Rally – Developed An Attribution Model Called SmartLinks

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Rally – Developed An Attribution Model Called SmartLinks

Rally – Discover and share content is an intrinsic human experience and has become a core part of the Internet since it began. As the Internet matured, this process becomes a social media platform under intense focus.

When users are increasingly concerned about privacy and how to collect them and information about their behavior, analysis, and sales, digital monopoly has been with the contribution of users and the data they generate billions of dollars in profits.

Created real value shares the same economic power will shift the dynamic, creating a new market noted that the authorized user’s underutilized assets, and reward their contributions.

It will be a content sharing economy: In the next phase of economic development stocks, and managed through their smartphone users by allowing blockchain.

What Is Rally?

Rally is to use a business or building society share content with your message reward sign encrypted on the platform. Rally combined with traditional text and word of mouth marketing and influencer of the game, and have built their communities cryptocurrencies and tactical ideas.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain will allow the use of force contributing to record the user’s platform and reward them for the value of measures to promote the platform. In order to realize the full potential of the content sharing economy, and transparency, the security requirements, incentives, and ownership, pull the platform is built on top of revenge blockchain.

Rally has developed an attribution model called SmartLinks, they rely on intelligence Bukegaibian contract. SmartLinks making a direct contract between the advertiser and the user smart to make a written record blockchain market conventions and reward decentralized, secure and transparent. Rally is expected to upgrade their blockchain main net there, to be a natural coin.

Rally Platform

The best feature of the platform by the community added tension to engage in activities to gain experience token. This page is the same way, every advertiser can mobilize demonstrations using its own platform to promote Rally and Rally token.

Essential Terms

  • User:
    any individual involved in an online network to communicate with their social media platform for social and personal resources.
  • Advertising:
    any publishers, marketing, business, the need to promote themselves, and are willing to pay the organization or charity.
  • Social media platforms:
    Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and if you have friends, fans or followers and advertisers pay to distribute their content.
  • Private channels:
    personal communication, and through text and e-mail or instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and share the micro-channel content.
  • Social Networks:
    Users who know our relationship in online channel management. Not involve particular social platform.
  • Contents:
    Each user to their social network, including text, photos, videos, announcements, contests, discounts, free gifts, sales of flash memory or another incentive to share.
  • Content sharing economy:
    the economic performance of the same user to share the reward system of social networking content by advertisers.
  • Smart Contract:
    Terms programmed blockchain relationship and enforce trade business along with the implementation of the directive.
  • Quote:
    Send advertisement to special incentive users to share content or engage in on behalf of particular way advertisers with an intelligent support contract.

The Opportunity

Through word of mouth or direct peer communication, information sharing and exchange is the most reliable method we have. economic power-sharing content through word of mouth how to use the word transition of power and the advantages of the digital advertising ecosystem fundamental allocated.

Advertisers pay a lot of money, centralized platform to get their message to their target audience. Users have a personal social network is a significant value, would not confirm the contents distributed along the center of economic profit and digital assets underutilized.

sharing an economic incentive to distribute their content on their own social network advertising content, easier to manage their smartphones. This allows advertisers to transition their advertising budget, through shared content, giving them advice and improve user effectiveness.

Users can share, whether they participate in their own social networks to create value. The most interesting thing is that the private channel than social media platforms, provide more business opportunities. They represent publishers and marketing content sharing 84%, and almost no direct marketing costs or established value chain.

In essence, seize the opportunity in front of the rally on content sharing platform recycling, take back from the company, the fair value associated with it, decentralization and puts the power back in the hands of individuals.

Rally Solutions

Rally Platform offers an incentive for advertisers content distribution to their personal social networks. This allows advertisers to transition their advertising budget, through shared content, providing its own recommendations and to improve the user effectiveness.

Rally Sollution

Content and Value Flow

Rally related to the advertiser and the user is authorized to create and use an encrypted sign gift of their contribution to the actual value of the market.

Rally participants benefit all platforms:

  • User: recognition and appreciation, they are due to the fundamental value of the opt-communications privilege, sharing the mark.
  • Advertiser: direct audience content distribution to increase advertising effectiveness and reduce costs.

Rally Mouth

Rally Token

Platform monetary incentives tension pins (RALLY), using a seamless border crossing, which allows advertisers to offset the influence of the ultra-locally anywhere in the world, the ambassador and the common currency.

The value of community tension is whether the number of users and how to get involved are encouraged by our users and advertisers on the market offer. Rally officially sign users with a platform to interact and build community, while promoting the distribution and the distribution of prizes and benefits of all stakeholders.

Advertisers pull the pins as part of their bid. Once users have access to the goods or services token, advertisers can give to get it back from the user.

How do users get token:

  • Joining:
    The token can be obtained joining the rally platform, verification of personal data, download applications rally users and connected social media accounts.
  • Engaging:
    sharing content and interactive response, quoting from advertisers.
  • Reference:
    recommended links users to send to new users and/or advertisers to join the platform. Tension token for the user during registration reference.
  • Community Royalties:
    Each user gets mentioned token has been mentioned by other users of the platform that receives the token.

How users use the token:

  • Effects advertisers gifts, goods or services.
  • Piled increase in the leading position, a badge or token gifts.
  • Send tokens to other users on the internet.
  • Switch users to the role and use of ad tag to energize other users.

For more information tokens

Rally will create a compatible open source ERC20 pins have fixed supply. Rally token utilities and power do not give a sign of ownership rights or the ratio in addition to the ability to contribute Platform Rally.

  • Token name Rally
  • Token symbol RALLY
  • Total Token 5000000000
  • ERC20 technical specification mark
  • 18 decimal places

Token Assignment

Rally token would stop by to encourage users to join a fashion issue, get certified, referring to the new user, and interact with the promotion of the advertiser.

History of Rally Company

  • 2015
    Development of the game began digital coupons for Web-based applications. Initial focus on the game player wins the logo and brand interaction. Logo use of game technology is introduced, which include ads for paying guest all moved to the big game advertising platform. IOS and Android versions are added to the app store.
  • 2016
    online advertising buy engine is started. Customers can seamlessly buy from a common interface across multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) advertising. Rally additional feature allows users to share content across multiple platforms such as network, and get rewarded for their behavior.
  • 2017
    Develop a complete communications module starts. All functions are integrated so that advertisers can reach them and with full transparency, direct community exchanges. Blockchain Integration Platform to start. platform to achieve full ownership and transparency for advertisers and users. daily deals, flash sales and e-commerce platform available to create a real market. blockchain integrated revenge began.
  • 2018
    Blockchain to the rally point system. Users can now see get their bonus token bags. Rally started at a prize money purse wallet full encryption capabilities. Blockchain launch market rally dispersed.

To know the latest information about the Rally project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://www.rallyairdrop.com/
ANN Thread Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032410.0
Whitepaper: https://www.rallyairdrop.com/assets/docs/RallyWhitePaper.pdf
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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Rally team, I just give you the latest ICO info”