PeerTubeCrypto – The Innovative Decentralized P2P Video Platform

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PeerTubeCrypto – The Innovative Decentralized P2P Video Platform

PeerTubeCrypto – most of us would rather watch a video from the book focus on reading. visual information is believed to be more readily absorbed better than words. leisure time, we also chose to text visual content. The book is no longer seen as entertainment, in our spare time, we would prefer to see a funny video interesting than reading a book. Therefore, large-scale video hosting sites like YouTube do not stop gaining popularity.

The world has become a global village, because of the influence of social media. In the network life, social media men today occupies his / her life in a very important part of some of us in Vkontakte, Discord, Twitter or Facebook, others prefer a telegraph line, this platform popularity, as people must remember they are the very large audience and sometimes billions of people. However, perhaps the most popular platform is on YouTube, where we do not see a funny video or hysterical, lifehacks or music video this platform? Perhaps, everyone involved in the Internet there. However, social media platforms, including video platform, is going through a natural process of development, so that the transpiration YouTube, what sites hosting video early, faster, more convenient and more secure that I try to review, it is called PeerTubeCrypto.

About PeerTubeCrypto

PeerTubeCrypto is decentralized video hosting platform and video broadcasting. Forecasts in the free / software. PeerTube such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo focuses on the development and improvement of the antagonist. PeerTubeCrypto premise that P2P technology and interconnect visitor’s browser. What is climate? It can be uploaded to the platform peertube specified video is not stored in one place – a central server, but the transmission network and transmission network of colleagues.

PeerTube BitTorrent client that WebTorrent premise, running at the utilization of P2P direct communication channel between the browser and the browser used to breed.

The use of technology ActivityPub in all, it amalgamates the different video servers into a shared network, where content distribution audience participation, and the opportunity to subscribe and receive notifications of early films.

PeerTubeCrypto also relies on existing open technologies like BitTorrent as a stream layer, so that people can see your video in their view, shared (even outside during WebTorrent compatible with torrent daemon). This reduces the load on the server, so a little more measurable advantage.

Last but not least, the polymerization PeerTubeCrypto management is an open platform technology beautifully. There is more to come, but the most interesting is what you do: to share videos, music, and eventually released.

How PeerTube work platform?

Everyone can bring what we call PeerTube Server instance. Each brings its own examples and videos. Administrators also saving options available to them in accordance with the recommendation of the video user list of cases.

PeerTubeCrypto Platform

  1. To Control Your Content
    PeerTube let everyone share your videos. As a direct contact with the people hosting provider (or into your own), you can choose your own broadcasting is how to do it.
  2. Placing the First User
    You are a person, not a product. PeerTube is free / software. Make all instances, animation hosted and maintained independently.
  3. Being An Actor Broadcast Your Video
    When you see a video PeerTube together, WebTorrent technology allows you to get this video and see who it is, at the same time a part of the broadcast audience.


It is not worth the oral PeerTube wallet available to download for use on most popular platforms, including Android / iOS mobile phone tricks
Wallet for Windows looks and works well with a good design and it was translated into many languages, you can enjoy a meet that needs.

There is a secret phrase blocking wallet, purse copy, edit and release function of different addresses, and many other features that make the wallet were really comfortable and functional.

PeerTube project for the transformation of the existence of the order of video hosting market, making it more comfortable, therefore, secure, decentralized platform plenarily, taking into account the rapid pace of development projects and soon we can visually see the initial taste Wang PeerTube video.

About ICO

Currently, the project team is located in PeerTube trying to raise funds through crowdfunding, ICO to achieve phases of the project. This project has the potential for huge profits because the industry is sensitive to revolutionalize video, so you can take advantage of this opportunity to buy themselves into this project and in a very short time to make so many advantages. Oh, I forgot to mention PeerTube are communicating user to user.

Pre-Sale Starts


Pre-Sale Terms

Total 10 MN in pre-sale
1 MN = 0.5 BTC

MN Collateral

1MN = 10,000 PTCX
Token Symbol: PTCX
Total Number of Tokens: 10,00,00,000

Token Distribution

PeerTubeCrypto Token Distribution


PeerTubeCrypto Roadmap

PeerTubeCrypto Wallet

Win 64
Win 32


I think this is a new breakthrough, we know Youtube has a lot of useless content now. And with PeerTubeCrypto, hopefully, it will become the best video hosting platform in the future.

To know the latest information about the PeerTubeCrypto project you can visit the link below:

ANN Thread:
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BTT Profile:;u=376156

BTT Username: ubay

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the PeerTubeCrypto team, I just give you the latest ICO info”