Rate3 – Decentralized Payment Token

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Rate3 – Decentralized Payment Token

Rate3 supports the use of distributed token payments by e-commerce participants worldwide. It empowers companies by collectively digitizing sales and making common credit agreements for all participants.

Rate3 is a decentralized payment token built using star blockchains that connect buyers, merchants, and other intermediaries.

About Rate3 (RTE)

A financial infrastructure that can support how the Internet continues to grow is needed. However, as a trade-off to ensure the integrity and security of financial transactions, financial institutions continue to hamper innovation and growth. Unlike now, the financial network must be fair, transparent, efficient, and inclusive.

Today’s payment network is far from perfect. Transaction costs and timing – especially cross-border payments – are excessive and inefficient. For overseas purchases, consumers usually pay an additional 3-5% on an initial purchase basis. Similarly, merchants who receive payment must pay 2-5% of transaction processing fees, and some need to wait 2-3 days to reach the account.

There is no reliable way to assess the credibility of buyers and sellers. The current reputation system in the online market is trying to solve some problems through user judgment, but the system is highly vulnerable to abuse and fraud, and it usually cannot be transferred to other markets or environments. Similarly, consumer fraud is another big problem for traders: by 2020, credit card fraud is expected to increase to 31.7 billion US dollars, of which 92% of online merchants believe that fraud will continue to be the main focus of online payments.

From “English-Chinese Dictionary Short” today our financial system is selectively and deliberately excluded. This is very common and clear in Southeast Asia (SEA): 73% of SEA 600 million residents have not yet officially entered financial institutions. This brings about 400 million people in the area without bank accounts, thus preventing them from saving, lending or investing properly. Therefore, they often have to rely on payday loans from other financial institutions such as pawn shops or usury, and interest rates may not make sense as high as 100% per year. Welcome to Rate3 (RTE).


Our goal is to create a new global e-commerce ecosystem that connects consumers, traders, suppliers and other intermediaries with genuine cryptocurrency to promote all transactions efficiently, cheaply and quickly. Rate3 (RTE) is a new payment token built on the Stellar Horizon network. This is because of Stellar’s ability to complete tasks with the ability to further improve the network. Otherwise, we’ll learn about other agreements. However, overall, the star network is currently the best choice for our use cases. By building the Stellar network, we can take full advantage of the star’s major advantages: reduced transaction costs, faster transaction speeds, and decentralized transactions are truly decentralized. There will be no natural gas costs for program implementation, and only negligible transaction costs (0.00001 XLM – a fraction of a cent) will be required. By using Stellar, Rate3 also enjoys low latency in transactions. It takes an average of 5 seconds to process transactions at speed 3, and the current processing time in Ethereum is 3.5 minutes.

Most importantly, Rate3 will easily facilitate the exchange of different assets. Suppose you propose to buy 10 RTE for 2 ETH. If an earlier quote exists to sell 2 ETHs at a price of 10 ETE, then your original offer will be treated as a transaction – your ETH will be worse but EET will be more prosperous. However, if your offer does not come with a quote on the network, your quote will be stored in the order until it is occupied by another quote, occupied by payment, canceled by the account that created the quote, or because the quotation is no longer made There are assets for sale. For the next offer of the same price, the previous offer is filled before the newer offer. Level 3 solution.

First of all, if a single unified exchange logo is used, it’s cheaper and faster for entrepreneurs and consumers. The merchant pays the minimum processing fee. On the other hand, consumers do not have to pay unfavorable exchange rate conversions. Otherwise, the cost of currency conversion is minimal. In the process of eliminating most of the intermediaries, we have reduced the speed of consumers and businesses by a factor of five, a 1,000 fold increase in speed, and transfers and accepting payments at a rate of 3.

Secondly, every transaction will be properly stored in the blockchain ledger, and nothing can break the ledger of this transaction. Both consumers and businesses can better evaluate each other and solve claims or manage conflict transparently. By spreading trust, fraudulent actions from consumers will be less likely, and traders are more willing to provide good advertising and products or services.

Third, stimulating consumers to make online purchases easier for business. For example, merchants will be able to return the money to consumers immediately or use loyalty points to motivate loyal customers, and then they can spend money on other products at the merchants we work with. This process will be seamless, instant and simple – more efficient than traditional methods. At this time, merchants must ensure that this is a verified purchase, and there is no risk of a refund or fraud before refunding cash through a third party affiliate player. Therefore, this process usually takes 15 to 60 days to complete. In the case of Rate3, cash back is still instant and valid – a truly destructive method in today’s e-commerce environment.

What Will Rate3 Used For?

In addition to being a symbol of local exchange within the ecosystem, merchants can also motivate consumers by using Rate3 tokens to instantly regain cash and prizes. Rate3 blockchain will also be used to minimize consumer and merchant fraud. Ultimately, we also believe that Rate3 tokens help build a more comprehensive credit profile for every consumer.

Rate3 is a new payment token built in blockchain stars, designed to inspire the world of unlimited payments. Rate3 will be the original cryptocurrency used in the new global e-commerce ecosystem, helping consumers, merchants, suppliers and other intermediaries to transact efficiently, cheaply, safely and quickly. We have products and revenue, users, appropriate business models, and reputable consultants. The founder is also the main advisor of several foundations (Odyssey, DATx). This team consists of top software engineers from NUS, Stanford University, and New York University.

This is where Rate3 helps traditional lenders issue credits to our token users: The end-to-end protocol ultimately serves billions of people. We will discuss this in depth in the next article. So far, we have set up two products in the payment field. Our first product, RateX, is a desktop browser extension that helps consumers pay exchange rates in the mid-market rather than overly high bank rates, saving up to 10-20% off overseas purchases. Above all, we add features to extensions, such as coupon code aggregators, that allow online shoppers to apply the best coupon codes for any purchase with a single click. Our second product is our RateS mobile app, designed to meet the growing needs of consumers from SEA. In addition to the features on RateX, RateS has the discovery of additional transactions and social spending elements. Together we are promoting GMV to buy millions of dollars. We help consumers save over $ 200,000 in cross-border payments and save more than $ 500,000 with discount coupons. The intersection of payments and e-commerce is very interesting. Our team has lived and breathed this space for years and faced challenges when staying briefly in Silicon Valley and New York City. Through our own experience, we understand how the problem lies deeper than we thought. We live in a global society today, but our financial system is not global: inefficient, expensive, and exclusive. We have received support from various institutional funds and angel investors, but in fact, we have just started our journey to imagine and create a new e-commerce ecosystem and payments to the 21st. We hope you can participate in our mission today.

Token Allocation

Sales token exchange rate 1 ETH: 8,000 RTE. Soft cap is 20,000 ETH, hard cap is 50,000 ETH. Allocation of funds can be seen here:

Rate3 Allocation

  • 40%: Sales token (private sales, pre-sales, total general sales)
  • 25%: company (maintenance operator ecological system)
  • 10%: list and exchange (provide an anchor for various switching and token)
  • 10%: Teams and consultants (key: 1 year, due to team interests to ensure consistency and consultancy)
  • 10%: backup (Key: 1 year, maintaining fluidity from token RTE)
  • 5%: Community (for community involvement, airdrop activities)

Use of the proceeds

  • 30%: R & D (technology development, according to the roadmap)
  • 25%: partnerships (business acquisitions and costs involved, with financial institutions and cooperative relationships, payment providers)
  • 20%: marketing (marketing campaigns aimed at raising awareness of users and ecosystem partners, participation, and retention)
  • 10%: registration fee (fees paid to various third parties Exchange list, this is different from 10% of the offer warrants exchange)
  • 10%: operations (including but not limited to the use of external suppliers)
  • 5%: law (contract law, compliance costs, DD law)


Rate3 Roadmap

Finally, basically speaking, the Rate3 ecosystem services at SEA will present the financial system deprived of rights. Our goal is to create a portable and inclusive global credit conditions, thereby reducing the need for credit applications for the need for opaque credit and unnecessary files. By recording in a block-led ledger transaction, the introduction of a new identity by integrating mobile remittance transactions over or other new data sets, or even peer rankings, we can provide the credit needed for more SEA participants.

To know the latest information about Rate3 project you can visit the link below:

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