Pecunio – One-stop-shop Solution For Crypto Spending With One Simple Dashboard

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Pecunio – One-stop-shop Solution For Crypto Spending With One Simple Dashboard

Pecunio – We personally believe in the philosophy mission, created by Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of the idea of a chain block, creating a safe, affordable and accessible universe for one person.

Crypto market is growing steadily.It reached near $ 20,000 Last year.Who can tell “ how much will it hit in this year?” Among 1000 of ICO projects “PECUNIO” will be one of the best projects in 2018.

In the past 30 months, the ICO market has increased from $ 14 million to $ 2.6 billion. Finance and investment have not yet been demonstrated as a group due to lack of innovation and decentralization. With a unique business deal, Pecunio is expected to capture a significant market share in the ICO’s results and beyond.

The dawn of a new investment era started with the very successful Ethereum ICO in July 2014. Imagine that at that time you invested $ 2,000 in ETH. Now, in 2017, in less than three years, two thousand dollars will cost more than 1 million dollars

Similar to the Stratz blockchain solution: just 12 months after the ICO, the owner of this card multiplied their initial investment by 600 times. ICOS can expand your investment and investment most profitable ever if things go well.

This is our business enterprise, which needs to identify, orient and support the potential of the performers in the super-dynamic market.

What Is Pecunio?

In order to open the cryptocurrency market to everyone with a variety of interesting products and services, PECUNIO project was launched. This platform is a one-stop-shop and solves the problem of crypto spending with one simple dashboard. It allows converting from and to cryptocurrencies as well as investing into valuable assets like the commodity-backed gold token or PECUNIO‘s blue-chip crypto fund (PCC)

How does it work?

It is simple to understand.Just we have to sign up the website. Then go to your dashboard and transfer the crypto asset to your account. After that, you can store into your crypto card, exchange or invest PECUNIO products.

What will PECUNIO provide you?

  • PECUNIO provides transparency in a complex market
  • PECUNIO is constantly adapting and refining our sustainable business model
  • PECUNIO offer a functioning set of working products
  • PECUNIO provides highest safety standards through cold storage
  • PECUNIO offers all transactions via one platform
  • PECUNIO offer a scalable low-cost platform solution
  • PECUNIO combine constant advancement with a lean cost structure
  • PECUNIO can rely on a strong community of more than 50.000 enthusiasts


Our team knows how to control risk. (For those interested in an in-depth understanding of asset risk management, we recommend reading Alexander J. McNeil, Rudiger Frey and Princeton University Press published in 2015, written by Paul Embrehta. “Quantitative Risk Management: Concepts, methods, and tools” 2 version 1 of 2005). Investors including cards, diversification and ongoing risk management will benefit from the lower risk

Pecunio Fund is only the first coin (PICO)

The purpose of ICC Pecunio is to stop the company at its own stage before ICO and ICO. PICO funds are limited to preventing assets with the lowest acceptable products and are preparing for ICO activities. Our management team will conduct a thorough check to remove weak market quotes, mediocre teams, and potential fraud from a long list.

From our short list, we work closely with targeted investments to help them introduce the best LCO. PICO investors will benefit from our industry contacts and investigative powers to identify potential fraud schemes before financial losses occur.

Pecunio Angel & Venture Fund (PAV)

In addition to the broader range of market services, Pecunio will also launch funds for angel investment firms in the blockade chamber. This special fund aims to increase productivity

Increase funds. The Pecunio team will actively manage the PAV with the help of an external consultant. Experts will continue to explore investment opportunities in the early stages of chain stores.


All of our labels are the ERC-20 standard based on Ethereum, we provide a decentralized network that allows our exploits to be exploited. PCO Pecunio gets funding from three sources: ICO management, productivity, and cost. Pecunio will earn a big commission in the shortest time possible, so invest in chip owner logo expansion.

To fund this project, we created a total of 40 million Pecunio brands (PCOs) after the ICO event. The total number of tokens is 100 million PCO codes.

PECUNIO Products and services

1. Free Exchange

This is the best thing in this project.It will not charge fees when you are going to exchange cryptocurrencies. Just we have to pay fees for removing the currencies from the exchange.

2. Pecunio Crypto Card

Pecunio card

PECUNIO crypto card is a prepaid multi-asset debit card, enabling coin and token spending in all fiat currencies around the world without exchange fees.

Those of Pecunio’s interests can expect to return profits from their investments, as we must make significant commissions and income crypts in the future. Choosing a symbolic investment tool, we bring liquidity to the markets of angels and venture capital, on the other hand, to an unassisted environment.

The owner of the card can sell and trade at any time, making it one of the most important innovations in the AC & VC market in the past few decades.

How to access PECUNIOS platform

First, the user needs to register by providing a working email address (for verification) and a username and password. After the user confirms the email, the personal wallet will be created and will be automatically redirected go to the user dashboard (including his personal account and shareholder overview).

Pecunio Token Sale

  • Pre-ICO: February 1st — 21st 2018
  • ICO: March 19th — April 19th,2018

Bonus stages:

  • February 1st — 21st,2018: 25% BONUS
  • March 19th — April 19th,2018: 0% BONUS

Token Details

  • Available in ICO: 30,000,000 PCO
  • Full supply: 100,000,000 PCO
  • Hard Cap: $ 45,000,000 US
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC
  • Exchange Rate: 1 PCO = $ 1.5 US

Pecunio Token Distribution

Pecunio token allocation

  • 20% – PCO founding team
  • 20% – Financial backers and Early supporters
  • 15% – Capital reserve for angel investments, Incentives, Salaries
  • 10% – Employee token pool
  • 5% – Advisory
  • 30% – Public

Pecunio Roadmap

Pecunio Roadmap

Pecunio Team And Advisor


Pecunio Team


Pecunio Advisor

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