Parsec Frontiers – An Online Game About Humanity’s Based Blockchain

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Parsec Frontiers – An Online Game About Humanity’s Based Blockchain

Parsec Frontiers – We discover increasingly about blockchain innovation. There are numerous new activities coming each day. Everyone is presently discussing Bitcoin and how it raised a year ago. Those ones who didn’t know much about the cryptographic forms of money, now are more included and anxious to hear and take in more about. They need to contribute moreover. Every one of the undertakings that are coming and propelling has a comment. They will likely give a comment, something that no one has offered sometime recently, some incredible thoughts that groups have been dealing with for a considerable length of time, perhaps years. digital forms of money have gone into all edges of our lives, which help all of us and make it a fundamental piece of our regular day to day existence.

The ubiquity of gigantic multiplayer web-based diversions and virtual universes has developed enormously amid the most recent 20 years, and a portion of the biggest administrations have seen a huge number of clients. Advances in web availability, in the calculation and visual quality and additionally an acknowledgment of gaming as a typical and standard leisure activity are imperative explanations behind this. Because of the time put resources into such recreations or virtual universes, it is common that advance, aptitudes, and virtual things coming about because of player support picks up an unmistakable esteem. Some of the time unlawful markets are made outside of such amusements to encourage exchanges of in-diversion monetary forms for genuine cash.

As blockchain innovation progresses, a few open ventures are attempting to take care of issues identifying with versatility. Many tasks are investigating new calculations and structures to either enhance and grow existing stages or are just making new ones.

Parsec Frontiers intends to consolidate Ethereum with an opensource blockchain with permission for cost, speed, limit and capacity reasons. As adaptable and savvy stages move toward becoming standard, changing to another stage will persistently be considered.

Parsec Frontiers includes a virtual economy where all exchanges of things in the amusement are put away on a decentralized record. The straightforwardness this brings is an advancement of web-based recreations that empowers new plans of action in the business and reform how live web-based amusement administrations are persistently created and utilized. We trust this will be a critical pattern in the recreations business going ahead.

Parsec Frontiers will be both a web-based amusement and a complex virtual economy, both to a great extent affected by choices made by the players.Accountability of the economy is guaranteed by the virtual economy blockchain, which empowers players to have full sureness on the quantity of things accessible and each and every computerized resource exchange.


After Earth’s death, mankind is urgent to colonize the cosmic system and modify human progress. It is a universe without space stations, travel doors, spaceships and propelled innovation. It is up to the players to investigate, extend and build up this new world together. The amusement universe depends on the genuine Milky Way cosmic system, and the players are allowed to investigate and abuse any edge of it. As they do, the determined shared world will develop together with the player base, from the newborn child dash for unheard of wealth age of an unexplored universe to later phases of flourishing and player-run interstellar social orders – and war revenue was driven, extension and eminence.

At its core, all lies the virtual economy blockchain. Where other web-based diversions give players virtual incentive to work as they play, the time put resources into Parsec Frontiers will bring about substantial true resources that can be contributed or changed out. Past diversions have demonstrated that our amusement configuration is one that will energize several hours of exchanging and investigation, and inject genuine economy into the virtual one. Accordingly, expanding the player’s engagement into gameplay that can be both fun and beneficial.

Despite the fact that there is a wide range of inspirations for acquiring virtual things, it is apparent that a noteworthy fixing to an effective multiplayer world is empowering social association. The more drawn out members are playing on the web and together, the more they put candidly and mentally in the diversion. Parsec Frontiers will subsequently be where joining organizations together and connecting with different players on the planet will be urgent to the experience.

Parsec Frontiers expands on the 4X amusement type, including its components into an industrious, online sandbox where players are allowed to investigate and colonize the Game Universe. You are separated from everyone else in the universe, yet through cooperation with different players you can achieve great things:

Gameplay will be presented separately, and the diversion will become together with the group. From the early investigation days to the later interstellar human advancements and past.

The amusement is constant, implying that activities started by the player continue unfurling when she logs off. Spaceships on the way to goals are as yet moving, inquire about is as yet being directed, asset extraction as yet occurring and generation work as yet starting. The player may design warning settings to get SMS or email alarms when not on the web.

Dual Token Structure And Exchangeability

The PARSEC token will be an ERC20 token on Ethereum to take into account a simpler group deal process and simplicity of exchanging on outer digital currency trades. A relating PARSEC resource will likewise exist on the diversion chain for use in the amusement world. One PARSEC ERC20 token can be changed over into one PARSEC modified chain token. The trade between ERC20 tokens and the tweaked chain token is encouraged by keen gets that control the trade forward and backward. The amusement customer will contribute a front-end interface to encourage the double token swap exchanges.

At the point when a player exchanges PARSEC ERC20 tokens into the keen contract, they will be bolted. Comparing virtual economy chain tokens will be exchanged from a keen contract in the modified blockchain to the player’s address. To change over PARSEC from the amusement wallet to a player’s Ethereum address, the player will exchange diversion tie tokens to the shrewd contract address and get PARSEC ERC20 tokens to the associated Ethereum address.

The Ethereum expense for exchanges out of the keen contract will be payable in PARSEC amusement chain tokens and can be player adjusted per wanted exchange need.


A total of 30,856,775,800 PARSEC tokens will be created and no more PARSEC tokens can be created. The tokens will be used to reward financial, conceptual and advisory contributions to the project as well as service providers :

Parsec Frontiers Allocations

Parsec Frontiers ICO details

  • Start Date: 2018-1-24
  • End date: 2018-1-31
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Token: PARSEC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • Initial price: 1 ETH = 845,000 PARSEC
  • Bonus: Contributions => 50 ETH 5%
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Soft cap: 400 ETH
  • Hard cap: 4,000 ETH

Initial Technical Requirements And Platform

The following technical requirements are key factors to develop the project:

  • Enabling the project to issue own in-game digital assets
  • Support for smart contract programming and execution
  • The technology must scale to support tens of millions of transactions per day
  • Most of the game’s blockchain transactions should be processed without incurring fees paid in a 3rd party token
  • Fast (seconds) transaction validation
  • The technology should support pruning/checkpointing
  • Ease of organizing and executing crowd sale process
  • Simple token trading integration for exchanges


Artplant develops MMO backend. Used in Battlestar Galactica Online.
A technology used in 4 more games.
June 2017
Parsec Frontiers concept finalized
July 2017
Development agreement. Legal structure planning Exploration of architectural concepts
August 2017
Team assembly/hiring. Game pre-production initiated
December 2017
Public announcement of the project. Release of whitepaper
January 2018
Community building and marketing Pre-sale
March 2018
Foundation registered and set up
April 2018
Detailed game and economy design Prototype of galaxy Crowd sale
May 2018
Parsec Credits distribution Token listed on exchanges Queue open for starter ship auctions Ships can be traded between players
June 2018
In-game asset definition and tokenization Cross-chain transaction module
July 2018
Auctions for colony rights on 17 initial planets Colony rights and development projects are tradable
September 2018
Transparency dashboard and APIs
December 2018
A release of Travel module. Population of all major heavenly bodies Resources distribution throughout Milky Way Scanning of heavenly bodies Travelling and exploring Transport of Earth’s 15m surviving humans Release of Settlement module
February 2019
Resource extraction/production DEX module
May 2019
Colonisation upgrades Crafting of items
December 2019
End of the ‘non-aggression pact’ Weapon production


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