PARQ – Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities

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PARQ – Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities

PARQ – Parksen through the green, the Smart + Connected Communities platform, which uses IOTA and revenge blockchain, intelligent contracts, network equipment, application of artificial intelligence and real-time combat global parking lot traffic jams and pollution. Parking applications Parksen, municipality of the Netherlands runs on more than 100 worldwide, so the driver had to find and pay for parking spaces sophisticated, to show those who are closest to their destination on a global scale, they save money, time and frustration, and to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We receive a 5% rebate costs enabled by a SaaS solution based on our cloud, all transactions parking, and by distributing intelligent devices, low-cost platform that matters, and the free use of a hosting service provider of commercial and local, regional and national government, our aim is to destroy the 100 billion dollar industry.

About PARQ

Parksen urban platform is the easy adoption of green, smart and connected, via a public API for accessing and fully operational in the parking Parksen existing cloud. By using our own revenge and practical Blockchain PARQ mark, we will provide a variety of solutions and intelligence contracts, which will directly benefit various metropolitan cities and small towns stakeholders.

Our goal is to use the open, notebooks and general map data, which will allow us to imagine the main points in urban areas. With this information, we can continue to improve traffic flow, reduce carbon monoxide emissions and congestion, and update and replace outdated technology and equipment to address investment program (IOT) by smart parking IOT, green fields of equipment, real-time parking applications and dashboards general.

PARQ Mission

There is also a green, smart and Connected Community Platform together – in a small existing MVP – provider of the difference between a program that parking PARQ PARQ in real time.

Revenge blockchain, intelligent contracts, global book and a lot of different things, we will create a true platform for sustainable development and smart urban development. As data accumulated, PARQ has to fight against the rising levels of pollution and traffic congestion, which can damage the same ability to live in cities large and small metropolitan city.

The PARQ parking program will use the same information to guide the driver to open and inexpensive place, while other customers City, passengers, business and city platforms can use the information to improve their infrastructure.

Vision PARQ

Pay parking, parking businessman PARQ program, drivers can be found in this book, to pay for their parking before leaving home. The program then guides them to follow the fastest path.
The accumulation of data, different users can collect and local traffic congestion and pollution level, barrier-free parking spaces and a wide distribution of survey information to make PARQ mark.
In order to pay for the equipment, employing green, smart and Connected Communities platform, city, park, and businesses can buy and their spouses included in the hardware and the new update system.
By leasing a car park, employing green, smart and Connected Communities platform to make all customers can sign up and rent a parking space for individuals and organizations, but the Court of Appeal for them to do PARQ mark.

Powered by PARQ

  • PARQ Multi-functional Utility Token
    The PARQ token based revenge -ERC20 practical token, which can be spent, and winning applications in Parksen parking and green platform, intelligent and Connected Communities.
  • Pay for parking
    Use Parksen parking program, drivers can find, pay for their parking in front of the reserves and kept away from home. application, and then guide them to follow the quickest route
  • Earn by collecting data
    All types of users can collect and level of local congestion and pollution, the availability and variety of survey data submitted PARQ get a token parking space.
  • Pay for equipment
    Green, smart and Connected Communities platform, cities, parking and business partners can buy and integrate new systems and upgrade hardware.
  • Earn by renting out parking spots
    The green platform, intelligent and Connected Communities, all users can belong to their parking lot PARQ individuals and organizations to get a token to register and rent.

The Challenge

  • Loss Of Time And Money
    As mentioned in the introduction, the biggest problem now is to find the driver and pay parking. I do not know where they can find a place that is available and can not be selected in advance to reserve a time and the steady growth of a congested city to spend a lot of time and money.
  • Environmental Issue
    According to entitled to deal with pollution and congestion [2] Professor David Begg and Clare Haig in 2017, a British study, congestion in major cities has risen in the UK. When congestion occurs, exhaust pipe when emissions are four times higher than the traffic flowing smoothly. In addition, traffic congestion has led to a decrease in traffic speeds, which in turn leads to more emissions and health problems. People In the UK is 64 times more likely to air pollution compared to the Swedish death in the United States and twice as much drive.
  • Future
    I firmly believe that through Gongtongnuli, and trust each, packing, another smoke-filled city of difficulties will soon be over. Our community will be the first time we will
    Fierce fighting city greener and better, healthier future. A green world and we start Parksen you can finally do something in this world is part of the search for your changes. Parksen application, we Parksen green platform, intelligent and Connected Community and the future of all product lines Parksen will benefit most will focus on green solutions to reduce costs, the modern urban area
    And optimizing infrastructure. All products will fit perfectly in this way the existing ecosystem Parksen in it.

Advantage For Driver

This application is very effective when experience traffic jams at several locations, this system makes it easy to find the nearest car park available, the most affordable of the user. A platform provided by PARQ function can also be made of available parking, traffic congestion and local pollution levels to share data on, so you get the token PARQ. PARQ platform provides an excellent opportunity to gain experience of things like smart parking solutions for the development and publishing.

Advantage For Service Providers

Services will be more environmentally friendly and improve the management of all the available parking spaces to enjoy universal dashboard in size. The service provided will also save time and money, network systems provide rapid advances and inexpensive equipment, and gradually the maintenance and enhancement of energy, not only that PARQ also will turn your city into a smart city to get the city of technological innovation the future development of the city to the floor The first intelligent environmental protection.

IoT Support Parksen

With the advent of internet technology significantly accelerates all processes Things, networks and data collection faster than ever, you can distribute data directly lead to healthier, more environmentally friendly urban infrastructure. Improving the quality of life, Parksen platform is the need to connect between all stakeholders and users. It is a stable combination of smart cities.

Parksen Features & Integrations

  • Reset & Determine Spots
    If you have a parking space is an advantage because you can Parksen help you’re looking for the closest parking position, driver services. PARQ platform where you can rent out, log back in intelligent contract token from PARQ platform. This platform will Parksen claims 5-10% commission, convenient services.
  • Location and Parking Mapping
    The platform helps PARQ, if you have a parking space or parking lot to see unused, is expected to inform, because they will immediately improve the stability and accuracy of the system, you will get a token prize based on the number of additional specification information for a PARQ PARQ shape Platform.
  • Combine Smart, IoT & Green Devices
    Do you want your garage or parking comeback? There is also the quiet platform, is willing to help you get PARQ platform in collaboration with a smart partner. If you purchase ancillary equipment, you should be included in the city, is a list of contributions to the green. If you do, it will, with your token PARQ after replacing part where you want (garage or parking) installation.

Ico Details


  • Token: PARQ
  • PreICO Price 1 PARQ = 0.07 USD
  • Price1 PARQ = 0.08 USD
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
  • Soft cap 15,000,000 PARQ
  • Hard cap 19,500,000 USD

Token distribution

  • Pre-Sale (5%)
  • Public Sale (20%)
  • Airdrop & Hodlers (5%)
  • Bounty Program (2%)
  • Charity Fund (1%)
  • Private Sale (3%)
  • Business Development (4%)
  • Founders & Team (5%)
  • App & Platform Development (15%)
  • Marketing (20%)
  • Smart City Project Fund (20%)

Use of proceeds

  • Business Development (10%)
  • Global Expansion (15%)
  • Marketing (30%)
  • Research & Development (45%)


PARQ from green confrontation, Smart + Connected Communities platform, using the IOTA and revenge blockchain, intelligent contracts, network equipment, and real-time artificial intelligence program to stop global traffic congestion and pollution. The Parksen parking program, more than 100 cities Netherlands operation, allowing drivers to pay for parking seek and sophisticated, to showcase their latest single to destinations around the world, they save money, time and frustration, in addition to helping reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We still have a free platform to suppliers of industrial and parking areas, areas along receive a commission rebate of 5%, which is largely created by the SaaS cloud our solutions lead to an industrial park, but also through the intelligent, low-case dispersion device price and the federal government, our aim is to break the 100 billion dollar market.

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