Plentix – Innovative Architecture & Automatic Decentralization

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Plentix – Innovative Architecture & Automatic Decentralization

Plentix is a blockchain-based project designed to balance the referral economy and disseminate awards to all participants. Businesses, users, friends, and even application developers can get rewards through discounts or Plentix tokens. Choosing ICOs through venture capital instead of traditional seed and A-Series funds can involve the community and give everyone the opportunity to gain the benefits of a global referral economy.

Plentix Overview

The system provided by the company is very good, so that hackers cannot invade the system provided by the company, so there are different ways for the enterprise to provide and develop the structure of the personnel, so that the platform is still free and at the same time, it The following plentix overview may be the developer’s visit to the referral innovation wide:

  1. Decentralization and Automatic
  2. Innovative architecture
  3. Flexible reward options
  4. Visit Tokenized Recommended

How does Plentix work?

You can use the easy-to-use Plentix interface to refer friends. Plentix can direct invitations via social media, email or text messages to users who are not members of the platform – providing simple and direct interaction with all users.

The referee will receive the discount code they can purchase from the specific business they recommend. The amount and length of the discounts a referee can use depends on the schedule of each business set up in their business management panel.

The prospective person can then use the discount code to purchase the product or service. The discount code can only be valid for a specific period of time, depending on the architecture assigned to the referral by a particular merchant, so it can be flexibly changed as needed.

The referrer will receive a digital token code or discount. According to the business referral scheme, the referral will only be charged by the referee using the coupon code and the purchase business.

Why use blockchain?

There are many recommended styles of programs, reward programs, and organizations that help companies (usually large corporations) create and run referral programs. However, there are many challenges from recommendations, compliance to ensuring safe and reliable transactions – this is the main limitation of existing methods. Plentix believes that the blockchain allows rejection – if the answer is to allow economic growth and provide reference mark value PTN extraordinary to the program and recommend rewards program developed, then secret indirectly guarantees a very secure transaction.

Plentix chose blockchain as a technology for creating solutions. This technology has some inherent benefits that can bring Plentix benefits – and allow the above issues to be resolved. The main focus of blockchain technology to encourage us to adopt it is:

a) Decentralized distributed ledgers – Provides referees with a safe and reliable system that allows them to believe that no company can change records or change existing systems within the company.
B) The blockchain system is decentralized and distributed – providing enterprise and developer platform structures to keep free while at the same time allowing a large number of developers to build it so that companies can survive for many years.
c) Records are immutable – Companies can feel safe knowing that there are no hackers or who will try to delete, steal or compromise their systems. In addition, the referees know that their rewards are safe and cannot be changed by any company or hackers, so the company will provide a very good system, so no hackers can enter the company’s system.
d) The consensus mechanism does not include authoritarian companies or centralized controllers, allowing network participants to verify transactions – give way proof of referrals, and the clarity of businesses and referees.
e) Security – Advanced cryptographic technology inherent in technology – A trusted guide to share with contacts and any channel around the world
f) Smart Contracts – Automated automated contracts that provide confidence for referrers and referees to understand why, how, and when to perform terms with a company transaction
g) Smart Contract Automation – Allows businesses to easily install and playback supported software to reduce costs through easy expansion and automation.

ICO Plentix

In order to fund the development of Plentix, Plentix will provide ICO (initial coin product) for Plentix Project (hereinafter referred to as PTN). ICO is a new cryptographic sales program that sells partial cryptocurrency tokens to early adopters and enthusiasts in exchange for funds. Plentix thinks this is a transparent and admirable way to raise funds to build Plentix. Plentix needs to develop resources and capital.

Getting resources from developers, designers, salespeople to the legal team requires funding. We are confident in this effort and hope everyone can benefit from the global referral economy. Plentix wants to promote community participation in Plentix’s success. Therefore, Plentix chose ICO instead of traditional seed and A-Series funds. This allows bank fans to open up to become part of a wider community of the same person.

Plentix plans to gradually raise funds. Starting from the previous ICO activities, potential potential investors will have the opportunity to invest at discounted rates in advance. Plentix will then open our main event ICO to the public where all other PTNs will be sold.

Plentix’s goal is to collect about $10 million in fiat currency. The current market price means about 10,000 Ethereal (ETH). Plentix also stated that 1 ETH session rate is 10,000 PTN. So Plentix will distribute and plan to sell 100 million PTN. Plentix’s supporters and investors can choose to purchase PTN on Plentix’s ICO and token sales and future exchanges on major stock exchanges with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Liteco on the Plentix website.

Plentix’s core value proposition focuses on the development of a stable, scalable, reliable, and distributed platform for promoting economics. Therefore, Plentix expects to allocate at least 30% of the funds to support and pay for our development work. The second largest expense we allocated was business growth, marketing and communication (marcomm).

Plentix will use 35% of the funds for this activity because the importance of referral platform should not be underestimated. The remaining 35% of the funds will be used for payment business, legal, compliance, internal audit control, and team compensation incentives. Plentix expects that our first service will be implemented in the market within 8 months.

In terms of time, our pre-sale activities will continue for 2 days. Plentix is expected to reach the selected accredited investor to participate in Plentix and purchase PTN, and to be a 30% bonus before ICO. Plentix will also have a pre-ICO referral plan with a bonus of up to 5% of the total PTN distribution.
Afterward, Plentix plans to hold a one-week ICO event. Plentix will introduce some incentives for the initial investor: 30% discount will be given to customers who purchase PTN from pre-sale.

Plentix also does not allow discounts or discounts from the week to week. Plentix reserves the right to terminate sales if all PTNs are sold before the end of the ICO. Plentix plans to burn off unsold PTNs. However, Plentix will reconsider our position to ensure that Plentix has the least resources to run the project, and if Plentix fails to sell at least 70% of the existing PTN shares.

In this case, our choice is to return funds to investors, re-run the ICO according to different terms, provide liquidation options for existing PTN holders, and even delay the suspension of the project. This depends entirely on the public’s appeal and confidence initiatives. Plentix is a community and social project, so Plentix aims to maximize public participation.

Plentix will also limit the number of PTNs that can be purchased at any time. Plentix will collect 100 million PTN cover for each address to ensure fair and grassroots investment opportunities.

Plentix Benefits for Users

Plentix is a platform that provides developers with the flexibility and potential to earn revenue through development. Developers can use the Plentix API to write their own software modules on the platform or through their own third-party applications. Platform modules can be integrated in Plentix applications.

Developers on the platform will gain revenue from each customer interaction through their development; programmers can use the Plentix feature to write a custom management panel tailored to their interactive company and for each item in the Plentix application Business transactions get paid.

The enterprise management team offers different industry-based options, and companies can choose the referral program they want to provide for users. Referrers can choose Plentix tokens or discounts at any time in stores or online. Plentix expects that the choice of each business will vary depending on its nature.

You can control when and how to share your referral. As a decentralized platform, everything is done in the unlocked state – use smart contracts to fully automate your land-based program – without authorizing or controlling the business between the two.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Plentix team, I just give you the latest ICO info”