Pulsar Venture Capital Questions And Answer About The Project

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Pulsar Venture Capital

Pulsar Venture Capital Questions And Answer About The Project

Pulsar Venture Capital is a popular firm investing in early technology startups related to blockchain, cryptocurrency, hardware and IT. According to Pulsar, the company now sells pulsar tokens and can invest more startup technology.

Venture capital in Europe, the United States and Asia have various levels of existence. UBI ranks first in Russia globally. Participants who sell the crowd will be screened according to their country’s residence laws and regulations.

Venture capital companies have a way to filter out startups that do not have a viable business plan. However, this step will enable the company to expand its product portfolio to other areas that have been avoided so far. So far, the average annual profit per customer has reached 158%. Their return on investment (ROI) is 921% of the investments and investments of more than 50 companies.

Their accelerator program is divided into three parts scattered over several months. Pulsar VC selects 10-15 start-up companies each year from more than 500 registered companies. The selection process is based on good prototypes, teams and business strategies.

In the next few months, Accelerator plans to invest and guide startups to prepare for the market. PulsarICO is really rethinking the investment process and it remains to be seen if the market reacts.

The purpose of ICO

The purpose of the event was to attract funds to buy a 50% stake in the investment portfolio of Pulsar Venture Capital (VC) and start investing in more than 30 Eastern European countries in the areas of blockade/crypt, IT, new materials and hardware. The funding team will participate in accelerating the Pulsar VC Acceleration Program. Accelerator and coaching team Pulsar VC helps companies develop products, business models, attract financing and enter new markets: the United States, Europe or Asia. Pulse Ventures invests additional funds into successful companies and helps them attract new rounds of financing, ultimately selling their business to strategic buyers at the highest price. At the same time, Pulsar VC plans to invest in a promising startup company through its own network, which is not part of its accelerated plan.

The Mission of Pulsar VC Accelerator

Pulsar Ventures was founded in 2009, and in 2016 it quickly recognized the VC Pulsar Pulsar VC Throttle in 2013, becoming Russia’s global UBI Accelerator No1 launching an Accelerated Program Accelerator Pulsar Venture Capital mission – to help the early stages The startup company establishes a successful global company. The command and experts of Pulsar VC give full project cooperation, using their experience and knowledge in the development and development of successful technical business, achieving economic results and the formation of a strong team today. To choose the path of development for entrepreneurship, we follow the practical principles of modernity and business development to provide companies with active and sustainable technological development. Our Mission – Together with entrepreneurs, make the world a better place and more exciting.

Why Does The Startup Need To Speed Up The Program?

The initial startup required capital, expertise, and resources to successfully build and expand the business. Based on feedback from experts and consumers, Accelerator plans to increase the value of the company in a short period of time through proper guidance and product development. Pulsar VC’s best mentors, experts and consultants from around the world who help to participate in the 6-month Kazan, Dublin, Silicon Valley plan and work in target market startups.

How Do You Choose To Start The Accelerator?

Hundreds of early companies use the Pulsar VC Accelerator every year. Our team, investment, and technical committees are responsible for selecting, evaluating the company’s financial, legal and technical prospects and choosing the best ones. Every year, 10-15 companies are accepted in the accelerated plan and each company receives $100,000 in seed financing. After this plan, the most successful companies received the next round of up to $1 million in investment from the Pulsar VC as a major investor and helped to obtain additional syndicated financing from co-investors.

What Income Can Pulsar VC Get?

Of the funds collected during the ICO, 5% will be used to pay ICO expenses. Afterward, Pulsar Risk Management will charge an annual management fee of 3% of the funds collected during the ICO. Pulsar VC will also get a 25% success commission.

Who Should Invest In Pulsar VC Startup?

Everyone who wants to participate in venture capital investment has the opportunity to invest in early startups through the Pulsar VC Accelerator. This is a diversified investment opportunity for a venture capital portfolio investing in IT, blocks, advanced materials, and hardware. The secondary market will allow you to sell your tokens and get added value. You can also benefit from Pulsar VC’s token exchange process.

How Can Investors Benefit From ICO?

ICO provides everyone with a good opportunity to become an early-stage venture capitalist and start to develop rapidly from an early stage. You can monetize in two ways:

  1. Whenever there is a capital out of a portfolio company, Pulsar VC will purchase the Pulsar token at the market price.
  2. Pulsar token holders can sell tokens to other investors in the secondary market.

Hosting Many People’s Activities?

Crowdfunding activity is conducted using ICO. We will publish the Pulsar mark on the Ethereum platform. This solution is very convenient and transparent to all involved in the process.

How Do You Invest In Funds Collected Through ICO?

The first $1.75 million will be used to acquire the 50% stake in Pulsar VC’s current portfolio. The rest of the funds will be accelerated by investing in the best company’s product portfolio and IT in more than 30 new startups, blockchain, advanced materials and hardware fields and other pulsars promised not to include startups in our accelerated programs. The full list and description of existing portfolio companies are attached to the white paper and website.

The Cost Of Each Startup

The average initial estimate of each start-up company in the accelerated project is an average of 1 million US dollars, of which the share of Pulsar Venture Capital Corporation is 10%-15%. However, many companies that have graduated from previous plans have attracted more funds, reflecting higher value forecasts. Pulsar VC’s portfolio currently includes Pulsar VC’s investment in other startups that lead US accelerators.

What Portfolio Companies Can Provide Investors With Profitability

Pulsar VC reputation as Russia’s leading accelerator and work experience in different countries to attract the best talents and beginners to participate in accelerating programs, as well as allowing startup companies to invest in assessing the value of startup companies than in the United Sta, es, Asia and Europe The company is low. The planned cost of starting exports is 5-7 years, an average of 10-100 million U.S. dollars. Potential buyers are large companies that need services, technologies or products developed by startups to increase their competitiveness in the market.

What is the minimum investment and what currency is accepted?

During the ICO, the Pulsar token will be sold at a price of one dollar each (see ICO instructions). The minimum contribution of any other method is 0.1 ETH or equivalent. The most popular are the coin cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

How Do I Participate In ICO?

The ICO will be held from November 13th, 2018 to May 13th, 2018. During this period, potential investors can apply for any amount of Pulsar tokens through the personal account on https://pulsarico.com. Then they will receive the address they need to transfer from their cryptocurrency wallet.
After the ICO is completed, the funds raised will be used for the Pulsar VC. The buyer will receive the Pulsar token, which will be released on the Ethereum platform within two days of the ICO’s end. The amount of the token will be based on the total amount charged and the token price as well as the discount, depending on the purchase time.

Will You Sell Extra Tokens After ICO?

The Pulsar VC issues Pulsar tokens that will be distributed only during the ICO. After the ICO is over, the issued tokens will be offered on the secondary market; they will be free to transfer and trade on the exchange.

To know the latest information about Pulsar VC project you can visit the link below:

Official website: https://pulsarico.com/index.html
Whitepaper: https://pulsarico.com/assets/pdf/PulsarWhitePaperRussian.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pulsarventurecapital/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pulsarvc
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/ABaSPhChu8HZ7uD9LzOn1w
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2258328

BTT Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=376156

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