Projecton – Management of Customer Relations Using the Blockchain

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Projecton – Management of Customer Relations Using the Blockchain

Projecton Platform is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) designed to help investors, traders and market professionals to develop customer relationships, drive business growth, and enhance customer loyalty. it’s all a very positive thing for all users and is mutually beneficial between investor and customers.

World in the era of highly developed and very sophisticated for the time being, then every organization really need 360 degrees from their customers to provide an experience that is truly relevant to making it more challenging each other. , Some customers refuse to share sensitive data for security and other threats because most of the CRM database is now hosted on cloud servers.

Of course, cloud security protocols are now different from previous ones in which the concern has developed further and changed everything, but although the construction has changed very relatively advanced and far more advanced cloud security issues remain a concern shared. A centralized server like Cloud is a preference for traditional Customer Relationship Management thus exposing business owners and customers to unnecessary risks concerned with the actual thought or suggestion do not need.

Advantages Projecton

Projecton is the future of Customer Relationship Management because the system is decentralized and very special. Projecton Platform enables companies to achieve their goals by helping those who have deposited large amounts of data from many individual customers. So Projecton ensures that any information collected secure and impossible to access by external actors.

information leakage and external damage are unlikely because the distribution of all data. Platform Projecton can concentrate and regulate the relationship between companies and their customers, partners, and parties related to them. The platform will process each bit of data so that business can be consulted quickly and transparently. A financial institution or a third party is not required for the automation of our platform.

Projecton has a vision of a world where businesses can predict all the needs of their customers, promote a great relationship between them. The platform is enhanced by Blockchain, giving users real-time accurate information about their activities. innovative CRM platform that seeks to deepen the relationship between the company, its customers, partners, suppliers and business partners. With a continuing focus on user privacy, data cleansing, enhancement of protection and transparency, Projecton develop next CRM platform to improve business and people around the world.

Features Projecton

  • More Transparency
    Projecton is decentralized allow the agency to handle its clients transparently. In addition, there is no need for “intermediaries” such as financial organizations or institutions, bringing additional efficiency and speed in all affairs.
  • Data Cleaning
    Every company has to deal with fake or duplicate the data at some time of their existence. Projecton giving customers the ability to have a personal wallet. This purse offers individuals and companies the opportunity to unite and save photos of their personal information, past transactions, subscriptions, and interaction.
  • Loyalty Program
    loyalty program used to increase company profits by improving their customer experience. With Projecton system, customers can have a single decentralized wallet, compatible with all brands. This wallet does not have to be bound by the rules and restrictions of individual brands and redemption of points is simplified.
  • Improve Protection
    All data stored by Projecton will be encrypted and distributed by the chain. Data decentralization disable any hacks or manipulation coming from outside. Projecton has cryptographically secured so that customers who participate assigned network key so that one can restrict unauthorized entry.

Introducing XN35 Token

Projecton token (XN35) published on ERC20 technology and fulfill a variety of functions within the platform. Therefore they are in accordance with the ERC20 and enable the exchange of third parties as long as they meet the standards ERC20. We do not run the ICO, for that reason Projecton funded through the sale of tokens XN35 in Projecton sites.

Projecton xn35 tokenized as tokens to be used in transactions by business owners, enterprises, government, hospitals, etc. Xn35 Token can be used as follows:
Online and offline merchants will use xn35 for customer loyalty program through dApps our CRM solutions.
Both small and large companies with multiple product lines will use xn35 mark as payment fees for the provision of integrated product solutions our CRM solutions.
the xn35 token will be used to subscribe to our CRM solution to charge monthly or annual payments.
We are building an exchange (crmex) where xn35 will be used as a trading partner to another altcoin and as the cost of payments for trade

Information About Tokens

  • Token Name: Projection
  • Token symbol: XN35
  • Decimal: 18
  • Total supply: 100,000,000
  • The number of tokens for sale on our website: 60,000,000
  • Minimum Purchase on our website: 35,000 XN35
  • Minimum prices on our website: 1 ETH

A limited number of Projecton tokens will be made and no additional mining will be allowed later. Some tokens can be obtained in gift programs, air beams, and special events. There will be a total of 100,000,000 outstanding XN35 tokens which are the largest (60%) to be distributed in token sales.

Allocation Token

  • Token-sale: %60
  • Team: %5
  • Bounty Campaign: %6
  • Airdrop: %4
  • Reserve: %25


2017 Q3 – Concept

  • Idea Concived
  • Team Assembled

2017 Q4 – Research

  • Studying CRM market
  • Studying how blockchain should be used in CRM

2018 Q1 – Survey

  • Survey Form to get ideas from CRM users
  • Interviewing CEO in some companies about the problem they face in their CRM Platform

2018 Q2 – Problem solved

  • Problem Identified
  • Solution mapped-out
  • Solution mapped-out

2018 Q3 – Development

  • Website Development
  • Smart-contract Development
  • Smart contract auditing with the latest testing tools

2018 Q4 – Launch

  • The release of the main website
  • White-paper ENG release
  • Projecton Launch
  • Announce Projecton Project on Bitcointalk
  • XN35 first Exchange Listing
  • Airdrop and community program

2019 Q1 – First Product

  • Xn35Wallet Launch
  • White-paper release in Hindi, Indonesia, Chinese, and many more.
  • Creating volume on exchanges
  • Distribution of Airdrop coins to the community
  • More team joins the project

2019 Q2 – Product

  • creating Indonesian and Russian interface for the website
  • Increase use cases of NX35 Token

2019 Q3 – Loyalty program

  • Customer loyalty program using our xn35 wallet and token
  • xn35 as a reward by downloading our wallets
  • New Website development

2019 Q4 – Exchange

  • Crmex launch
  • xn35 will be giving out to the first 20,000 crmex accounts
  • New release of MacOS and Windows wallet
  • Relase of Crm solution dapps

2020 Q1 – Blockchain

  • main net launch integrated with crm solution dapps functions.
  • Launch an active PR campaign
  • Release Code on Github so Devs can build dapps on top of it
  • Organize meet-ups and conferences
  • Build partnerships with online and offline businesses

To know the latest information about the Projecton project you can visit the link below:

Bitcointalk thread:
– Projecton Official Group:
– Projecton Official Bounty:


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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Projecton team, I just give you the latest ICO info”