce. Resto restaurant customers have access to the token, and cost. They will come from cash back, reward points, collect bonuses Resto Restaurant sign. With Resto token can easily pay any restaurant, bar or coffee shop from anywhere in the world.

Token Sale

  • Ethereum: ERC20
  • Token emission: 1 100 000 000
  • Resto Token Price: 0,0001 ETH
  • Accepted Currency: BTC, ETH, LTC
  • SOFT CAP: 12 500 ETH
  • HARD CAP: 50 000 ETH
  • Additional token emission: impossible
  • Bonus Scheme: yes
  • KYC: yes
  • Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.01 ETH (or equivalent)/no limits
  • Whitelist: no
  • Tokens for the Team will be frozen for 1 year.

Use of Funds

Resto Funds

  • 20% Product Development
  • 10% IT Operations
  • 20% Sales
  • 10% Marketing Budget (attraction of business owners)
  • 25% Marketing Budget (attraction of MAU)
  • 5% Finance, Legal and compliance
  • 10% CapEx (new offices)


RestoToken is a very unique project, the most interesting. It is to address issues related to food and beverage companies, the first project. With Platform Resto restaurant for SMEs can now well-established business competition. With powerful tools Resto restaurant functions, companies get all the necessary infrastructure to help them improve business efficiency. First Resto Platform restaurants to start their projects from the Asian market, as it has the biggest restaurant in the world. And then gradually expand to Europe and other markets. investment in the market today is very promising, highly rated projects.

The digital currency industry is gaining momentum and will be a surprise RestoToken notification services by fast-app-efficient, active and full regalia promotional gifts have cryptocurrency effective entrepreneurial activity and can grow well accepted at the price of long-term sustainability of the individual owners.

To know the latest information about the Resto project you can visit the link below:


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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Resto team, I just give you the latest ICO info”