PayFair – Decentralization Of The Market Buying And Selling Cryptocurrency

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PayFair – Decentralization Of The Market Buying And Selling Cryptocurrency

PayFair – Hello friends! Today, let us work with you to talk about an interesting project PayFair. Imagine this case, you have some money and want to invest some of their own money in cryptocurrency, so to speak a little bit to buy the coins in your portfolio. First of all, you have a problem buying gold coins, most importantly – how to properly and most secure way to do it. Of course, there are various ways to purchase cryptocurrency, but basically the same all these methods, as well as the procurement function platform.

Sellers and buyers are cautious and wary of each other, resulting in a problem situation, where there is no possibility to find a compromise. At the same time, a variety of platforms exaggerate transactions between sellers and buyers commissions. This is a significant barrier to attract potential new customers and negatively impact the entire field as a whole cryptocurrency. When you need to solve time issues immediately, but because of the support that is not fair, the dispute is resolved as often occurs through a considerable period of time. It also has a negative impact on the reputation of the exchange platform.

Due to the presence of an in-depth analysis of the results of this field study, a team of highly skilled professionals has developed a reliable and safe service PayFair

This service is a third party (guarantor) scattered pad transactions between buyers and sellers. This platform will ensure maximum security and transaction transparency.
Since this service that until now has avoided investments, cryptocurrency can not worry about that they will eventually be cheated, buy tokens for people who own purposes. This will positively affect the entire industry because it is lighter and easier to use, more people will interact in this market.

It should be noted that these services not only provide customers doing business with cryptocurrency, as well as buy and sell all kinds of services, goods and other material goods are very important.


Service operating systems including buyers and sellers, unit trusts, the Commission services and those sites guarantor of quality assurance. Each member of the ecosystem is a very important function.

Passive Income Trust receiving node system successfully completed transactions. Zhidezhuyi that the site received remuneration in the currency of the transaction. The unit is also responsible for all platforms PFR security token service and volatility PayFair proper precautions. To become a knot, you should not be less than 10-kilo balance PFR trust mark. If the number of tokens exceeds this figure, according to the additional revenue is to make sure that the nodes in the following order – if 25000 PFR balance, so that 2.5 × payments. Other important features master node of unit trusts is that there is no obligation to have online all day long iron strong. The principle is binding PayFair Platform uses signatures PFR bag MEW. It is also worth mentioning that the 1% commission to deal successfully generated 80% returns to the node guardian, and the remaining 20% of the demand for marketing and support platform.
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How PayFair Dispute Resolution?

Disputes are resolved by the node lift on the platform. In order to resolve the dispute, the holder node lifts reading chatting seller and buyer of the terms of trade and commerce. They see the evidence provided by both parties. Proof may include a written chat and digital photographic evidence or proof, such as screenshots or transfer images Bank, bank statements, transaction ID, or proof of mailing. Encouraging intermediary node checks Photoshop image processing, or tampered with, and ask for more information if they need it. Once they have enough evidence, they decided. Three adoptive nodes have reached the same decision in a row was valid.

PFR Should Be Aware Of What?

The PayFair token (PFR) which is used as the basis for Revenge blockchain ERC-20 marker. The goal is to create a sign of trust and transaction node to provide a safe environment.

What is the cost if the cost PayFair?

The low cost imposed by PayFair go toward ensuring that all transactions remain private and secure. The non-brokering fee of 1%, while the intermediary transaction fees of 1.5%, before rating the contractor which are both taken into account. In the case of non-agency transactions, 80% of the cost for trusting nodes, 20% of the flow to the ecosystem of support and marketing. In the case of intermediary transactions, 99% of the cost to do it, and the remaining 1% of the nodes decide to believe knot lift.

What Is The Biggest Node?

Trust nodes help to support prices PFR token, ensuring that it can resist major changes, and remain stable. Trust node also does a similar job to protect, maintain and update PayFair ecosystems.

What Are The Requirements Knot Confidence And How You Set Up An Account?

Prior to establishing the world node, users must have at least 10,000 PFR. Note that the node is believed weighted, which means more than 10,000 of each payment multiplied by the value of the mark is very important. Therefore, it is 11000 PFR will have to pay 1.1 times. In contrast to other ecosystems master node, node trust PayFair not have the time or online around the clock hardware requirements. Instead, you just need to connect the PFR wallet platform.

The trust holds the knot valued ecosystem passive participation. For each pay, knot-confidence to carve held a percentage of the transaction is paid in the same currency.

To build trust node, you must go PayFair sites and the establishment of trust accounts. You can reuse your customers use to create your account on a regular basis, even e-mail address of the node escrow account, but the name must be different. You will need to go to your email and click the confirmation link PayFair message.

The first time, you will be notified after login you do not have enough PFR is the world knot. There will also be added to the account you are writing step PFR coins. their details, you should visit MyEtherWallet and log in. Removing wallet accounts in the category of “how do you want to access your wallet?” Options listed options, such as MetaMask, private keys, memory for the phrase, Trezor, Ledger or purse. MetaMask only an option. field signature/message, enter the account name is believed to account your knot.

When you click on the “login”, the code generates the signature box. Copy and paste this code into the “signature box” on your trusty PayFair node interface. Click the “Check and add a new wallet.” You should receive a message saying “successful” and a green check mark indicates you have successfully connected your wallet into your trust account knot. Now you have a knot is believed, will be able to collect passive income.

What Is The Node Work?

A managed node is an important ecosystem PayFair part because they guarantee the integrity of transactions. Also known as the guarantor node, intermediate nodes defined by the PFR sign so I decided to give each ecosystem done by real people, and the value of the collateral. The combination hosting rating system to help the platform to get rid of bad actors.

PayFair using the technology of “smart wallet”, so that holders of intermediary nodes are connected, and if they want to hold communication with other nodes. This is in contrast with the current masternode systems on other platforms do not allow anyone to touch people. The PayFair Panel found that these networks provide benefits PFR token because the holder knot lift capability can easily communicate through organized.

Why Managed Node Holders?

A managed node must have a PFR value of $ 250, and those active participants who will be operating the node lift. Use them to solve disputes between sellers and buyers to provide information. Note that PayFair while changing the token managed node is required for PFR 3000 as a result of the latest deterioration of encryption is very important.

If the adoptive node is available, they must complete a notice of a dispute, the user can go back and view transaction history. They can then use this information to see the side of the upright. They also have the ability to request additional information before making a decision or evidence. For official results should be the same for three consecutive decisions. Following the decision, lift knot user rating. knot lift with higher ratings is more likely to get additional disputes, resulting in higher revenue. In return, the holder of the adoptive node receives 99% of brokering fee payment in currency trading.

How Do You Establish An Escrow Node?

As a node has a trust account, you must create a separate escrow account have the adoptive node. It requires a unique username, but you can share a single e-mail address and other account PayFair. Click on the link in your confirmation email, as soon as you log in, you will get what you did not have enough warning message PFR provide intermediary services.

By clicking on the top right of the page, then click the “wallet” solution to this “shows the wallet.” PFR View tab, click on your unique address PayFair PFR into account, which “appears under the PFR deposits.” Copy and paste this address from Purse to send the necessary PFR token, they hold you to your current PayFair account. You will have to repeat this process a small amount of gas sent ETH, at least 0005 ETH. Just click the “ETH” page to get the balance right address.

In short delay, regardless of the ETH and the PFR will appear in the wallet. This platform will not show you PFR, ETH until you send, so keep that in mind. After you save enough tokens, you will start receiving escrow dispute. Remember, this is random in real time, so there is no way to know when you will receive a controversy.

What Payfair Roadmap Look Like?

PayFair roadmap begins in October 2017 pre-sales, sales PFR mark. token general sales occur in November and 201 712 monthly reviews of this distribution. 2018 Q1 and Q2, PayFair provide a working platform and add new coins. In Q3 and Q4, PayFair will continue to increase and expand the integration of more applications and mobile applications and robot messenger through.


To date, there is a high possibility that unscrupulous service, should ensure that the purchase/sale of cryptocurrency security tripped. As a result, many users will lose their money. Among them, the results of a prospective investor do not leak from the cryptocurrency industry. To solve this problem, has developed guarantor services, safe and reliable services in the transaction may be ready – PayFair, which has many advantages over its competitors. Surprisingly, the fact that the guarantor can be either a good reputation with the system. The higher it is, the more you get their service

PayFair connected to people who want to buy and sell one pair cryptocurrency worldwide as cryptocurrency exchange network. The platform also provides the peace of mind provided the transaction process, and resolve disputes through the provision of service node hosting the lift. PayFair has supported dozens of cryptocurrencies, increased ease of use and growing list.

PayFair the same operation as LocalBitcoins and LocalMonero site because it is used to connect buyers and sellers of facts. Therefore, you will be dealing with other people, so pay attention to your account and your credit history to choose to trade with others, fall to the buyer or seller is not responsive can be frustrating and time consuming before is very important.

PayFair interface is very good, it was well-designed, fast, so you can easily access all the information you need.

In writing this article, they do not seem to be much activity on the site – a larger currency, such as revenge, only four offer to buy 11 sellers and PayFair team remains to be done to attract both parties customer transactions. The good thing about PayFair is that they provide more money, unlike LocalBitcoin and LocalMonero only deal with the coins.

Buy PFR Token allows you to set up a trust or managed node can be profitable for you in the future, the current low price of tokens, but your future income will depend on whether they can attract more users to the platform.

The team seems to be open, with all employees about refreshing the page it is a sign of the type of sites listed.

Now, we really can not recommend the use of this platform, because it seemed very beginning – it’s certainly possible, but it kept watch on your list.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the PayFair team, I just give you the latest ICO info”