Phenomenal Network – The Data Storage Markets

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Phenomenal Network – The Data Storage Markets

Phenomenal Network – This can sometimes dampen marketing experts to move to a new advertiser, or run of network activity. On the other hand, networks and advertisers are constantly looking for new promoters have questions, they can use fake traffic cheated.

Phenomenal network in terms of prompt payment, and through advertising network for advertisers to provide and develop specific tools to purify the social revolution.

By understanding the parties have been faced with some problems. We represent the affiliate marketing program first blockchain electricity, we will be behind the activities of the owners and suppliers to determine the mass flow rate, as well as helping them to get rid of fraud promoters.

In our ecosystem, gold affiliate gift should be a real gold mine is what qualifies promoter can, they have always wanted, a real payment and fast. In particular, to respect and recognition showed superior performance.

Gold reward affiliates are to provide an activity or an application for long-term visitors to the hard work and honest real motives. It also seems to be a liar, where they can not qualify as a threat.

Phenomenal Network plan to address these ecosystems are discussed below:

  1. Cost
    Blockchain With today’s technology, it is not possible to get a cost-effective manner and we expect the performance of one million transactions per second. This is probably why the selection of other projects as the main reason for children outside blockchain technology.
  2. Customizability
    Affiliate marketing is unique, and other forms of digital marketing are very different. For example, the private sector needs to organize all of the participants. However, this goal can not be fully implemented any blockchain technology. Therefore, the outstanding network aims to integrate the functions blockchain to operate with impunity solution to this challenge.
  3. Stability
    The current coalition has been working with third-party marketing operational risk. Phenomenal Network is specifically designed to eliminate the 10 requirements, regardless of the network size or proposition. Therefore, the successful implementation of our blockchain ecosystem will help us get rid of the users are not interested in the decision. We will also ensure that the blockchain technology to reduce operating costs without affecting the quality of business operations. In fact, our Phenomenal Network implementation will help to eliminate all the major problems currently facing the affiliate marketing.


Our solutions can be integrated into all aspects of affiliate marketing, including features, blockchain data structures, network protocols, and parameters, as well as the functionality and data storage markets. The development of multi-core low-level optimizations in the network layer. Network layer in the case of a contract, including the type of intelligent, network, and storage. In our case, the core network layer may be, shall take into account the evolution of the social protocol. Among other provisions, we have several solutions with impunity. First, we must effectively use, supports compressed binary storage media complex, second, we must all protocol layers batch, thirdly, we have to change network parameters. This can be achieved by using weighted sound equity. It is especially necessary to fork minimized to ensure that changes the natural evolution; using debris fragmentation and the level of network scalability, support the encryption algorithm used to optimize the data model; Short-term fluctuations in the feed stream dedicated data encryption Data; all through transaction processing subsidiary business logic, and to ensure that member companies understand and expose the client node-friendly API developers.

Phenomenal Network Ecosystem

The network came up with an amazing ecosystem, all the niches together to enable members of the public. For decades the first time, cheating will be strictly traffic, in particular, can help prevent the affiliate marketing and network users paid more quickly than before joining CPI and CPA Network. Phenomenal Network team will publish its own alliance forum, all users of the network and affiliates together to discuss and partnerships.

Phenomenal Network Ecosystem

The primary objective of the Phenomenal Network is to create the best platform affiliate marketing network affiliate existing users tracking software. Traditional tracking software platform only provides friendly and easy to use interface, real-time reporting of network infrastructure as part of the service; their weakness is not created include detecting fraud platform traffic. With electric technology and optimization tools blockchain, there is amazing trust surpassed all competitors at the moment. The amazing ecosystem of networks (PNE) alliance that aims to encourage regional blockchain related startups to develop their next business, as a subsidiary of the community does not really participate much more in this very promising market. If we publish testnet and main net, all blockchain developers can make their own mark that would be stronger

Phenomenal Network Advantages

Is exceptional network design is based on the child’s main advantage blockchain supply ecosystem include:

  • Utilization of sub-pieces, to achieve ten thousand yuan per transaction.
  • Scalability, enhanced security, and ecosystems.
  • Both fraud and mass flow of real-time and accurate notification,
  • And ensuring all affiliate category scalable ad network.
  • Simple and easy to sign up for both merchant and affiliate marketing.
  • Create a coalition of groups based on good technology.
  • To ensure that qualified marketers will get what they deserve fast, safe and high satisfaction than ever before.
  • Helping children Alliance Award by doing gold to get more power.
  • Please advertisers and affiliate networks to ensure the security and anti-fraud traffic warning – ASEAN Free Trade Area
  • Rapid financial transactions

Phenomenal Network (PN) TOKEN

The PN tokens are directly tied to the underlying assets with a unique liquidation option in the smart contract. This protects the asset price and ensures it is never able to fall below the token’s share of the underlying assets.

If you pass Whitelist, then each of you will have your own ERC20 wallet to send a contribution. The fund will be heavily promoted to fiat investors and the only opportunity to purchase these fund tokens will be from you – the ICO token holder.


  • Date: Presale is estimated to take place on September 15 — September 29 (will be announced later)
  • Total token supply: 900.000.000 PN
  • Total hard cap: 69.000 ETH = 450.000.000 PN
  • Soft cap: 18.000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 69.000 ETH
  • Pre-sale: 150.000.000 PN = 18.000 ETH
  • 30% bonus for presale. 1 ETH = 8.427 PN
  • Crowdsale : 300.000.000 PN = 51.000 ETH
  • No bonus for crowdsale. 1 ETH = 5.900 PN

Phenomenal Network Distribution


Phenomenal Network Roadmap

To know the latest information about Phenomenal Network project you can visit the link below:

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Phenomenal Network team, I just give you the latest ICO info”