Photochain – A New Generation Stock Photography Platform

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Photochain – A New Generation Stock Photography Platform

Photochain – The development of the world of photos in today’s age so fast, first we need the Camera to photograph the most beautiful moment, but now we just need a smartphone to photograph, very simple. Currently, we are in the era of web 3.0 innovation, which allows global human networks to rely on high information and high data throughput. Secure the use of the peer-to-peer (p2p) blocking technique without the need for a hub. This technology opens new horizons for architecture and software applications. It provides a list of safe and verifiable transactions that are available to all users at any given time. With the help of so-called smart contracts, Ethereum blockchain technology offers the possibility of using machines to distribute digital goods properly. Therefore, conditions for the settlement of the contract can be met only if both parties comply with the section. Therefore, the machine will have no room for harmful interference. The flexibility of the “Solidez” language in Ethereum facilitates the use of many use cases that are always considered utopian.

With the Photochain p2p platform, we introduce a new generation stock photography platform. We use this technology to create fair trade between digital works between artists and buyers.

Therefore, the specific terms of use of this platform and the security exchange provisions are simple and fair for both parties. And so on, the artist receives up to 95% of the final sale price.

Photochain Mission

Photochain offers two categories of users that are clearly superior to traditional photo libraries: taxpayers and customers. Photochain employees benefit from low cost: only 5% of the sale price. Having the opportunity to maintain 95% of the final sale price allows taxpayers to provide more economical jobs, so the market is cheaper for customers. This fair market is not only beneficial to users, but it should also benefit the photography industry as a whole since higher income possibilities will help them improve their performance.

Only through blockchain technology, smart contracting, machine learning, and the Photochain user community, we can achieve profound market changes. Most processes are automated and decentralized, which greatly reduces the cost of platform governance. It can not be denied that more and more taxpayers and customers are more willing to use Photochain.

Development of the Photochain platform is an ambitious and growing process. The main objective of our project has three important branches:

P2P Market: It is important to us that only artists can determine the value of their work, and they have the opportunity to give their work to many prospective buyers. Our platform provides opportunities for implementation through the use of synergy technology and learning blockchain machines.

Encrypted economy: The Photochain platform has attracted many viewers who have not yet adopted blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. The use case of “Photochain” can appeal to this audience. The user-friendly graphical user interface and the negotiation process help the integration process and help Crypto Economy become mainstream.

Copyright Digital Photochain Chain DCC: As the project progresses, more artists will be able to use the Photochain platform to increase their copyright as their work will be associated with their name. The link appears as a transaction in the Ethereal block and is therefore visible to all users anytime. This means that artist image attributes can be counted. A database containing all the real links is built in a decentralized way.


Platform Photochain

With all existing stock photography platforms, the only way to ensure transaction security is through central control. Instead, we create platforms that work independently, safely, and effectively based on established rules.

We are developing DApp Photochain in blockchain Ethereum. In addition, Photochain also uses computer vision (machine learning) to meet the requirements of certain archival photography techniques.

Photochain DApp is a platform where artists have the opportunity to sell their work to a wide audience at a cost, and the seller is entirely responsible for their own sales. The Photochain team is not responsible for the seller’s illegal activities. This means that the artist is responsible for the validity of the works it sells and is solely responsible for any illegal activity. However, Photochain will protect the user’s copyright protection by preventing the sale of unauthorized photos.

Characteristics of Photochain DApp

  • Security
    The benefit of blockchain technology means transactions are fully secure and verifiable at all times for both the photographer and the buyer
  • Decentralised storage
    Digital works, as well as all transaction data, are stored in a decentralized and encrypted manner. This is done using the IPFS protocol and Photochain DB.
  • Contents
    The DApp is to be used exclusively for trading stock photography. Content that doesn’t fit the rules will be filtered using in-house developed bots.
  • Copyright
    By employing machine learning bots and also incentivising of the Photochain community through rewards.
  • Photochain Token facts
    Trading on Photochain DApp is conducted through PHOTON token (PHT). PHOTON token is the means of rewarding used across the Photochain Ecosystem. Any type of transaction on the platform will require the use of PHOTON Tokens.

As you know, things in the world of passwords are growing very rapidly. We also saw positive and interesting developments from Photochain, so we decided to make some last minute constructive changes for our token sales.

Explain first. In the past few weeks, we have gained so much momentum from the development of hidden champions to promising and promising prospects in the field of ICO. We have established an experienced team and a very influential advisory committee. The community recognizes the true value, substance and commitment of our long-term goals.

All of this, as well as the continued praise for our simple and effective prototype demonstration, is the reason why we achieve outstanding ratings on the most prestigious rating websites. We even took the ICO pitch award along the way.

During this time period, our whitelist has grown tremendously, and we have gained steady recognition in mainstream media and passwords. At the same time, we have a lot of praise and praise in the photography industry. So we want to do the best for all our supporters.

Taking into account our preconditions, our large (growing) community, our participants’ pre-sale ideas and current password market conditions, this is the content of the new plan.

We will show confidence and strength at the start date of ICO’s main sale on April 6, 2018, but we changed the main sales structure for two main reasons.

1) We want to give us faithful community opportunities to ensure that their tokens are ahead of potential morning stamp (because we are having a late discussion with a large private investor in the $ 25 million range).

2) We mainly sell through will be divided into several stages, we can match each other’s risk appetite ICO contributor in the current password market conditions (but we can not guarantee that after the first stage or the second stage is still available tokens).

Use Cases for Photon Token are:

  • Sales commission to the photographers
  • Rewarding the resolving on claims
  • Listing on “featured photographer“ section
  • Service delivery from Photochain’s partners (like our cooperation partner 1World)
  • Featured in search results
  • Other microservices, which will facilitate the Photochain Ecosystem in future

Photochain Crowdsale

We will offer the realization of the Photochain through two main stages: Pre-Sale and Main Sale (Crowdsale). We will publish weekly reports about the PHOTON Crowdfund in our Blog on Medium, and discuss it with the community. We want to maintain maximum transparency in all project phases.

According to the best practices of the Crowdfund process, the amount of PHOTON Token have a realistic Hard Cap. The PHOTON token issuance will take place after the Crowdsale.

It may take up to 30 days to distribute the PHOTON tokens to the contributors.

According to the current regulatory situation, we will perform a KYC/AML check of every contributor in the Photochain Crowdsale. This procedure is needed to guarantee the long-term compliance of the Photochain project.

Private Pre-Sale

Already started! Please register and get the latest info — we have a personal chat with every participant.


  • Pre-Sale PHOTON token Hard Cap: 10,000,000 PHT
  • Currency accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC
    #Token exchange rate: 1 PHT = 0.000102 ETH (accordingly in other cryptocurrencies, the discount of 40% on the standard PHT price ).
  • Amount of tokens per one person: unlimited
  • Minimum transaction amount in Ethereum: 0.1 ETH
    Maximum transaction amount in Ethereum: unlimited (within Hard Cap)
  • Minimum transaction amount in Bitcoin: 0.003 BTC
    Maximum transaction amount: unlimited (within Hard Cap)
  • Start date: NOW
    End date: 29th February 2018, 23.59 CET

Photochain Main Sale

Photochain Crowdsale is an important milestone for the future of the project. The financing will mainly be needed to expand the Photochain Governance Team and the delivering the 1. version of the Photochain DApp.

Start date: March 2018
End date: March 2018

PHOTON token Hard Cap : 165,723,285 (minus tokens sold during Pre-Sale)
Currency accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC
The exchange rate is 1 PHT = 0.00017 ETH (accordingly in other crypto assets, time-based discounts should be taken into consideration).

The minimum transaction: (0.1 ETH and the corresponding value in BTC/LTC)
The maximum transaction: (100 ETH and the corresponding value in BTC/LTC )

Discounts for PHT tokens:

  • Day 1 to 7: -30% discount
  • Day 8 to 14: -20% discount
  • Day 15 to 21: -10% discount
  • Day 22 to 31: -5% discount

As we said, we can not guarantee that after the first or second phase, there will still be a token available. If that is the case, we will not do the third stage, the Remnant sale. In addition, all major sales stages will be closed once we reach our upper limit. What we want to emphasize is that we are negotiating millions of dollars in deals with large private investors, so please plan your own contribution.

For those who voluntarily choose to comply with our optional home period, you will receive a higher discount. This vesting period means that you will not set your token before the vesting period ends. The token is printed by our smart contract but not sent to your ERC20 address before the end of the grant period, which means that you can not sell or trade your token. To be clear, this is completely optional.

To know the latest information about Photochain project you can visit the link below:


Creator : ubay

BTT Profile :;u=376156

ETH : 0xf684c669653b6cd2b606ecdfc69b69dff7935b2c