PayPro – The First Decentralized Financial Marketplace

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PayPro – The First Decentralized Financial Marketplace

PayPro – At the point when Bitcoin ascended as a differentiating choice to the present pyramid-shape portion orchestrate, it amazed everybody inside the business by promising another decentralized portion arrange. It was known as the second web revolt. In any case, Blockchain was at the same time getting found. With the expansion in Ethereum, we found that Blockchain verifiably changed the present portion setting as well as changed our whole organic framework. Comparative Blockchain guidelines might be related to property possession, propelled characters, store chain, assurance or clinical trials, for the case.

Introducing PayPro

PayPro is a decentralized bank created to manage other ecosystems where prices are given to new structures because of smart contracts. Therefore, PayPro is a shopping center associated with decentralization where each dApp can publish its function. We are also building a Portfolio where customers have the ability to save digital money forms and sign the ERC-20.

After collecting PayPro, customers will be able to get rid of ETTH, BTC or GAS, for example, and use a shopping center to include resources at the crowdfunding stage, for example. In addition, offers earned with interest on these token types will also be deleted in PayPro. Therefore, all sources of cryptographic and individual responsibility will be invited to speak on PayPro.

Get to know about dApp


The PayPro shopping center will be used as a decentralized app, also known as dApp. According to David Jonhston, a dApp is required to meet some requirements to take into account all the issues to consider:

  • Taking into account the ultimate goal of reaching the application and compensating for the principle of adjudication of miners or clients, the cryptographic token is essential.
  • Applications are the mandatory open source, they must work alone and the biggest token members are not able to be controlled by the elements. In addition, the proposed improvements and market criticism are appropriate within the convention.
  • A decentralized block of blocks must be used to store Info and Operations records together with taking into account the ultimate goal to keep the case of major disappointment.
  • A token must be created as a proof of appreciation generated by the app.

Tas / Purse

PayPro can receive the most cryptococcal form. Using Ethereum can allow users to keep at least 100 of the most used eyelets along with the volume of transactions per day. Of course, PayPro Token can be our main eyebrow and can be easily exchanged along with other eyes. So far, we’ve developed iOS apps that make it possible to store BTCs, but this is just proof of a contrived plan for the target user experience.


From one viewpoint, clients will have the capacity to exploit their PayPro Token, otherwise called PYP, to buy any administration in the market. These administrations will run from obligation or credit to speculation. After the client has spent his PYP, the motion will be gotten and put away in the application because of the Smart Contract. For instance, if a client hungers for to put resources into the crowdfunding stage, he can look through the crowdfunding stage, pick battles, pay PYPs and put the token got in kind for PayPro.


Then again, providers can convey their administrations to the market. By utilizing keen contracts, we can guarantee that all exchanges are completed in a sheltered and productive way. All providers will be evaluated by clients so as well as can be expected to be exhorted and the most exceedingly awful can be put aside. By executing this positioning framework, we can avoid centralization and together guarantee that the accompanying administrations concentrate on customers and not the other way around.


Detail Paypro Token

PayPro Token (PYP) will be the lead cash in our biological community, empowering trades at business focuses. the request to choose the choice will be set by PayPro as the primary promoter and token holder gathering. we understand how bringing effects ought to be for our customers to dependably buy PayPro tokens can lessen customer gatherings. In this manner, we will empower the advance of our ways to excessively exchange our current customer resources for PayPro tokens with the goal that each time the customer needs to pay an expense. The issuance of our particular Token will be too likely money related masters from anyplace on the planet to join with PayPro. This monetary pro will have early access to Token PayPro while making. As the quantity of token will be restricted, we expect that the cost will increment amid the expansion popular. In any case, our Tokens will be recovered for exchanging significance like BTC or ETH meanwhile. We ask that our Token tip is broadly utilized particularly past our application as a developing gathering.

Summary of Token Sale

  • PayPro Token Name : PYP symbol
  • Pre-sale period: January 8 through January 15, 2017
  • Investment pre-sale Investment min 15 ET
  • Bonus pre-sale bonus up 35%
  • The main selling period: January 15 — January 31
  • The main sales term Investment min 0,5 ET
  • The main sales bonus
  • 1×24 hours 20%
  • First week 15%
  • Second week 10%
  • Exchange rate 1 ETH: 500 PYP
  • 20,000 ETH limit (Hard Cap) or EUR 5,000,000.00, depending on the exchange rate.
  • Currency received only for ETH
  • Beneficiary Token for economic decisions & rights.
  • Any nationality except Singapore, Estonia, and Indonesia
  • The US due to legal or state restrictions trade approved by the US.

Team Paypro

The founding team has worked together for the last 3 years, so we have become a solid team. It consists of 3 founders covering Blockchain, technology, and strategy.

– Pablo Ruiz, CEO
Gabriel Llambias, CFO
Enric Giribet, CTO


Distributing our custom token will permit back masters from anyplace on the planet to join PayPro. This money related pro will have early access to Token PayPro at the season of make. As the quantity of token will be restricted, we foresee that the expenses will increment as long as the expansion sought after. In any case, at that point, our Token will be recovered for any critical exchange like BTC or ETH as of now. We trust our Token closures are generally utilized even past our application as a gathering


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