Philanthor – A Platform Committed To Philanthropy

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Philanthor – A Platform Committed To Philanthropy

Philanthor saw the need for charity, not only because it is a social responsibility, but because there is much work to be done to improve life on Earth. Taking into account philanthropic efforts, with the help Philanthor Blockchain technology, which is designed to assist those efforts. Use Blockchain was a good move, because Blockchain decentralized, which significantly reduces transaction costs, eliminating the intermediate links, it provides a secure and transparent transaction, activity log, which provides access to and connected to a lot of people, whether they are. Please note, activity logging, security, transparency, these factors contribute greatly to measure the social impact of charities. Why? Because each active safety record, remove any doubt and increase confidence that the funds raised would be donated or the proper way to use. Additionally, transparent, so that we have the opportunity to contribute their access rights for themselves how to use it, if it is used, it means that this, at the same time members, can see in real time how, when, where, and who is what these funds have been received, has made it possible to develop based on the ongoing activities to date as a result, the social impact.

Charity alone, let’s hope one of many words. The word charity exists because it exists, and the world needs love and care, people want to feel what the real cause-related. There are many forms of philanthropy, you can watch the behavior of volunteer activities and charitable philanthropy. It is not fair to say that no efforts to charity, and due to the fact that a large donation, but all over the world, there are many things that need to recognize and effort.

Since Philanthor will make their own tokens symbols based on Blockchain PTH technology, Philanthor. Unlike other charitable currency only move in one direction, the use of PTH will provide beneficial uses, but all, of course, do charitable efforts. As a token holder, they are social, which would make them become important for reasons Philanthor talks and decided to split the part. At the same time, as a society, in addition to the impact of the reason, this type of support, and PTH Token members can create awareness they think need attention and donations of reasons. PTH also will re-sign a donation, a non-profit organization to be the token can then be sold to raise additional funds. In addition to the re-donate token, PTH marks may be entitled to from the company that will donate, and because of their social responsibility and their own communities to work part Philanthor community benefits from goods and services.

Philanthropy vs. Charity

Charity significant feature is separate from charity, charity is not all types of charity, or vice versa, (although there is overlap). The main difference is that the charity aims to relieve the suffering caused by certain social problems, and philanthropy to try to solve the root cause of the problem. One example is issued to painkillers, malaria patients are charity, to educate people in disaster areas or in finding a cure for malaria, which is the difference between a charity to support medical research team.

In the right community members will be given Philanthor make their profile philanthropist whose members can demonstrate that they hope to create awareness about the cause or type of support. To give a bigger picture of the use of funds, Philanthor which aims to distribute 40% of the funds for research, the impact on investment funds, 15% of charities and difficulties, and the reason for 20% to 25% the proportion of the allocation of scholarships.

Philanthor Distribution

Philanthor as a Collective Mind

Philanthor is like-minded people with common beliefs, ideological and moral attitude, want to improve life on Earth. In short, we will combine the collective wisdom of the things that we care about, and direct attention towards it made the Earth, mankind and future generations. our collective wisdom as a strong collective mentality united, will strive to continually improve life on Earth, continues to achieve long-term solutions, direct response, crisis, and emergency situations. In essence blockchain, Philanthor committed to fixing problems in real life. Among our money, aid and resource flow gracefully reflect the collective mind of our members want the reason, there are no geographical boundaries, social or cultural prejudices.

Donors Sign Holder

Philanthor one-point advantage over the traditional charity platform, it becomes a donor while holding the token. Therefore, donors will be able to voice their opinions, participation in society, and the floor is a reason to support Philanthor. Yes, we know, from the goodness of your heart so that in itself is already a valuable experience, but Philanthor is for you and to make your voice heard and counted.

Philanthor Usage of Tokens

Token holders can also choose to donate their mark to return to the program and the organization of their choice, in turn, can sell tokens generate new funds again.

Then, sign holders will also benefit from participating in the platform market. Philanthor invitation and donors to reward CSR (corporate social responsibility) to donate their goods and services, then those goods and services and exchange PTH marks.

How will it affect the fund created?

We will provide grants to recognized public charity, educational, scientific and cultural institutions of our charity; poverty alleviation mechanism. We will also offer scholarships, provided they meet the standards of a recognized charity, direct subsidies to people who are difficult, emergency assistance and medical dilemmas. We will take three years to allocate funds in the following areas

Crowd Funding via Token Sale

Our platform is essentially the heart of a private foundation structure can improve a public weapon or CSR (corporate social responsibility), for charity, grants, and donations from other causes. Funds raised through the sale of common signs (which may also be understood as ICO, the initial issuance of coins or EFT, the event marks the distribution). Among them, inviting the public to donate money in exchange for Philanthor sign of PTH. Our donors into which they wanted to determine the reasons for supporting the democratic process and transparency rules set by the donor made, but by members of the engine (AI-DAO) jurisdiction.

Token Sale

Philanthor raises funds by selling tokens. Donors simply need to create a profile on the platform Philanthor and noted that their choice of career, whether scholarships, charities and so on. In exchange for their donation, donor pre-order issued PTH sign (token run in the ecosystem Philanthor). Token sales will be divided into two phases, the first, pre-sales, will run between June to September 2018, while in the second stage, the crowd of public sale will begin in October 2018.

Philanthor Token Allocation

The Philanthor token sale details are as follows:

  • Token: PTH
  • Price:1 ETH = 10,000 PTH
  • Pre-ICO Price: 1 ETH = 15,000 PTH
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Hard cap: $20M
  • Pre-Sale: June to September 2018
  • Public Crowd Sale: Opens in October 2018


Philanthor Roadmap

To know the latest information about Philanthor project you can visit the link below:


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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Philanthor team, I just give you the latest ICO info”