Peerguess ICO review

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Peerguess ICO areview

Peerguess ICO review

Peerguess is an application created for free cryptocurrency tickers and is designed to answer users questions related to trading in the crypto market, such as “will Bitcoin increase or decrease over the next 24 hours?”. With this app, then you can improve your intuition and strategize in increasing the number of crypto assets you have today. as a game changer in the world of crypto, Peerguess itself is designed with a lot of gamification experience that has been analyzed.

Through the guesswork of Perguees app users by creating an overall asset that is greater than the sum of its parts, it allows Peerguess to provide predictable data that rely on allegations to your crypto market data.

And as you know in the crypto world, almost everyone in the crypto world will always keep an eye on, observe and check the value of cryptocurrency at any time through an app like Coin Ticker, Blockfolio and more. However, most applications can not provide accurate information related to investment, nor the amount of cryptocurrency value that is on the market. And most of these applications can only be used to track the market status or value in your current portfolio.

In addition, we also know that almost everyone in the crypto world such as crypto addict, miners, small to large investors have spent so much time, experience, and luck just to search for investment clues from various online sources such as blogs, twitter, community, twitter, contact roll and many more. This is very boring sometimes, even need to drain a lot of power of course.

But now you do not need to do things like that right now, using the simplified and complex Peerguess application, this application not only allows you to get very accurate information but also allows you to more quickly and help strategize and allows you to achieve the highest asset in the crypto world. With its simple yet complex design, Peerguess in a short time all cryptococcal tickers and portfolio applications can be replaced by the environment directly. This is because Peerguess not only provides the common features as they appear in most apps.

With the decentralized Peerguess application system, you can adjust the number of Gems you want to use just by clicking the buttons above or below on the Peerguess app. More specifically, as if the price of 1 Ethereum is $ 261 at the moment, then you can try to guess whether the price will be lower or higher than $ 261 after 24 hours in the future. That way Peerguess can train you with gems and compare your predictions in crypto data in the real world. That way Perguees can analyze gem game data to deliver results, reports and opportunities you can make as a strategy ingredient in the crypto world to generate more profits in your assets easily and effectively.

Not only that, Peerguess application has also issued token as its digital currency. Token named GUESS which is a token standard with ERC20 base Ethereum with a simple form. The inventory amount of the GUESS tokens alone is 200,000,000 where a total of 120,000,000 shares will be offered during the ICO period.

Sales And Distribution Of Peerguess Coins

The Peerguess project will issue a GUESS Token and use the Ethereum base. Coins created by Vitalik Butterin are very familiar to the practitioners of cryptocurrency. Ethereum is a new technology and simple and provides a sense of security for generating a very smart contract. From that Peerguess chose him as the coin base of this project.

Peerguess coin

We will also introduce teams that will succeed Peerguess project include:

Management Team
– Seyit Özgür – Founder
– Levent Kurt – Founder
– Mert Çavdar – Community Manager
– Nebi Senol Yılmaz – Information Security

Development Team
– Jaya Gehani – Project Manager
– Mangesh Vyas – Mobile Developers
– Subhash Patidar – UIX Designer
– Kapil Prajapati – QA Engineer

Advisory Team
– Dexter Kwak – Gamifikasi Advisor & Ambassador S.Korea
– Murat Hatipoglu – Network Security Adviser & British Ambassador
– Toros Orkun – Financial Advisory & U.S. Ambassador
– Ebru Kurt – Legal Counsel
– Jian Jolly – Technical Advisor & Managing Director of Bitkapital

Peerguess team



















Token GUESS is offering 120,000,000 during ICO lasts. Then Funds collected during ICO will for development and finance infrastructure maintenance.

GUESS token value: 1.250 GUESS = 1 ETH

The ICO period and the sale value of the Guess token:

  • ICO first week: 2,500 GUESS Token / 1 ETH (with 100% bonus)
  • ICO second week: 2000 GUESS Token / 1 ETH (with 60% bonus)
  • ICO third week: 1,500 GUESS Token / 1 ETH (with 20% bonus)
  • ICO fourth week: 1,250 GUESS Token / 1 ETH
  • Minimum target after ICO sale: $ 0.20 per GUESS token

For investors who invest in this project, there will be a question of the benefits to be gained while playing a role in this project, we will offer benefits such as:

  • Can analyze to predict the price in the market
  • Get data from Recommendation Engine and Stigmergic Quantitative Data module
  • Can execute Auto-Trade
  • Have the opportunity to get a GUESS tokens with a value that is cheaper than the price on the market when first launched.
  • Will get Gems bonus and Gem conversion value, which value you have will be higher
  • As long as ICO takes place in each Investment it will permanently remove app ads

To know the latest information about Peerguess project you can visit the link below:

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