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Refien Medium

Refine Medium – Decentralized Media Video platform

Refine Medium – When the shared environment allows to share high-quality content, people enjoy and share more content, promoting the wealth of content production platform. It makes people realize that life is more active and happier. They assess their spare time, trying to make them happy, they are happy because of the results of these efforts.

It is built on blockchain tissue repair and allows the sharing of real media platforms on high-quality video content. This will help each stakeholder to make a clear stake in the platform, it is easy to achieve manufacturing stocks. Therefore, a platform that will help people share content they enjoy and access shared content will be important forever.

Across the world, the entertainment industry generated $ 2 billion per year in revenue. YouTube generates so much revenue in the industry. We see, like Netflix, Prime Minister Video has made tremendous progress over the past decade. More quality and rich video content are created and delivered to consumers.

Reduce the hard work, make a video, produced a video transmission, and consumer trends, sharing, people can enjoy their lives, breathe a bit of content. Unlike other platforms, but in fact, it was built in blockchain will be one of the most important advantages of the Refine Medium.

What is Refine Medium?

narrow dispersion media video sharing platform. With Refine, authors can sell access to their valuable content, access to user contributions, and make money from video ads.
At the same time, users can watch videos for free, and get paid. Advertisers advertising paid directly to the user. The distribution between creators and viewers in general advertising budget. No intermediaries – such as YouTube – charge very low fees.

All payments are made automatically on the platform in XRM Token. Transaction history stored in the blockchain.
Ecosystems around the repair, or XRM card. This token is based on Ethereum blockchain. They are the main instrument exchange between advertisers, users, and content creators.
Improving open source code software, intelligent Ethereum blockchain-based contracts. decentralization and storage of video content based on the agreement IPFs.
Overall, the goal is to transform the Tokenet gush video-sharing multi-billion dollars. They hope that by providing platform-independent, transparent and effective by targeting the minimal cost of major suppliers, such as YouTube.

What are XRM Tokens?

XRM token-based smart contract Blockchain Ethereum (ERC20). Trading on all platforms has clearly been documented and stored in the blockchain. Blockchain and tokens can be two important kernels pay transparent, anonymous, decentralized video platform, video storage, and regular user agreement.

Features of Refine Medium

Here are some of the improvements in the core functionality:

  • Dispersion save video content (media using a protocol fixing IPFs)
  • Users can upload videos and create free channels
  • Video producers can sell access to quality content
  • Viewers can donate to support and content creators
  • Users can receive rewards in exchange for free video watch
  • Anyone can purchase premium content and XRM Token
  • Advertisers can advertise on the platform, and send payments directly to users – including video creators and viewers
  • Open-source software is based on Ethereum and smart contract blockchain
  • All payments on the platform are done automatically XRM token and stored in the blockchain.
  • XRM smart Token is based on Ethereum blockchain contract, is the main tool to deliver value between advertisers, users and content creators.
  • XRM Tokens can be easily labeled in the world during the completion of the purchase or sale of any cryptocurrency exchange process.
  • Upload a tiered storage platform on the video based on the IPFs protocol that allows the distribution network file store, without a joint control center.

How does Refine Medium work?

  1. Advertisers
    Advertisers can upload a promo video platform. Advertisers can set the price per-view, and then the target audience by country, city, gender, age, and interests.
    Advertisers can add your own banner, or video will be up to 30 seconds in a short promotional video uploader listed for free.
    Advertisers can promote a specific product or service to Tokenet add video Viuly with text descriptions, specifications and prices.
    Painting the selected target groups in view only. Advertisers pay per view for the cost of the platform, I receive 65% of the amount, users will receive 25%. If the user is interested in a particular product, they can click on the “buy” and pay XRM to buy video ad directly from the customer’s wallet purse token own product or service.
  2. Content creator
    Video producers can upload their videos and determined in each view on the basis of price only. Users can watch the interest payment of the prescribed fee premium content, then you can directly access to the video. This allows content creators to sell high-priced video lessons, for example.
    Video creators can also create paid channels. Users can pay daily, weekly subscription fees, the monthly or annual basis for the channel.
    Embedded in each video ad. The video creator can specify a movie to watch for free, supported by ads (no subscription). However, users can also start the video as “free advertising” and placed on the donate button below the video. Viewers will be able to support the creators by sending XRM Token.
  3. User
    Users can watch videos for free with no ads. Alternatively, they can help content creators through the donation button, or subscribe to premium channels to watch ad-supported videos.
    However, users also have the opportunity to make money to see the ad. Users can choose to watch video ads advertisers upload. In this case, they receive 90% of the price of each view defined by the advertiser
    XRM users can use the card directly from their wallet. They can buy their watch video advertising goods and services, such as pins or XRM seller pay.

Prospects XRM Token

XRM Token prospects are mainly related to the development of the user based on a refinement of the platform. More and more users and more video content, more advertisers to advertise their products. Therefore, revenue and demand identification cards will increase. In addition, there will be a Token-based platform, users can purchase various goods and services, and pay for the purchase and XRM Token.
Advertisers, all collective agreements between content creators, users, sellers, and buyers are equipped with XRM Token: This token will directly encourage XRM.
XRM limited physical token card number. Therefore, due to the continued demand for scarce resources, XRM price Token will continue to grow.

Important Features

One of my favorite features of this platform is to upload user-friendly. We all agree, blockchain not be used by grandparents with the most convenient technology, and need the type of platform, to facilitate the elderly, children, ignorance of technology. While ignorance of technology is no longer a good reason to have a platform as user-friendly for blockchain adopted.

This data is very safe because all blockchain to keep separate data on different nodes, worldwide. Some people even get information on your computer to save, your data is still safe, because only fragments of data will be a computer hacker, the hacker would not be unreasonable. In addition, copies of data on different computers, which would make hacking, modify or alter data are not possible, unless you hand over your private key to a third party. This technology not only your data but your reputation as safe as it can be with today’s technology, its blockchain.


YouTube and other video sharing platform, dominating the market. However, they offer advertisers, creators and viewers experience minor. The audience does not pay to see the ad. content creators receive revenue generated by their films only 40-50%. Advertisers have lost middlemen. At the same time, middle gush platform to address these issues. All the usual protocols direct advertisers, conducted between users and creators and intermediaries issued. Who saw the video and subscribe to repair the user will be between 95% and 25% of the total allocation received advertiser. Creator of uploading video content on the platform, accept what advertisers need to pay 65% ​​and 90% of them from the user to see their premium content to pay the money. narrow view each ad provide accurate statistics to advertisers. All data is stored in blockchain and advertisers and third-party auditors may be re-examined. Advertising costs 20% lower than a centralized video platform. Direct payments, without intermediaries, and is completely transparent.

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