PAX Coin – Suitable For Original Purpose Of Encryption Currency

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PAX Coin – Suitable For Original Purpose Of Encryption Currency

Pax Coin – first focus Blockchainstory Ltd. and Peregrine Fund in South American countries, such as Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Central Brazil and. Although these countries have rich Ziranziyuan, including oil, natural gas, gold, their position in the national economy is weak, due to the instability of the financial system. Due to a sharp decline in the real value of money, the market has very low self-esteem do their normal activities, as well as the national system, there are many obstacles. As a result, the expectations of the financial system is expected to press the issue, and the introduction of technology and Cryptocurrency Blockchain expected to overcome these obstacles.

Therefore, Blockchainstory Ltd. and Peregrine Fund have encouraged the development of public state and national various alternatives Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency in Central and South America. In addition, we have done a lot of preparation to build a system of exchange cryptocurrency and payment systems, cryptocurrencies can smoothly flow in the real economy, we can provide a stable platform Blockchain immediately PAX coins in Central and South America in 2018 will be all trade, import and export of Venezuela the actual economic environment.


PAXCoin has grown to be most suited mind encryption currency. Coin PAX is based on the platform of the most stable bits of the coin and has a concentration of better performance hem Te credits (LTC) or Vertcoin (VTC) and the like have PAXCoin manufacturers of mining equipment or pool Miner mine out coins, also miners mined enough.

This opportunity will provide a level playing field for all miners so that more participants to benefit from the exploitation. This will create a healthy ecosystem coins PAX and allows multiple users to PAXCoin sell and buy something, and PAXCoin more valuable event. In addition, the commissions generated transaction has been uneven across the world’s mining students, laying the groundwork for more people to participate in mining.

PAX Roman mythology, the goddess of peace, Latin for abundance, victory, peace. PAX Foundation was established in the country to build a foundation of intelligence, all users will eventually lead to a prosperous life. technology Blockchain will become the industry such things (IOT) networks, payment systems, healthcare, finance, shopping, gaming, energy, social media, real estate, entertainment, useful, and is expected to help improve the quality of human life in particular, in the case of state with the weak economy, which is expected to greatly increase the financial system is retarded to improve the quality of life of people contribute. Blockchainstory Ltd. was established PAX Foundation supports Blockchain industry in economically weak countries.

In the PAX Foundation has worked with community experts to support the development of the industry Blockchain blockchain Korea, effectively support the weak economies.

Business Models

Central and South American countries where it is most useful Blockchain technology environment. The introduction of technology Blockchain urgent need to improve the structure of currency in circulation and stabilize the country’s financial system. For example, in Venezuela, the financial system is not normal, because of the diminished value of existing plays Bolivar, so the government has released Cryptocurrency petroleum-based oil as a means to replace the money in the country. Ecuador to abandon the existing currency Sucre and using US $ as the official currency, due to paralysis of the functional currency in the late 1990s.

In using the dollar to help escape the economic crisis, stabilize prices, there are many problems. According to Zhongyangyinxing Ecuador (BCE), weakened export competitiveness due to the lack of policy measures to adjust the exchange rate. There are issues such as money laundering and counterfeiting violations, and because the weather was hot and humid, the bill quickly burned, and there is no problem for the cost of bills of exchange.

In particular, the cost of $ 3 million per year to exchange dollars for a new one. Therefore, to say that a true compromise Ecuador electronic money system (Sistema de DINEROElectrónico). Digital currency, known as effective, released in December 2014 and as electronic government first introduced the world famous, but residents of Ecuador to turn a new electronic money because the government is not monetary policy.

Technical Description

Pax Technical

Bitcoin-based coin PAX is a platform, which is to ensure the best security and compatibility with the API Bitcoin is developed, it is easily integrated into Bitcoin to support existing applications to maintain. PAXCoin in litecoin and mature script dogecoin encryption method. Further, in order to reduce the time of the formation of a long block, which is a bit of a problem coins, the block size is extended transaction times and implementation of 2 megabytes less than 1 minute.

Encryption Algorithm Script

In cryptography, the script was created by Colin Poxiwaer password-based key export function, initially for tar siesta online backup service. This algorithm is designed to make a charge for a massive attack by custom hardware requires a lot of memory. In 2016, the manuscript algorithm is a simplified version published by the IETF as RFC 7914. The script, the work program consists of many cryptocurrencies proven, first noticed and litecoin, dogecoin in Tenebrix and next Fairbrix anonymous programmer by calling ArtForz and so quickly.

password-based key function (KDF password-based) are generally designed to be computationally intensive, requiring a relatively long time to count (say a few hundred milliseconds). For each authorized user only needs to operate (for example, verify) after the execution of the function, the time required is negligible. However, a brute force attack will likely need to perform billions of operations at the point of time requires more and more significant, the ideal is affordable.

KDFs previously based on passwords (such as RSA Laboratories popular PBKDF2) has the resource requirements are relatively low, which means that they do not require very complex hardware or memory to do. So, they can easily and cheaply be implemented in hardware (for the case of ASIC, or even FPGA). This allows the attacker to hundreds or even thousands of hardware to build massively parallel algorithms and launching attacks in different parts of the search keyspace. This time available to complete the implementation of the necessary amount of brute force attacks, may put a reasonable time frame. Functional design script hampered by improving the algorithm of resource requirements. In particular, the algorithm is designed to be used with respect to the other by a large number of passwords KDFs memory, so the size and cost of hardware implementation is much more expensive, thus limiting the number of attackers parallel can be used to display financial resources.

Token details

  • Token Symbol or ticker of PAX COIN: PAX
  • Pre Mined Coin: 2.2 Billion
  • Fill token Supply: 8.8 Billion

Pax Fund Allocation

Distribution of the token at PAX COIN

  • Mining (locked for three years) – 75%
  • Public sale and private sale – 20%
  • Strategic partner – 3%
  • Internal team (locked for the five years) – 2%Pax Allocation

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