Remco – Sending And Receiving Money Phone To Connect Two People

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Remco – Sending And Receiving Money Phone To Connect Two People

REMCO (Remittance Utility Token) is a token of the world’s first distributed to produce a powerful platform for the transfer. The REMCO generation platform marks an API that allows money transmitters are programmed licensed mint token with the value and influence the speed and scale of the distribution of profits from the move ledger, while also providing compensation for all trade stakeholder interests innovation.


The address value stored in the token, to replace the conventional card or pin number.
As long address token may not be practical, because of the limitations of reality mobiles phones and computer gadgets, address token associated with the set of random integers and properties are identified others will be handed over either to the buyer (under scratch the surface of the UV ink on the card), or real-time transmission to their cell phones.


Funds transfer another track construction and expand their small businesses, the choice is limited.

  • Slow
  • High cost
  • Commission disappears
  • Difficult to get
  • Unstable operation


  • Multi-chain blockchain
  • Successful authorization
  • Faster payments
  • Commission agents
  • AI plus human experience

Token Money Transfer Agencies

REMCO transfer token to connect in a way that is similar to sending and receiving money phone to connect two people. REMCO Platform provides the infrastructure, pipelines, allowing companies remittance mint and adjust revolutionary open source platform designed for speed, compliance, and transparency on a global scale, the token itself.
REMCO remittance transfer money token using a revolutionary token there is an open source platform to enable companies remittance mint and adjust their mark around the world.

Why Remittances Token (REMCO)

VTNGlobal in the past two years has handled more than $ 700 million, we clearly see the process of re-engineering the general ledger and distributed technology, so the industry has a great chance effect. We design REMCO token has a great influence, and be programmed, for example, in the case of remittance partners want on sale.
By both parties established B2B technology platform and provide self-service selection, VTNGLOBAL thinks, REMCO tokens can have a transformative effect, not only for their own business but for partners and.
By ICO, we will have the necessary funds to finance our projects, payment of wages, which include marketing and legal costs and investment in research and development, and REMCO low discount prices on remittances mark the buyer’s bid.

Remittance Token generation

Remittance Token sequence of random integers as address generation, distribution and roots follow the process of the address book. Token remittances locked to the organization was assigned to the agent. If the server is compromised, all information is an encrypted token, and which can only be activated through the proxy logic, only received a “good fund digital” associated with one or more RemittanceTokens after payment is triggered. All transactions through the HTTPS protocol. bioassay host server infrastructure needs access to a safe location.

Remittance Token Security

The token instrument has no value until activated cooperation partners or through authorized agents. Exposure can be ignored because the tag is not active cannot be used. To enable token, agents have access, then the system knows remittance agents and agencies of the mark-line interface belongs.

Remittance Token Client (sender) Compliance

RemittanceToken design using Program to date AML / CFT most sophisticated, especially to prevent potential criminal behavior:

RemittanceToken system allows the transfer of money from the organization in accordance with the relevant day/week/month and authorized agents cannot send any amount to cover anti-money laundering procedures internally set limit usage.
As a prerequisite for using the card, the system requires the appropriate KYC sender and receiver, as defined by the various jurisdictions, and often the number being transmitted by a hierarchical scheduling. This requires the user to upload the identification the first time, the system then verify. Unless the system detects that the identification has expired, you will be prompted to update the document to send this information only once.
In addition to AML limit set by the official money transfer agencies, Remittance Token system using suspicious activity steps in to be examined further.
Street Platform RemittanceToken maintain records required by the rules, including the right of people to identify transactions, keeping documents and submit reports on currency transactions to the authorities, the United States (more than $ 10,000 in cash transactions) of certain data points.

Token Sale

REMCO ICO software company plans to finance the development of production projects THIS distributed pins. The funds will help to improve the model mnogolopasty existing stored value card blockchain distributed network, to obtain a license VTNGlobalTujuan VTNGlobal advance in this section to highlight important information in a marketing plan and domination and Gongyongshiye tokens and chip sales and distribution structure of the interpretation of the condition.

The Selling Price Of Tokens And Mechanical

The maximum token $ 0.08 each transmission.
Remittances sales will consist of three main stages, as described below.
REMCO software designed to meet a variety of sales related to the interests of the mark. Total sales of tokens provided to maintain the value of the personal token closed. The company plans to sell chips with their transition (see discounts) deposits worth giving additional discounts. In the course of the program, as well as the implementation and payment information, AML / KYC, support the site


As a token of remittances provide a “good digital fund” modernization and a significant increase in the proxy process by limiting the value stored in a proxy mode in cash. This increases the efficiency and speed of remittance agents and partners in the process, because of zero refund or deny.

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