Repux – Improve The Reputation Of Data Security

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Repux – Improve The Reputation Of Data Security

Repux – This is worldwide market data where you will have the capacity to acquire rewards for it is only a fantasy for everybody who needs to procure a living wage and to stop all the methods for taking our site information get billions of dollars. All will be simple and helpful in versatile applications since we relatively consistently never part with it, it progresses toward becoming us a specialized apparatus, as well as a decent wallet. More crypto is developing from our lives and numerous are doing it in this nation.

Repux is a crypto whose extreme objective is to build up a superior framework where information can be straightforwardly adapted between authority, engineer and client, making a safe notoriety in Token RepuX exchanges and in the meantime growing simple to utilize application programming interfaces (APIs) outsider designers manufacture the RepuX convention to make a few distinctive applications.

We can characterize RepuX as a convention level structure in which a few sorts of unaltered information can be exchanged and traded between various parts of corporate clients and people.

How REPUX Solve Common Issues

The test of presenting this progressive platform is about trust and straightforwardness. The clients need to realize that they can trust the platform. They likewise need to ensure that everything will be done straightforwardly for the upsides of all individuals.

REPUX is utilizing the most recent innovation so those issues can be decreased. One route is by building blockchain good with the significant information required on the platform. The blockchain works by making rundown of record constantly and will be secured by a particular framework known as cryptography. As the outcome, every one of the information and exchanges will be recorded naturally. In the meantime, the clients can check the record totally and it will be demonstrated straightforwardly.

As the outcome, regular fakes and issues are explained splendidly and all individuals get profits from information sharing action. Strikingly, the exchange can be utilized distributed and just trusted individuals who can join this platform. Unquestionably, REPUX is extremely a significant platform for information sharing business later on.

How Repux It Works

  • The company sells anonymous data and gets the link.
  • Repux developers buy data for training machine learning algorithms.
  • Developers then resell their smart apps to businesses for better business solutions.

Repux’s Vision And Objectives

We have the vision to improve the reputation of data security and reputation. Bring new life to the requirements and data transfer system by creating a secure protocol between those who generate, collect and use data; This is to deliver meaningful results for your business. Using the protocol we have created, data manufacturers can easily access this data to end users and app users with Token RepuX.

We will also make Token RepuX, which can be used as a tool for various transactions in various industries and can be used for purchase or replacement of products and services. As the reputation and usage of the RepuX protocols increases, the part values will also increase and we will add additional value to it.

Crowdsale Details

Crowdsale of this Token starts 29 days where they will have an aggregate supply of 500,000,000 RepuX at a cost of 0.20 USD every Token, ETH, BTC and Wire Transfer will likewise be acknowledged. The principle capacity of tokens is to permit the trading of decentralized information and applications amongst organizations and designers.

With this opportunity, we invite you to enlarge this Platform, to reach Wider Communities. We will release a Token with the name “REPUX Token”, here are the data :


• 1 REPUX = 0.20 USD
• Hard cap: 33,100,000 USD
• Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
• Supply: 500,000,000 REPUX
• Role Token: Enable trade of data and decentralized applications between companies and         developers
• Token Distribution Date: 9th March 2018
• ETH, BTC and Wire Transfer

This excellent coin sale will be done in two stages as an important pre-sales and sales sale as mentioned below. Up to 500.000.000 REPUX Token is available.

Pre-sales: From 17 November 2017 to 23 January 2018.
Primary sales: From 6 February 2018 to 9 March 2018.
Pre-sale is currently in progress. You can get a bonus
50% of token received from the initial sale. Remember, only 100 million
RepuX tokens are sold in the pre-sale stage.

At present in pre-sale, it offers a half markdown rate and this will diminish with the finish of the group (March 9, 2018).

We generally perceive how organizations have a lot of megas put away in their frameworks, and when settling on choices have issues choosing to enhance their business effectiveness. RepuX will empower the trading of corporate information between different gatherings that consolidate a few progressed decentralized advancements

We outlined this Platform to run utilizing blockchain innovation to the base. Each exchange will be recorded and can not be changed perpetually, so the level of security and straightforwardness of exchanges made can be kept up and diminish the likelihood of information misrepresentation.

The fundamental target of our Platform is to manufacture a safe, quick and straightforward information exchange platform that can be coordinated with a wide range of uses created by outsiders for use by various distinctive enterprises.

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