Plentix – Blockchain-based Platform Designed To Connect And Reward All Participants

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Plentix – Blockchain-based Platform Designed To Connect And Reward All Participants

Plentix – As you know now, everyone is running behind money. To make money, everyone works hard. We are all looking for ways to make money to meet our daily needs. Cryptocurrency opens the way to make money in front of everyone. Today I want to explain the cryptocurrency platform that can solve this problem.

Overview of Plentix

Platform plentix will provide recommendations and application developers in the form of tokens or discounts. The main purpose of this project is to balance the referral economy. This platform will enable everyone to benefit from a global referral economy.

The Plentix platform has a highly advanced technology and has a decentralized system. If you have used it in other plan recommendation systems, you can see additional benefits from Plentix.

The Plentix blockchain system will encourage participants to purchase products or services wisely when purchasing products or services while at the same time-saving money by providing discount codes to buy products or services online.

Plentix Functions

As you know, the Plentix platform will reward participants and users, and it will focus on the needs of consumers, so now we will look at other features of the Plentix platform.

1. Decentralization and Automation
The Plentix platform is based on blockchain, which is a decentralized platform, so the platform is very secure. As you know, the platform will help avoid additional costs and create more benefits for everyone.

2. A knowledgeable building
The plentix platform has innovative and unique modifications that will continue to connect with CRM and POS frameworks. The platform also encourages designers to create and design their modules that will allow developers of module developers to join plentix applications. The platform can also combine module creators and exchanges to exchange using their modules.

3. Choice of rewards that can be changed
On the Plentix platform, each recommendation can earn a 10% reward in the token. When a gift token is given to every buyer who makes a purchase, they will also receive a commission for the first three purchases. The awards will be given by the platform as a plentix token. Prizes will change based on business-to-business changes, rebates, merger tokens, or a combination of both.

4. Get a Tokenized Recommendation
This platform will benefit from the crypto economy because the platform is the phase of the system and everyone can get a basic token. The success of the platform stage is related to token development, customer achievement, and phase control estimation.

Access to Tokenized Reference

Every time a business and a customer are connected, each recommendation is for a friend, a Plentix token store, and a transfer cost. Since Plentix┬áit’s a network platform with a fundamental token that is an asset of crypto-economics, all are winning: the success of the platform is closely related to the success of its users, the growth of markers and the cost of ecosystems supported by the plentix platform.

You can use the easy-to-use Plentix interface to refer friends. Plentix provides the ability to reference users who are not members of the platform, sending invitations to all users via social media, email or mobile text messages, and interact directly with them.

Referees will receive a discount code that they can purchase from their proprietary business. The amount and length of time a referee can use depends on his plan, and every business takes place in their business administrator panel.

Prospective people can then use the rebate code to purchase goods and services. The discount code can basically order a specified time range according to the mode specified by the business type for the recommendation and has the flexibility to change it flexible as needed.

The referrer will receive a token code or a digital discount gift. For a commercial referral program, referrers only need to receive a commission when referring to discount codes and company purchases.

About Plentix ICO

PLENTIX will use ICO as a flag in the Plentix project, this ICO will be used to finance the development of the Plentix project, another Plentix flag will be named PTN.

The understanding of ICO itself is a new event where cryptocurrency plans to sell some tokens to new users and fans in return for funds. Plentix considers this a transparent and wonderful way to raise funds to build the Plentix. Plentix needs to develop resources and capital.

Plentix wants to promote community participation in the success of Plentix. Therefore, Plentix chooses ICO instead of traditional seed and Serie A funds. It allows bank enthusiasts to be open to be part of a wider community of the same people.

Plentix plans to raise funds gradually Starting from previous ICO activities, potential investors will have the opportunity to invest in advance with lower interest rates. Then we will open our main event ICO to the public where all other PTN will be sold.

The purpose of Plentix in this ICO is to collect about $ 10 million of Fiat currency. And in the current market price, this means about 10,000 Ethereal (ETH). Plentix also stated that 1 ETH session rate is 10,000 PTN. So Plentix will distribute and plan to sell 100 million PTN. Plentix supporters and investors may elect to purchase PTN on ICO and sale of Plentix tokens and future exchanges on major stock exchanges with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Liteco on the Plentix website.

The purpose of Plentix is to collect about $ 10 million in fiat currency. The current market price means around 10,000 Ethereal (ETH). Plentix also stated that 1 ETH session rate is 10,000 PTN. So Plentix will distribute and plan to sell 100 million PTN.

Plentix supporters and investors may elect to purchase PTN on ICO and sale of Plentix tokens and future exchanges on major stock exchanges with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Liteco on the Plentix website.

Plentix’s core value proposition focuses on developing stable, scalable, reliable, and distributed platforms to promote the economy. Therefore, Plentix expects to allocate at least 30% of the funds to support and pay for our development work. The second largest burden we allocate is business growth, marketing and communications (marcomm).

Plentix will use 35% of the funds for this activity, because the importance of the referral platform should not be underestimated. The remaining 35% of the funds will be used for business payments, legal, compliance, internal audit controls, and team compensation incentives. Plentix expects that our first service will be implemented in the market within 8 months.

In terms of time, our pre-sales activities will continue for 2 days. Plentix is expected to reach selected accredited investors to participate in Plentix and purchase PTN, and a 30% bonus before ICO. Plentix will also have pre-ICO reference plans with up to 5% bonus from PTN’s total distribution.

After that, Plentix plans to hold a one week ICO event, and Plentix will introduce some incentives for initial investors: a 30% discount will be given to customers who purchase PTN from pre-sales.

Plentix also does not allow discounts or discounts from week to week. Plentix reserves the right to terminate the sale if all PTNs are sold before the end of ICO. Plentix plans to burn the unsold PTN. However, Plentix will reconsider our position to ensure that Plentix has the fewest resources to run the project, and if Plentix fails to sell at least 70% of the existing PTN shares.

In this case, our choice is to return funds to investors, re-run ICO in accordance with different provisions, provide liquidation options for existing PTN holders, and even delay project suspension. This depends entirely on public appeal and trust initiatives. Plentix is a community and social project, so Plentix aims to maximize public participation.

Plentix will also limit the number of PTNs that can be purchased at any time. Plentix will collect 100 million PTN cover for each address to ensure a fair and grassroots investment opportunity.

Plentix Token Details:

Distribution Tokens Plentix

  • 50%Token Sale
  • 20%Advisors And Early Investors
  • 15%Company Reserve
  • 10%Community Development
  • 5%Early Investors & Strategic Partners

Distribution Token Plentix

  • 30%Product Dev & Maintenance
  • 25%Busisness Growth & Dev
  • 15%Marketing & Customer Dev
  • 10%Reserve
  • 15%Operations
  • 5%Legal


Plentix Roadmap



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