PAX Coin – The Highest Level Of Security And Stability

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PAX Coin – The Highest Level Of Security And Stability

PAX Coin owned Cryptocurrency 2.0, the Atlantic region, where encryption of money to help the everyday account. Cryptocurrency2.0 discipline containing chain block, reliability, time and cost of funds, interpersonal, inter-company and cross-border transactions. PAXCoin has first and asset reliability, encryption is not done not compel acceptance of financial exchanges between individuals, businesses, and countries at the beginning of mercantilism and social systems.

Cryptocurrency 2.0 seeks to build relevant business systems and ecosystems, and can be used as underpaid closed in the proper manner to revitalize Cryptocurrency 1.0 is not a monetary obligation is not, and it still is a generalization of the concept of equal access to falter as prices Cryptocurrency city). PAXCoin has the highest place and ensure constant and complete the form of financing and the group termination, will not tell the quality and people, membership and supplement market between the state and the country receive the best Cryptocurrency. Former technical Ireland Tho ‘different injured and trying to deal with, some of them praised the flow limitations of the financial system can not be solved.

PAXCoin industry already qualified to make the currency code is most useful. PAXCoin support in most of the same file, Bitcoin, and more than events Bi Laite currency (LTC) or Vertcoin (VTC) has been eliminated, etc. PAXCoin mining equipment giant manufacturer or compactness pool miners mining strike, the miners also unfair exploitation. This will allow everyone a chance to compete for the miners evenhandedly, so I participants of good production. This production is suitable Coin PAX ecosystem so that more users buy and trade with PAXCoin thing, but the author PAXCoin expensive. At a hearing, the commission has produced a transaction equal intervals around the mining fields between participants, the group put multi-structures involved in exploitation

Bitcoin-based construction, which is to ensure a good hit and departments, and to maintain compatibility API PAXCoin Bitcoin is mature, easy to incorporate into existing applications to verify Bitcoin. PAXCoin in litecoin and dogecoin script mature coding methods. Furthermore, when a recipe for long life forms inhibit thin, it is a little hard currency, which has been extended to 2 megabytes transaction filler blocks and quantization done in less than 1 minute.

The registration fee is implemented using a multi-bit address p2sh bags. Supports a variety of different wallets and each has its own configuration, designated 3-2- or -3 -5. In order for a number of wallet between two or more participants in the joints, all noted the registration fee is required for participation in the expansion of the public key. Then to a shared public purse design make the financing statement in which finance can be transferred to the wallet. Instead, each user has to manage their own private key and a private key is never sent anywhere. To open a specific transaction wallet to buy something that was also signed by the participants arrested.

PAXCoin with the highest level of security and stability, and through the establishment of the payment and settlement system, it is the best currency Cryptocurrency trade between the need for separate individuals, companies and businesses, state and national exchange. Although various techniques have been used in the past and secure a fair deal, they have many limitations, the current financial system cannot be resolved. The best way to overcome this limitation is Blockchain techniques and Cryptocurrency 2.0. By using Blockchain technology, you can record and share all kinds of information distributed book trade transactions require the same information to related parties, and you can view or change information directly, without intermediaries. Additionally, because the record retention Blockchain behavior modification, it may prove even with a past history of errors. Additionally, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain appear, reliability, cost and time saving interpersonal, inter-company and international transactions.


PAXCoin has grown to be most suited mind encryption currency. Coin PAX is based on the platform of the most stable bits of the coin and has a concentration of better performance hem Te credits (LTC) or Vertcoin (VTC) and the like have PAXCoin manufacturers of mining equipment or pool Miner mine out coins, also miners mined enough.

This opportunity will provide a level playing field for all miners so that more participants to benefit from the exploitation. This will create a healthy ecosystem coins PAX and allows multiple users to PAXCoin sell and buy something, and PAXCoin more valuable event. In addition, the commissions generated transaction has been uneven across the world’s mining students, laying the groundwork for more people to participate in mining.

PAX Roman mythology, the goddess of peace, Latin for abundance, victory, peace. PAX Foundation was established in the country to build a foundation of intelligence, all users will eventually lead to a prosperous life. technology Blockchain will become the industry such things (IOT) networks, payment systems, healthcare, finance, shopping, gaming, energy, social media, real estate, entertainment, useful, and is expected to help improve the quality of human life in particular, in the case of state with the weak economy, which is expected to greatly increase the financial system is retarded to improve the quality of life of people contribute. Blockchainstory Ltd. was established PAX Foundation supports Blockchain industry in economically weak countries.

In the PAX Foundation has worked with community experts to support the development of the industry Blockchain blockchain Korea, effectively support the weak economies.

Encryption Algorithm Script

In cryptography, the script was created by Colin Poxiwaer password-based key export function, initially for tar siesta online backup service. This algorithm is designed to make a charge for a massive attack by custom hardware requires a lot of memory. In 2016, the manuscript algorithm is a simplified version published by the IETF as RFC 7914. The script, the work program consists of many cryptocurrencies proven, first noticed and litecoin, dogecoin in Tenebrix and next Fairbrix anonymous programmer by calling ArtForz and so quickly.

password-based key function (KDF password-based) are generally designed to be computationally intensive, requiring a relatively long time to count (say a few hundred milliseconds). For each authorized user only needs to operate (for example, verify) after the execution of the function, the time required is negligible. However, a brute force attack will likely need to perform billions of operations at the point of time requires more and more significant, the ideal is affordable.

KDFs previously based on passwords (such as RSA Laboratories popular PBKDF2) has the resource requirements are relatively low, which means that they do not require very complex hardware or memory to do. So, they can easily and cheaply be implemented in hardware (for the case of ASIC, or even FPGA). This allows the attacker to hundreds or even thousands of hardware to build massively parallel algorithms and launching attacks in different parts of the search keyspace. This time available to complete the implementation of the necessary amount of brute force attacks may put a reasonable time frame. Functional design script hampered by improving the algorithm of resource requirements. In particular, the algorithm is designed to be used with respect to the other by a large number of passwords KDFs memory, so the size and cost of hardware implementation are much more expensive, thus limiting the number of attackers parallel can be used to display financial resources.


  • November 2017
    PAXCoin Source;
    Code release.
  • December 2017
    Signed an agreement to cooperate in Central and South America’s Blockchain business (MITO Cooperation Co., Ltd).
  • January 2018
    Visit to Central and South America;
    Discuss basic cooperation measures.
  • March 2018
    Submits Blockchain technology cooperation LOI (Letter of Intent) to MIPPCOEXIN;
    Founded Cryptocurrency Exchange in US (VENTAS USA).
  • April 2018
    Sponsoring Korea Blockchain Summit 2018;
    First working meeting.
  • May 2018
    Second Working Meeting @ Korea.
  • June 2018
    Sign cooperation and investment contract.
  • September 2018
    Source code release for National Public Cryptocurrency Includes:
    e-Wallet – IOS , ANDROID, PC;
    Mining Pool.
  • October 2018
    Open Beta test: Central and South America.
  • November 2018
    Venezuela FICTEC 2018 exhibition PAXCoin System Technology.
  • December 2018
    Venezuela exchange;
    Market listing.
  • March 2019
    More Cryptocurrency exchange partnership establishment and announcement.

Public source code

To ensure the reliability of PAXCoin, November 14 2017, PAXCoin’s Source the code was released on the most reliable source of the public site, Github.

Source Code:
Core (QT) Download:
Mining pool:

Token details

  • Token Symbol or ticker of PAX COIN: PAX
  • Pre Mined Coin: 2.2 Billion
  • Fill token Supply: 8.8 Billion

Distribution of the token at PAX COIN

  • Mining (locked for three years) – 75%
  • Public sale and private sale – 20%
  • Strategic partner – 3%
  • Internal team (locked for the five years) – 2%

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