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PlayGame – Decentralized And Universal Virtual Game Token

PlayGame – Online registration platform, including Apple iOS example of a retail outlet (2008) and the execution of MSN (2012) co-own any opening to match growing independent company. There is no simple training provided, this will allow having a podium for the administrator of the game, a great game will escape the old site owners such as electrical discipline. By trusting minute selection is only given to people on a podium significant popularity of football makes it easier to the independent game really will address the income they need to start the race organization and the enthusiasm generated by the game together.

During the early years, we were looking for a day to see them on the podium. However, the store began to use a significant set about typing in the foreign exchange market, prompting an independent company match, the CPI increase (cost per install) and competition F2P (free-to-play) with a suitable company to suffer joint together. F2P is a great demand for the first time the budget expenditure to match the solution to be successful, and often only with a substantial match dojo so taken over.

Universal revolution possible encryption “God-send” Choose your opponent society. All this is in addition to different interrupt the game to submit a different opportunity in the future to promote competition (> $ 10,000) encryption world happens to be desperate to get a goal that is different from and through their encryption/digital refers interested. Blockchain dispersion technological innovation, economic, Rongyijieshou, translucent product, with monthly payments are usually taken from the video game base, administrator and share compared with competitors. More importantly, including fundraising, marketing, make money there, get the option to retainment together for customers typically include the use of the video game blockchain basis. This option is exactly what exactly matching the independent administrator costs of small companies together will need to achieve their aspirations in the market with a very economical through. Contest Administrator will not rely on old-fashioned lectern write your game. Playing games. COM emerged as the fact that the distributed encryption mall toy store first, the destination system administrator blockchain provide a simple way of world-class competition to choose for their excellent work. It can be maintained, held together with a proft to keep your game, fans will be encrypted, and not worry about the monthly disability payments. can eliminate the vast piracy complications, but also an independent administrator, it will be in the CPI (cost per install) competition World War. independent companies will have disposable income, you should hire an excellent creativity, they are no longer an enhanced schedule match style free-to-play. The game can be in this place a room or space (payment) conversion, ARPU (average revenue sales per user of), ARPPU (average revenue per sale users shelling out) together with ARPDAU truly overcome when companies are substantially matched ( the average sales revenue per user is busy every day) have experienced some sort of stages to reduce the increase in game doll.

Playing games. COM provides the use of all the things they need to match the administrator: contract have intelligence, marketing network has a direct view into account the actual website address to deal with them and just all of us to lead the way 20-game ability to consult together skillfully developed. provides the possibility of matching means Crypto enthusiasts administrator to specify which occurs in accordance with an amazing future through the promotion of some kind. A fun game where consumers pay the bridal party will perform together with the race said it would ensure that more of the bridal party to a number of other cryptocurrencies. Cover and keep customers find, make money, trouble means that the independent administrator of the game together., coupled with the tasks of the overall environment in accordance with the pattern of the labor market, the fact that the game makers together with just a regional power PlayCoins This feature means that a lot of software projects competitors to match. cover financial condition, regularly affect different manufacturers try to match your great suggestions welcome.

What is PXG (PlayGame token)

PlayGame Token fair contracts can be a platform that enables game publishers, developers, and communities across the right side of the SDK environment. Our cryptocurrency racing audience will make the game publisher or programmed to run their games in their own token economy ERC20 cryptographic token money. All characteristics of the game itself, like a person who signs reward loyal, games consoles the prize pool and many extras at execution.

Jump To Play Games Platform HTML5

Reassessment of marketing and distribution, we are creating Jump into the game platform game players can specialize on their desktop computers, batteries, and HTML5 browser games, and occasionally play may embed their own software. There is no download required for a program. does not publish your game required. We will also launch the encryption strength of fundraising platforms from the masses, we call FunFund initiative.
FunFund Initiative

Create A Complete Ecosystem

We believe in building a foundation of the world’s definition of gambling. The reason is that we will be in the development of the sport, facilitating the supply of the two largest blocks were created to focus on the players and the financial community to improve your game progress.

They believe in maintaining the building blocks defined in the gaming world. Therefore, they will focus on the two biggest blocks of the game development: easy distribution and fun player community improve your game development.


With the remarkable development of the gaming industry, many of the games available in the market, gamers have a lot of choice in the mobile gaming platform of choice, the survey said, the company has grown rapidly in the last decade. Developing games require initial costs and maintenance costs due to revenue growth and innovation lag-free gameplay is great.


In order to overcome the challenges in the gaming industry, the gaming industry by integrating cryptocurrencies PlayGame is trying to create untapped market opportunities come up with a solution.


Our mission is to help gamers, game developers, entrepreneurs, investors, advertisers and Future Thinking encryption enthusiastic about other people convert their ideas into the game with a full-featured game, you can millions with the number of people, regardless of location, origin, or their gaming devices to enjoy their position. We have a roadmap and work products will be up and running until October 2018.

Cryptocurrency Fundraising Phase Power Supply

In the era of all Kickstarter, you should be able to allow your loved one to fund the next match. We FunFund Initiative can help you. In the introduction of currency holders mass market encryption, you have to get used to electronic money, and the desire to pay them their appreciation. Enable things personally support you and give you a supporter of the game they want to respect people have. provide game developers with everything they need: technical solutions, including intelligent contracts, marketing with a domain name that is simple and easy to remember us:, consulting and management experience to our team of industry experts to drive 20 matches. game developers a tremendous opportunity to make this a game Cryptoenthusiasts emerging markets. fun games, people pay a token to play and compete to win more tokens from other cryptocurrencies. It solves the acquisition, monetization and retention problems for users from independent game developers.


We are also health and development, plus a comprehensive translucent gambling environment, is a game builder, editor and avid player himself useful decisions.

Benefits Game Publisher / Developer

  • Suitable suppliers SDK, user-friendly bundled wallet
  • Make money immediately to consumers, there is no cost-sharing for mutual benefit gatekeeper
  • The game uses cryptocurrency economic environment to empower their video games
  • Do not worry about fraud, as well as refunds blockchain tips on design issues other things payment of Stroke
  • The whole park your funds increases Foundation (FunFund Initiative)

Benefits For Gamers

  • Compensation, time to play games wedding
  • Full charge controls associated with digital products
  • Buy game PXG expressed collection
  • Two wedding itself including competitive event, also staking their wedding
  • PXG wedding industry around the world to help deal

Token Sale

PXG 1st Expression Purchase can be purchased together with Bitcoin, Ethereum as well as Tokenomy. Please visit your timetable beneath for much more details. Only 1,000,000,000 PXG (1 Billion dollars PXG) is ever going to be distributed.

Pre Token Sale

  • Capped at 200,000,000 PXG
  • 1 ETH = 18,000 PXG
  • September 10th 2018 at 03:00 PM UTC+7

Token Sale

  • Capped at 400,000,000 PXG
  • 1 ETH = 15,000 PXG
  • September 24th 2018 at 03:00 PM UTC+7

Number of tokens for sale

600,000,000 PXG (60%)

Use of Funds

The proceeds from the token sale will be used for the development, promotion, and growth of the new decentralized ecosystem. The preliminary allocation is set forth below but is subjected to

PlayGame Use Of Funds

  • 40% Product Development
    This includes the development and operations of PXG-related technology, such as smart contracts, wallets, SDKs, plugins, and other updates. This will also include the hiring of additional personnel.
  • 30% Marketing
    This will be used for advertising, promotional events, sponsorships, and other marketing activities to promote the adoption of PXG.
  • 15% Partnerships
    This will be used to develop partnerships and attract participants in the PlayGame Token decentralized ecosystem.
  • 15% General and Administrative
    This includes, among other things, costs associated with `rent, utilities, insurance, and administrative salaries.
  • Bonus
    Participants using TEN will get an additional 10% PXG tokens


  • Oct 2018
    Fully working demo website on Ethereum testnet, Open-source SDK alpha phase
  • Jan 2019
    Account services, wallet and trust protocol, Crypto payment gateway launch, SDK in beta phase.
  • Q2 2019 platform soft launch, PXG wallet, and smart contract implementation SDK released. Game developer beta outreach.
  • Q3 2019 public global launch, PXG virtual vending machine, international expansion focusing on Japan and China

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