Raido Financial: Multifunctional Source Of Technical Analysis

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Raido Financial: Multifunctional Source Of Technical Analysis

Raido Financial – The first stage of the development is the launch of the ecosystem Raido Exchange and the Raido Wallet cryptocurrency. Raido exchange – is a basic element of the ecosystem, through which the exchange of various classes of crypto assets will be implemented. Protection of all components of the ecosystem is based on the 3-level security of a personal account and the exchange, as well as separate hot and cold storage crypto assets.

Raido Exchange

In order to provide a stable and comprehensive job, Raido Exchange shall have the following characteristics:

  • Automatic buy/sell cryptocurrency of;
  • There are at least 50 cryptocurrency tool for communicating and margins;
  • General technical analysis tools (sets of indicators 12 time zones);
  • And a second connecting portion to the high capacity of the 100 requests each API high speed;
  • Add a custom shop, including the ability emitted by the ICO / ITO / TGE;
  • Scaling and load balancing, DNS GEO regions;
  • 24/7 online support services;
  • Integration of external services, such as exchange of encryption, electronic payment systems, and cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Payment information and users’ personal data, including hot/cold wallet, multi-signature verification of deposits and withdrawals Fiat double encryption licensing;
  • Protection from hackers and DDoS attacks;
  • Liquidity aggregation and distribution;
  • Major integrated agreement – REST, WebSocket from, FIX and so on;

Raido Mission

Our mission is the most effective of all the activities necessary to encrypt all market stakeholders and the implementation of a comprehensive and secure tool. Therefore, our main goal is to run and improve the eco-system, so that the encryption of all market participants can easily access and use an efficient and profitable tool for any level of experience in Blockchain or cryptocurrency technology.

Raido Financial allows you to:

  • High-level technical characteristics of the effective implementation of all types of transactions. Raido financial technology architecture provides the user with a maximum speed of data processing performance and system load processing due. FIX API, WebSockets of STATUS: In addition, Raido maximum amount of financial agreements, including the most popular integrated. With high-frequency region query processing and allows effective use of machine learning algorithms and modules.
  • Start and effectively manage the new director of infection control. For ICO project / TGE / ITO tokenized intelligent processing system will be part of the financial ecosystem Raido. This system provides a set of “all in one” tool to achieve a successful launch of sale signs needed – including all marketing, legal and technical aspects.
  • Anonymous, secure, profitable trading, exchange, investment and operation of the encryption assets, multi-currency wallet. – the cost of processing the eco-system of plastic cards, electronic money and payment systems: Raido wallet will be integrated with the payment method and currency exchange tool of the most popular.
  • There are a large number of encryption assets of the business to continue trading. Raido financial eco-system will be used to ensure liquidity aggregation largest integrated trading platform, encrypted exchange, brokerage and other financial institutions on the same site.


  • More than 50 cryptocurrency tool exchange margin trading
  • Multifunctional source of technical analysis (indicators set 12 time zones)
  • The gate keeps up to 100 per second to demand the ability of high-speed connection for each participant
  • Connections with the external services of encrypted communication, exchange and payment systems
  • Data encryption and two-factor authentication and verification cold
  • Liquidity aggregation and distribution
  • The ability to add special markers, including those issued by the ICO / ITO / TGE
  • Using the REST API, WebSockets of, FIX protocol

Financial Model

In order to start-up and development of an ecosystem, we need adequate funding for the project: Upgrade and expansion of the infrastructure, the integration of liquidity aggregation, improve software development team, purchase/lease with the server and licenses. We need to attract skilled specialists and programmers, to strengthen our team to keep the system fault tolerance module: aggregation, trading and payments platform.

Because of the inevitable trend of financial oversight by regulatory agencies (SEC, MAS, JFSA etc.) cryptocurrency market, a license is required for institutional clients. This process includes the cost of government fees and charges, deposit formation, the formation of corporate structure, preparation and support.

The Advantages Are As Follows

  • Bitcoin to support the new list, especially Altcoins and tokens to the new currency.
  • Ensure financial security thanks to private key encryption and digital wallet.
  • Confidentiality and anonymity without reference to the identification and tracking of transaction data.
  • Integrated projects publish their own online of varying complexity and cryptocurrency.
  • In the transaction process without additional steps or more entries Click Finish.
  • Maintenance and support of all the coins using their own funds.
  • Supports English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, other language localization provided.
  • Costs are calculated dynamically, to ensure the best value for money.

Raido Wallet Multicurrency

For cryptocurrencies, anonymous and secure exchange of withdrawal of deposits and remittances Fiat cross-platform solution

  • Support for Bitcoin, and tokens to play Altcoins with the new currency and further public
  • The personal benefit of security funds encryption keys and wallet password protection
  • Confidentiality and anonymity, without identifying the reference data and transaction tracking
  • Integrating any online projects are complex and the distribution of their cryptocurrency
  • Click to handle the process, no additional steps or more entries
  • Maintenance and use their own funds to support all the coins
  • English, support for Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, localized for other languages
  • Commission dynamic calculations, to ensure the best value for money

Distribution Of Tokens

  • Marketing costs – 18 262 500 (21%)
  • Developing, testing and product
  • Debugging costs – 31 012 500 (36%)
  • Administrative expenses – 2 887 500 (3%)
  • Legal expenses – 8 100 000 (9%)
  • Company (listing on exchange) – 8 662 500 (10%)
  • Developers – 8 662 500 (10%)
  • Advisors – 4 725 000 (6%)
  • Airdrop – 1 575 000 (2%)
  • Bounty – 2 362 500 (3%)

Token Sale

  • Pre-Token Sale start date: 15th November 2018
  • Pre-Token Sale end date: 15th December 2018
  • Main Token Sale start date: 15th January 2019
  • Main Token Sale end date: 15th February 2019
  • Total token supply: 86 250 000
  • Total tokens offered: 60 262 500
  • Hard cap: 52 762,5 ETH
  • Soft cap: 7 500 ETH
  • Token symbol: RF
  • Token sale price: 1RF = 0,001 ETH
  • Token standard: ERC20
  • Token type: Utility


  • November 2017 – January 2018
    The launch of the Raido Financial fintech ecosystem
    Market and competitors’ analysis
    Selection of a brand, creation of a single style and preparation of the UI.
  • February 2018
    Development of the Raido Wallet’s database.
    Formation of the Reference Terms for Raido Wallet’s Backend-development teams;
    The development of server architecture.
  • March 2018
    Creation of the Raido Exchange Terms of Reference for Backend and Frontend development teams;
    Establishment of the Raido Exchange primary server architecture;
  • April 2018
    Development of the Raido Exchange Order Core (the base for accounting and information trading orders), the development of related databases and connectors (2 months);
    Development of the first Blockchain – Bitcoin nodes and creation of a bundle with Core Radio Wallet, test transactions;
  • May 2018
    Development of the first version of the Raido Exchange Personal Account
    Development of the Raido Wallet application for Windows
    Expansion of additional block nodes: Ethereum, Litecoin
  • June 2018
    Start of the Raido Exchange Web-version programming
    Testing and further development the Raido Exchange Personal Account
  • July 2018
    Start of the own chart libraries selection (graphics)
    Final Testing of Raido Wallet, debug monitoring and fail-safe systems
  • August 2018
    Development of the first CRM-system version
    Addition of the trading history output function to the Raido Exchange Personal Account
  • September 2018
    Release of the demo version without the possibility of registration and trading (a view of the Trading Platform is available);
    Addition of a new function: creation of your own Raido Wallet token according to the ERC-20 standard.
  • October 2018
    Launch of the registration and access to the Dashboard
    Addition of the PIN code protection function to the application
  • November 2018
    Launch of the Pre-Sale
    Obtainment of a European license for financial transactions.
  • December 2018
    Development and implementation of a Technical Analysis package (7 technical indicators) for the Raido Exchange
  • January 2019
    Launch of the Token Sale
    Launch of a real trading on the Raido Exchange (availability of deposits, withdrawal, trading)


  • Filippos Konstantinidis – CEO of Raido Financial.
  • Yassin Walid Yunis– is an analyst of the currency market with the knowledge of Arabic language.
  • Roman Shevchenko– is a managing trader and analyst of the currency and commodity market.
  • Alfredo Hernandez Suarez – trader and analyst of the currency market with the knowledge of Spanish language.
  • Marian Di Valentino– is a trader and analyst of the cryptocurrency market with the knowledge of Italian language.
  • Pedram Raufi– is a practicing trader and analyst of the currency market with the knowledge of Persian language.
  • Dmitry Kucher– Head of the Analyst Team, Head Of Fibo Group Academy.
  • Elena Tambovtsev– specializes at the translations of the current fundamental news.


  • Boris Otonicar – Advisor
  • Quentin Herbrecht – Advisor

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Raido team, I just give you the latest ICO info”