Pulsar Venture Capital Is A Venture Capital Fund For Start-up

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Pulsar Venture Capital Is A Venture Capital Fund For Start-up

Pulsar VC – A moment ago, Pulsar Venture Capital, an early venture capital fund, and a business accelerator firm, announced the introduction of ICO, an early coin-based product. The plan is used to launch a new venture capital fund (VC) that receives funding from qualified buyers from cryptocurrency. However, this is subject to national regulations. In the United States, it is regulated by Reg D rule 506 (c).

ICO was launched on November 18, 2017, and continues until December 13, 2017. ICO organizers hope to collect $ 30 million so they can invest in more than 30 newly established companies in the United States and Europe. Early stage. Funds focus on cryptocurrency, the blockchain, Internet of Things, IT, and improved materials.

The ICO participants will share the benefits of the current 29 portfolio companies in Pulsar VC. ICO activity consists of Pulsar tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain platform. If some company withdraws from the fund, the company will buy back the token at market cost. Otherwise, the company will receive a distribution or dividend from the company in the portfolio. Pulsar tokens will be purchased through the exchange at a reduced cost of success.

Tokens are awarded by the Pulsar Investors Group of Experts from various countries (including Asian and European countries, Russia, and the United States). Among the qualified investors are prominent individuals, including Marvin Liao (500 startup partners), Jeffrey Paine (executive partner of Golden Gate Ventures), Bill Reichert (CEO of Garage Technology) and others. You can check the list of other team members on the official website of ICO Pulsar.

Pavel Korolev, founder and managing partner of Pulsar Venture Capital, invites investors to participate in the new finance team by investing in Pulsar’s current portfolio to launch an exchange rate. The CEO stated that their strategy has brought good results to them, with a typical 40% return per share. Year. In addition, the exclusive Pulsar Venture Capital award-winning plan allows it to increase its total capital. In addition, it has expanded its ambition to new companies based in Eastern Europe in the global market.

Pulsar has recognized exclusive business processes in Asia, the United States, and Europe, including incubators, accelerators, angel investors, and leading venture capital funds. The new Pulsar fund will focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain. At the same time, their strategic focus is to improve local startups in international markets including Asia, the United States and Europe.

Pulsar Venture Capital is a venture capital fund for start-up start-ups, as well as business acceleration. This ensures that innovative projects will be implemented correctly, and high-tech companies will be given the opportunity to grow faster in this competitive world. The company is a leader among the outstanding Russian business accelerators according to UBI Global rankings for the year 2016-2017.

The ICO plan gives companies a new opportunity to help them realize the company’s investment and make it available online. Fund projects are observed by experienced international management partners in Russia, Ireland, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. In all these countries, these funds have made tremendous achievements in local business and innovation networks.

Standards for successful implementation of the investment process to achieve the stated objectives, the fund team will actively participate in the ongoing monitoring of investment and fund management throughout the entire investment period.

We believe that the main criteria for a successful investment process are:

  • The company is positioned to the world market. The competitiveness of products or services in the world market
  • Availability of ready-made samples or experimental techniques for the introduction or arrangement of production and sales
  • Provide professional managers, consultants, and best talent in the portfolio company
  • Implement GAAP / IFRS, accounting systems and company management (daily operations)
  • Implementing the management system through quarterly reports to ensure implementation of action plans, objectives, targets, and achievements
  • Control the actions and use of tight target funds Set up the company to raise funds or sell them to strategic investors

Investment Strategy

Based on our experience, analysts’ work and technical system, Dana VC Pulsar chose the best investment project. We filter out previously unfavorable projects and start-ups, and there is no understandable development strategy. The fund strategy can diversify investment and provide investors with high-profit levels and sufficient risks.

Pulsar Annual Holdings

Pulsar holds about 25% of the portfolio’s annual revenue. The holding period of the venture capital portfolio is 25 years.
Twenty-nine startups in Russia, the United States, and Ireland have benefited from the Pulsar International Acceleration program or the seed investment of the Pulsar VC.
Pulsar attracts leading funds and venture capital firms to invest in portfolios of startup companies and helps disrupt the global market through strategic partnerships
The Pulsar Capital Fund and start-up acceleration program is located in Kazan, Russia and has expanded from Dublin to Silicon Valley, California, Singapore, UAE, and Dubai globally.

Pulsar Field Catering & Focus

Pulsar will focus on the current crypto-economic trends in the global market for start-up companies in the IT field, advanced materials, hardware, and ultimately the use of blockchain technology. Startup companies have different pulsar seed investments.
Seed investment projects can be funded between 100,000 and 500,000 U.S. dollars, with initial investments ranging from 500,000 U.S. dollars to 2,000,000 U.S. dollars.
UBI Global Russia ranked first in Pulsar in 2016.
The program attracted many organizations including TechStars, 500 Startups, JFDI, GEC, and NDRC.
Pulsar uses the “BestOfClass transaction channel process” to extend the default source method. These include global venture capital funds and venture capital partners cited through various referral channels.


Pulsar Venture Captial Limited is a closed stock company incorporated under the laws of the Isle of Man

  • Release token: Pulsar will be released, released in Ethereum in Bunker
  • Limit ICO: 50,000,000 USD
  • Start ICO: 0:13 Pacific Time, November 13, 2017
  • ICO Term: 6 months after ICO begins
  • Minimum share: 0.1 ETH or other equivalents
  • Contribution received: BTC or ETH
  • The initial price of ICO tokens: 1 Pulsar token = $ 1.00

Gift Index

Discounts will be reduced gradually from 15% to 0% in the following order:

  • 15% – Week 1
  • 10% – Week 2
  • 5% – Week 3
  • 3% – Week 4

Apply token distribution

The previous investor/team member will allocate $ 1,750,000 to twenty-nine portfolio companies. Pulsars residual income will be distributed in the following order:

  • 80% – Investment Securities
  • 15% – Operating costs, including management service commissions
  • 5% – ICO fees, including incentive bonuses

To know the latest information about Pulsar VC project you can visit the link below:

Official website: https://pulsarico.com/index.html
Whitepaper: https://pulsarico.com/assets/pdf/PulsarWhitePaperRussian.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pulsarventurecapital/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pulsarvc
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