Republia – Make The World Of The Crypto Industry Better And Safer

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Republia – Make The World Of The Crypto Industry Better And Safer

Republia – The 2018 ordinance is similar to a continuous flow of mountain rivers boom, which is very difficult to survive. Investors have steep rocks, eddies and rapids would like to be removed between the result of luck and happiness. Few people are satisfied with the trip. More and more investors are cursing the day when they buy a ticket to the future welfare of the ship, but it has been a participant swim survival.

All of the projects described above ICO difficult to find real value for investors and attention. Today, we are talking about the project, more specifically, the entire ecosystem, which aims not only to develop products but also to the interests of investors.

Ecosystem Republia most important principle to meet blockchain technical operation: security, fairness, transparency and voting rights granted to participants in the platform.

Elements of the Republia ecosystem

  • Republia Bank will try to adjust supply and demand changes in interest rates, low volatility of the coin RPB.
  • RepubliaID is Republia eco-system that allows you to participate in a user’s identity and the fate of noise affect the project.
  • Republia encrypted exchange of assets and security of transactions, from the system to ensure the accuracy of the exchange of territories.
  • Republia SC is a platform to create, launch and manage contracts intelligent intuitive tools.
  • Republia wallet built-in messenger will help all users to have questions about the 16-bit forgotten.
  • The ICO Republia encryption platform designed to create public support for the idea of something that is useful for each machine, and becomes part of the ecosystem Republia.
  • With all the constituent elements of the ecosystem Republia well-coordinated work, the most important issue ICO industry, which is quite a lot today, will gradually be resolved.


Republia mission is to make the industry better encryption, more secure world.

ICO market is growing every year, but the number is, unfortunately, does not grow into quality. According to statistics from 2014 to date, a total of 1696 ICO, which is only 40% can have a successful completion. Every seven ICO may be intentionally defrauding investors or promising them theirs due to fraud. investment investors come crashing down upon them from the world of technology blockchain the only disappointment.

Republia Platform takes care of its users, and that any project will not lose any fraud in the world. Republia Platform means that the possibility of expanding the ecosystem through new ideas. Application filed under Republia platform will be submitted to the vote (honest and transparent).

Solve Problems Hardforks

Republia Fork

It is understood that the conditional encryption society can be divided into two groups. The first set of encryption is considered a monetary payment, while the second group thinks of them as an investment vehicle. Usually, the two groups led to believe and division without compromising with its own rules and regulations cryptocurrency two new digital assets to one another.

The problem is that debris will not stop, so the market will be filled with the new currency and coins.
Since Republia act on the idea. “We-ecosystem”, where users can directly participate in the modernization of technology solutions, this project is based on a sophisticated system of consensus, which is one of the main advantages of the technology. Modern means adding new functional subsystems.

All users must sleep ecosystem, and make sure there is no threat of data and accounts. The accuracy of the system (security system) effects on the ecosystem and the defender account through a three-stage system that will not miss a single pest. All the important data securely hidden from CloudX distributed data warehouse. OCaml programming language support for formal code inspection, which ensures additional protection from the vulnerability intelligence contracts.

Data Security Within Republia Ecosystem

Safety is a priority Republia team, all important information stored in the cloud X. It is a decentralized data storage, information security in the context of the entire global ecosystem under the fund.

Republia simulation provides users with a unique digital ID – RepubliaID.

RepubliaID main features of advanced security, minimizing the risk of losing money or hacking user accounts. Additionally, RepubliaID used to identify users voice, communication, and banking system Republia. As a result, the participants have RepubliaID become full members of society can directly affect the Republia and social life.

Republia provides three levels of security – the accuracy of the system

  1. The first stage is the user’s password and biometric identification;
  2. The second level is verified via e-mail confirmation + two-factor authentication;
  3. The third level is RepubliaID.

The automatic stay in the case of hacking an accurate scientific system of all user data, including personal information and information about his account. In addition, the system will help to ensure the accuracy of data and access to funds in the shortest possible time.

The accuracy of the system is an innovative security system, which is the first product in the use of artificial intelligence Republia development line.

Republia ICO Platform

Republia ICO Platform

Taking into account all the shortcomings of the existing market solutions, Republia ICO promoting their own platform. All elements Republia interrelated ecosystems, because they complement each other in logic.

For example, a consensus will not be allowed by the ICO, if the project already exists in the system, because there is no need to make a project a few times on the platform, taking into account the narrow market.
User accounts will show the team’s request to implement the ICO platform and complement Republia ecosystems and their projects.

Smart Contract Platform

Republia Smart Contract Platform

Credible, transparent relationship between ecosystem user Republia achieved through sophisticated intelligence system contract.

Republia intelligent platform contract is a contract that is used to produce intelligent, eliminating the basics of creating, implementing and managing Republia blockchain on contracts issued smart “user-friendly” environment.
The platform enables users to produce a digital contract does not create the kind of knowledge and experience in the field of software engineering and smart contract.

Republia Bank

RPB is Republia coin bank, which is based on a decentralized and transparent mechanism for the main payment instruments.

Other coins subtle fluctuations in the industry along with certain advantages RPB encrypted, our goal is through the implementation of Republia bank, which is to achieve decentralization of economic models Republia main component ecosystems. Its main purpose is to smooth volatility RPB token coins and two kinds of Republia released.

Republia Bank merged to become familiar and innovative technology Zhongyangyinxing national principles. It automatically adjusts the amount of bank Republia exchange demand and supply. The results of automated analysis and balanced market conditions smooth fluctuations. Stable part of the participants Republia RPB coins, the system provided they continue to depend on supply and demand, which is formed from a mining cost of a balanced coin reward Republia Bank RPB and reserve fund.

AI Protocol Republia Bank

Artificial intelligence algorithms based on the operating system Republia Bank.

Each algorithm is responsible for Republia AI to perform one task:

  1. Analysis of changes in the market situation and “parking” interest rate instruments. For the algorithm to changes in interest rates is an improved version of the mechanism of global central banks. This algorithm is transferred to the digital space, recording encryption to exchange a spike on top. In addition to the algorithm above analysis, technical involves the algorithm is not a reaction to market volatility is small (eg, short-term trading RPB cryptocurrency, market instability as little will restore themselves.) To determine the trend of long-term, adjustments in interest rates, which are coordinated with systems other banks.
  2. Recording of critical points, the sharp market fluctuations, and collect data on the basis, or the cost of the amount of injection of the exchange, the deal flow in its RPB. This algorithm is called Intervencium, the goal is to prevent the short-term, but long-term market trends, in the opposite direction rapidly changing trends. The algorithm is set to stabilize RPB cryptocurrency, gradually moving up and down in time to make an offer to enter the market to reach.
  3. Creation of USDR token. The goal of the algorithm is to calculate the actual demand and supply indicators of the token and then generate the required amount USDR. This intelligent algorithm is stable, release-activated USDR token the equivalent of US $.
  4. Creation of bonds, who headed the bank liabilities Republia users, such as the return of funds, convertible bonds USDR creation.

Changes in interest rates and algorithms Intervencium algorithm to provide smooth fluctuations Republia bank and RPB cryptocurrency cooperate. Changes in interest rates and algorithms Intervencium algorithm involves public information analysis, therefore, to ensure that only the correct result.

Republia Debit Card

Republia Bank released its own debit cards, tokens and USDR this card is a debit card when paying the bill because the capital is bound to USDR legal currency exchange cryptocurrency stable Fiat a very convenient way of payment instruments – dollars.

Quick transactions with RPB USDR token coin, which is equivalent to $1 internal conversion which provides 1:1. Since Republia Blockchain transaction will be executed faster than the popular system, MasterCard, American Express or Visa.

“Parking” and receive a stable income – Republia banking system in such a way that users always have the opportunity to dollar is “locked” and there are more innovative management tools to configure.

Republia Exchange

Republia Exchange

Republia Exchange for RPB cryptocurrency main asset exchange platform and create liquidity. Two types of users can exchange to make a choice – and the Rialto shopping center, and the first switch atomic technology implementation is represented with the aid of the 20 most popular cryptocurrencies when trade priorities completely anonymous.

Republia plan to achieve the same speed of transactions on the exchange spread Rialto, like in the dispersion.

Republia Exchange made a quick, secure transaction, this system ensures accurate scientific platform.

The mall provides an opportunity to exchange and execution by the bank’s internal card transactions Republia. When making a number of RPB coins will be sold by Republia debit card transactions in accordance with market orders, the transaction will be faster than this popular payment system, MasterCard or Visa, for atom exchange instantaneous operation.

Republia Rating System

Republia Rating system is designed to exclude malevolent users from the ecosystem, whose purpose is to harm, discriminate the system or to create obstacles for other users in making decisions and in Republia life.

Republia rating system to provide users with confidence in the professional ability of each participant Republia.

Republia assessment system embedded in subsystems such as:

  1. Republia Bank;
  2. Republia Exchange (in Emporium and Rialto);
  3. Smart Contract Platform;
  4. Votings (Consensus);
  5. Republia Cloud X;
  6. Spam-Content Bot.

Highly rated participants will receive an additional bonus of ecosystems (free to visit the meeting, organized by the Foundation Republia, lower commission).

User ratings will reduce errors in the ecosystem (spam attacks, spoofing another participant, stealing money and try to solve the account).

Degrading content can also verify that the results will not be complete by spam. In this case, users are not allowed in Republia bank “parking”, Republia trade center access, voice
In the ICO platform.

The result of calculation errors and counterfeiting Rating Republia rating system is not possible, because the system is completely autonomous.

If the user is not consistent with its evaluation, specific response to user requests automatic correction coefficients does not exist.

These steps are intended to be mutual respect and Republia one of the most advanced ecological systems blockchains for the user community.


  • Pre-sale start date: 23 Aug 2018
  • Pre-sale end date: 23 Sep 2018
  • Pre-sale token supply: 79,000,000

Token Sale

  • ICO start date: 23 Nov 2018
  • ICO end date: 23 Dec 2018
  • ICO token supply: 181,000,000
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD (fiat)
  • Hard cap size: 50,000,000 USD (fiat)

Token details

  • Ticker: RPB
  • Type: Utility-token
  • Additional Token Emission: No
  • Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC

Bonus Program

Contribution Amount:


  • 1st week: 20% bonus
  • 2nd week: 10% bonus
  • 3rd week: 5% bonus
  • 4th week: 0% bonus

2.000$ – 5.000$:

  • 1st week: 22.5% bonus
  • 2nd week: 12.5% bonus
  • 3rd week: 7.5% bonus
  • 4th week: 2.5% bonus

More than 5.000$:

  • 1st week: 25% bonus
  • 2nd week: 15% bonus
  • 3rd week: 10% bonus
  • 4th week: 5% bonus

Token distribution

  • 45.25% – Public Sale
  • 19.75% – Pre-Sale
  • 22% – Team
  • 8% – Advisors
  • 5% – Bounty

Funds allocation

  • 50% – Ecosystem Research & Development
  • 18% – Marketing & Business Development
  • 15% – Administrative & Operational Expenses
  • 6% – Legal Support
  • 6% – Negotiation and Listing on Exchange
  • 5% – Unexpected Circumstances


The high market volatility has shaken nerves even professional traders. Republia bank to get a token “health” care, therefore, will do everything possible to ensure that the remote screening process predictable and low volatility. Republia Bank will affect the market supply and demand through the “parking”, currency intervention and additional USDR mark. It is worth reading in detail about the services ‘Parking’, thanks to all who can earn extra income passively.

The low data rate, with high volatility and endanger the user’s health. Each encryption users want their transactions to achieve the goal within a few seconds. Republia blockchain speed will increase due to the dynamic increase in the number of side chains.

ICO Republia is worthy to be noticed. While the developers will improve the ecosystem elements, Republia Bank will brighten up your expectation with high interest.

To know the latest information about Republia project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

RID Number: RID000000005508

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Republia team, I just give you the latest ICO info”