Refine Medium – Authors Can Sell Access To Their Essential Content

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Refine Medium – Authors Can Sell Access To Their Essential Content

Refine Medium – The world is fast. In the other time, we’ve seen such a large number of changes in a short time. financial engine, social, and political in the rapid movement to reshape the world and every aspect of the new difficulties the country, especially in urban areas. Because the government was seeking to join its development in urban areas, blockchain can offer something more.

We can not deny the unlimited blockchain development presents an open terrace can be traced to the improvement. Several companies have recently started operating its part in trade selection and planning system through an encryption type of funding. At the same time as relentless as open entrance can be any speed, but because there are some problems in the investigation by the industry, which then leads to the biggest part of the collection.

Moreover, we can not talk about blockchain forward, not because it is being referenced by several methods as part of the overall monetary standard computerized company. Some individuals to get this advanced form of currency trading in general throughout the adventure behind only explanation, and gradually other general trade them short. As advanced floating-cash assets may appear, they are encrypted to keep the cash transactions of the acquisition is the most common stage.

What exactly is in the Refine Medium?

Basically, improve media is based on the stage blockchain diversion advantage of every contract are interested in creating video vending areas for improvement and commitment. Refine presented to win opens the door for everyone originators, advertisers, or just observers. Give me a chance, initial response to visual suppliers and what kind of answer, fix in the making.

Narrow dispersion media video sharing platform. With Refine, authors can sell access to their essential content, access to customers and commitment to profit from video ads.

Meanwhile, users can watch videos in vain and get a reward. Sponsors will be paid to the promotion and legitimate customers. Promoting a spending plan is the rule makers and observers of the substance being delivered. No intermediaries – such as YouTube – the high cost. All installments XRM sign on stage to finish. Stock Exchange put into blockchain history.

Sharpen rotating XRM card being or the environment. This token depends on Ethereum blockchain. They are the basic tools of the trade are respected among the sponsors, content producers, and customers.

Improving the open-source code of the product, depending on the smart contract blockchain Ethereum. decentralization and backup video content based IPFs convention. In general, improve the means of media change the business of video-sharing multi-billion dollars. They need to disperse, a simple, powerful stage with negligible cost targets large suppliers such as YouTube.

Vision Refine Medium

Refine Medium had concocted the company plans to address “personal” and “man” for the welfare of mankind, the issue until the end of time between socializing video stage. Structured four-stage system creator biology perfected for other thoughts and raw, creator and Refine Medium arbitrators together manufacturers of quality caused a bit of a method of polishing had a positive impact on their creation, the creator who has set his own personality on stage, and hopes to progress, evolve, and finally, the creators of which have been fully aware of the fame and planning to cause lasting change in society and mobilize others to do the same. Refine Medium want to support manufacturers of credulity into biological systems self-actualized. Our goal is to reach the highest point “Refine Medium”.

Fixing Platform Based On “trust 5”:

  1. Trust Content
    Advertisers content to improve the quality, safety, and adequacy concern ad advertisers.
  2. Viewers Trust
    Media and academic reports show that many social media accounts for the robot.
  3. Data Confidence
    Mott E & M companies are to protect credit card numbers more responsibility.
  4. Monetization Trust
    Referring to the fact that public institutions, public promise direct measurement of the client have not received a satisfactory answer.
  5. Eco-Trust
    Social well your company? Nowadays media platform scale, scope, and practicality are laying the philosophical problem.

Entertainment and media companies caused by the impact of the level of trust. Therefore, the Fix is ​​the trust will be a decisive factor in attracting and future ability to maintain revenue. With this faith, to help improve this media is designed to lead the E & M industry and the future of online video platforms.

Some Of The Unique Services Offered With More To Come

Refine Medium Services

  • Video Upload
    Convenient, fast, safe and improvements in technology use Ethereum blockchain performs two main functions, which allows transparency: monetization and content creators, innovators and users, who will win the trust of all stakeholders a valuable platform of information storage. For from the producer to the consumer network, replacing the intermediary in this process with filtration media created by blockchain technology model. Verification of accounting blockchain distributed, the information will be provided at all levels of implementation based on user behavior and infrastructure of the actor’s privacy.
  • Rights-managed Good Agreement
    The fix is ​​the property of others and requires all stakeholders to do the same. Moderate narrow cracks down on copyright infringement and violations of intellectual property rights in the website or related services. Narrow may remove content and/or terminate your account at any time the terms and conditions of two violation notices. In addition, the film will be downloaded because of the risk of copyright infringement. You need to download the XRM token.
  • Equalization Of Power
    Medium is designed to reduce the creator of world-class infrastructure that produces quality content and promotes equity compensation and increases power.
  • Decentralized Content Moderation
    On the way to becoming a globally dispersed solution, the platform is designed to solve the problem of application of content, plagiarism, and legitimacy.

Token Details

  • Type: Utility
  • Protocol: ERC-20
  • Ticker: XRM
  • Supply: 300,000,000
  • Soft Cap: 20,000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 170,000 ETH

Token Allocation

  • Token Sale: 180000000 (60%)
  • Development & Marketing: 60000000 (20%)
  • Advisors & Team: 30000000 (10%)
  • Bounty & Airdrop: 15000000 (5%)
  • Reserved: 15000000 (5%)

Fund Allocation

  • Marketing & Business development: 25%
  • Project & Community development: 30%
  • Security: 5%
  • Core Activities reserve: 5%
  • Operational expenses: 10%
  • Legal Contingency Fund: 5%
  • Misc & Unexpected: 5%
  • IT Hardware & Production Overhead: 15%

What are XRM Tokens?

XRM token-based smart contract Blockchain Ethereum (ERC20). Trading on all platforms has clearly been documented and stored in the blockchain. Blockchain and tokens can be two important kernels pay transparent, anonymous, decentralized video platform, video storage, and regular user agreement.

Features of Refine Medium

Here are some of the improvements in the core functionality:

  • Dispersion save video content (media using a protocol fixing IPFs)
  • Users can upload videos and create free channels
  • Video producers can sell access to quality content
  • Viewers can donate to support and content creators
  • Users can receive rewards in exchange for free video watch
  • Anyone can purchase premium content and XRM Token
  • Advertisers can advertise on the platform, and send payments directly to users – including video creators and viewers
  • Open-source software is based on Ethereum and smart contract blockchain
  • All payments on the platform are done automatically XRM token and stored in the blockchain.
  • XRM smart Token is based on Ethereum blockchain contract, is the main tool to deliver value between advertisers, users and content creators.
  • XRM Tokens can be easily labeled in the world during the completion of the purchase or sale of any cryptocurrency exchange process.
  • Upload a tiered storage platform on the video based on the IPFs protocol that allows the distribution network file store, without a joint control center.


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