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QI Blockchain – Responding to the collapse of the global financial industry in 2008, a person or entity called Satoshi Nakamoto developed an agreement on the electronic cash system point -to designate. The protocol has become the basis for a distributed classification account called a blockchain. Blockchain is a little like a global electronic table or a classification account. Blockchain allows someone to send money to others safely without a bank or financial service provider. From a business perspective, it will be very helpful to treat blockchain technology as the next generation of business processes.

At present, the blockchain network seems to be faster in economic development. Innovations aimed at Bitcoin in 2009 are now the main technology. Blockchain is applied in various industries including medical care, the department of justice, and supply and logistics chains. Blockchain-based applications increase the cryptocurrency industry by providing friction-free transactions and encrypted while maintaining transparency. Demand for the blockchain platform will continue to increase to make the ecosystem drive by the blockchain safely. Therefore, we bring you blockchain Qi with high transaction speed, suitable for the fastest transaction, and becomes a currency and foundation of metaverse and web 3 and the fourth industrial revolution.

What is QI Blockchain?

Qi Blockchain (QI) is the world’s leading scalability and the public blockchain network is distributed with a smart contract script. Qi was said “Chie” with a trading symbol “Qie”. Qi is positioned on Web 3.0, Metaverse, NFT Low transactions, Defi, and future content. Qi has a smart contract problem for high-cost high costs and scalability problems as the first-floor blockchain.

Qi is a new entry into the market. This can handle 300 times transactions per second, which is 10 times higher than Bitcoin transactions. Under a small portion of the cost of security consensus methods, Swift transactions are 10 times higher than Swift.

The QIS ecosystem has received one of the largest venture capital funds in Africa, called Breach Capitis Laysan and Vortx Capital. Qi has been used as the main payment method in several applications and has the lowest NFT market in the world. Cases of actual use using QI as a real currency on the platform, called HOVR.

Benefits of QI Blockchain

  • Compared to other blockchains, cheap. As an investor who wants to get a profit, costs will not be a problem for small investors.
  • Use in the real world will not be unlimited.
  • Our transaction is confirmed at a low cost in a few seconds.
  • Compared to BTC, ETH, Ripple, BNB, etc., batch and tree supply coins will not grow to heaven, and they underestimate the Qis currency.
  • No code specified
  • Excessive intensity costs, extensive pressure on the environment, weaknesses related to media coverage, and the centralization of the mining business.
  • Using Lightning Network is one of the fastest blockchains that can ensure that transactions are almost real.
  • Transaction speed is 1500-2000 TPS/second

Why Qi?

  • Qi is a complete infrastructure blockchain that allows any application in the world based on providing security, decentralized networks, sustainability, and low transaction costs and low costs, which means what they need. The cost is less than one cent, and the box is almost $ 100 at the NFT fee.
  • Real cases of real innovation and blockchain are only launched. Qi is all choices and spades in the whole world.
  • Qi has integrated it as its main payment method into several real worlds
  • This country can build digital currency in gas
  • You can improve and manage all stock exchanges and stock exchanges or large databases in QI to get a higher transparency
  • Increase records of storing and avoiding double notes
  • Qi can simplify and automate the process here, and in banks, finance, supply chain management, and other endless use cases
  • Qi is environmentally friendly, can be explored with a home PC, and ensures that everyone in the world has the opportunity to get the atmosphere and maintain real dispersion
  • A few years later, you can pay from telephone applications and online services from Qi

Blockchain message transmission

A private blockchain can provide identity verification and anonymous messages in the same way as the Bitcoin Coinspark protocol. The message has two main goals. First, this can be used to complete the important background of financial blockchain transactions, such as contracts, receipts, or invoices. In addition, it can be used for pure non-text communication without related financial transactions. However, detailed information in the blockchain allows publishers and recipients to verify time and written letter content.

Mining in Qi

As a private blockchain, there are not too many miners in the network, so the hash power will be very low. Therefore, you can use simple CPUs and very small resources for excavation. Qi uses a parameter called mining diversity. This parameter limits mining diversity ≤1. Mining diversity parameters illustrate the robustness of the system, ensuring the legitimacy of blocks is as follows.

  • Definition of Ownership Definition of Transactions in the Application Block.
  • Calculate the number of miners after the application is permitted to allow the number of miners.
  • Repeat miners with various mines to find space.
  • If this block miners dig up one of the previous room blocks 1, the block is invalid. This runs a cycle plan. In this plan, permitted miners must rotate the block to produce an effective blockchain.


Given the strong amount of partnership in this ecosystem, Qi is clearly a blockchain infrastructure solution. Qi is the only blockchain that needs to be spread, safe, environment, and developers. Qi can be used for various global financial innovative applications, online search, games, advertisements, de-fi, identity management, web 3.0, metaverse chain management, and supply.

More Information

– Twitter: https://twitter.com/qiblockchain
– Telegram group: https://t.me/HovRonQiblockchain
– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/qiblockchain.online
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QiBlockchain
– Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/qiblockchain/
– Discord: https://discord.gg/ucGSzSp4C3
– YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxRiEx7ywDyXp3seX8J4DdQ
– GitHub: https://github.com/Qi-Blockchain
– Learn more about Qi Blockchain: https://qiblockchain.online/


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