PaidThru – An Innovative Social Exchange Network

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PaidThru – An Innovative Social Exchange Network

PaidThru – More than ten years of history, the social networking industry has revolutionized global communication, exchange of ideas, and even run a business. Although the sign industry matures, ie, slowing subscriber growth and increasing mergers and acquisitions, social media are still opportunities to make money in the technology sector one of the highest growth potentials in this region and enables the user’s data. According to the Pew Research Center, about 87% of the world population currently use social networking sites.

It can be seen as a significant improvement for 48% of social network users the power of the effectiveness of social networks in the world as of 2000 the number of users is expected to reach 2.95 in 2020 will amount to one billion, which is about a third of the entire population of Earth.

With the highest penetration of social networking, the area in North America, where approximately 60% of the population have at least one social media accounts, so it is very popular (and profitable industry) in recent years. One thing is certain about the social media industry: growing scene, which will more effectively connect with consumers businesses to opportunities wide.

What is PaidThru

PaidThruExchange built on Ethereum blockchain antisocial network switch. PaidThru purpose is to revolutionize the way companies engage with consumers through social media. PaidThru wants to create an incentive-based ecosystem, combining the strength of consumer confidence and business offers from social value. PaidThru competition to provide consumers with products and services, service, or brand, they are interested in and reward them for each connection involved in the production and society.

The PaidThru Exchange is a network where the innovative brand of social exchange can connect and consumers in participation more effective way. The bidding platform will create marketing right users chance for companies by trying to establish their own brand presence, which payments and safe compensations are made to provide an organized system.

Active in social media, end users can join PaidThru exchange, and paid for with brands involved in the use of their social media accounts via Exchange. According to their interests and preferences, consumers will use their best with their lifestyle brand, which in turn will create more interest and interactive games that connect between the brand and the consumer.

In order to obtain payment of $PAID, users can communicate original token using other, such as BTC, ETH, LTC and legal currency, such as dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, euros. PaidThru use of encryption creates a simple exchange section with pays $PAID partner list for this purpose. Interested participants can also get a payment of $ at other sign that lists the payment transaction $. holders who Token want to trade and exchange will be eligible to participate in PaidThru to pay for the transfer of $ Exchange.Once token, the token will be locked and as the balance of exchange rate differences PaidThru User’sreal time. This means that users in the lurking payment of the $ sign PaidThru another foreign exchange management can then be used to instant communication activities platforms such as social media engagements or transfers. Businesses active peer networks pay the balance of $ Payment can also start their social media connections and streams feed behind directly with consumers. It is recommended that at least two network connections, and additional connections Attracta possibility of a larger audience.


It is well known that all social networking activity we are a billion-dollar industry by trust is our company’s management. It’s a great social network have created a friendly image, commitment to providing a valuable service to users for no other reason, not altruism. But with an online presence and we make BPK, we continually put more and more money into the network the pockets, there is no right or leave a part of our wealth. It is not fair, because these companies make millions of our data, which clearly does not belong to them, it belongs to us.

On the other hand, they swear their slogan, the company can achieve in reality and put more money sponsored ads. But users just fancy of millions of targets, while more than 4 billion social media users watch case 4000annoying day. With estimated advertising expenses of $ 10 million, you will leave wondering why 80% of these ads, they can not provide any advantage.


The PaidThru Exchange is an innovative social exchange network, brands can connect and participate with consumers in more effective. The bidding platform will create marketing right users chance for companies by trying to establish their own brand presence, which payments and safe compensations are made to provide an organized system.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect brands in a profitable way to consumers end revolutionize social media advertising. Through our exchange, brands can easily provide consumers via social media, a fraction of the power and value leverage the fees just normal. We not only create incentives business users and ecosystem composition but the real interest of build gainful consumers yearning to perennial relationships with their favorite brand of organic community valuable.

The Ecosystems

The PaidThru Exchange is very active and interested in social media, the influence of the brand and the company to actively seeking a cost-effective and efficient way to grow their brand online. We created a dominant position or remove all AFAIR PaidThru members irrespective. Users can as individuals, influencers, brand management, internet entrepreneurs and even registered. Because of the system PaidThru constantly interlinked, in all other business activities to earn $ payment system To enable reused, will not find any kind of another business brand that users side and influencers on.

The PaidThru Business Model

The exchange will PaidThru as marketing antisocial and traded on the exchange, so that consumers and businesses brands connect and the right time to trade with one another, with the pay-organized infrastructure equipped with Token. Users $ PAID can establish to pay for free! Account of their social media accounts PaidThru Exchange and perform all the necessary verification of personal data and KYC before eligible for interactive the platform. Once to do this, then the business can use a series configuration specified criteria, such as the connection ideal consumers age, location, gender, and interests, just like with sponsor advertisements to finish. For each campaign, the company can determine the total budget and how much they are willing to pay for pay-per-user mark subscription in $.

PaidThru Marketplace

We have future plans to increase the market Add to PaidThru market. Now, only the digital service will be available in the community PaidThru, but further development will enable the company to offer real-time delivery of products and sales directly from our platform. mail-order sales function we are already in development, should be available within six months of the launch PaidThru Exchange. Once we start to get a business that has been adapted to the needs of our sites, we will deploy feature. Also, to provide a more inclusive in our market, all members will be able to offer in the market through a variety of services PaidThru social services, such as delivery of the product and consumer reviews.

PaidThru Exchange Fees

Members can choose to cash a $PAID they sign with their real money sign exchange currency or other encryption. For each withdrawal, the cost of a standard exchange will depend on the amount of money involved. The at a fixed rate, the user can exit during within 24 hours depending on their membership level and verify the status is applied. The focus of future development into direct bank deposits and wire transfers. Exchanges will legal currency is determined by member feedback, and analyzed by the ICO. We are committed to providing a comfortable and subjected to all sorts Fees. As price competitiveness to achieve a lower cost, we encourage users to pay for a sign to save more $ and get a reward. Pay user holds Token and again, more PaidThru back, they will get and they will pay more than $ lesser the interchange fees.

PaidThru Exchange App

For better user experience, our platform will also be exchanged by PaidThru apps on iOS and Android, which will be available to all download launched users after access. Our app is to build a clearer, with a layout encourage users to access, manage and share social activities. Such as location tracking and instant messaging applications for mobile phone customization will ensure that the company continues their social communities and sold while traveling.

Core Architecture

The PaidThru platform is composed of three main components:

  • Ethereum:
    Ethereum is our Exchange contract blockchain built-in intelligence. Like most platforms another blockchain Our smart contract in retaliation coarse programming language.
  • ECC Encryption:
    With our money transfer application, we plan to achieve a more robust security coding and using the latest mobile phone and tablets encryption methods ECC improve performance. This method is certified by FIPS, and the use of shorter, more intelligent to go on the relationship which provides fast and secure transactions.
  • MD5 Hash Functions:
    The effect of using the MD5 hash function. This transaction detects when account files balance and user authentication and values altered in any means if there is no corresponding transaction data and balancing feature account authentication tokens. For example, this feature can detect when a hacker tries to add balance to create a proxy value to Transfer value and attempts to maximum withdrawal account.

$PAID Token Issuance

$PAID payment will be issued to and during crowdsale the presale, have a proper launch date, communicating at maturity through all of our media channels. Our goal is to build a high-capacity, which means that we will very need for greater exchange of game currency supply. More trading activity in this transaction, the more valuable tokens will pay $ become.We also developing the exchange of encryption itself, but we will actively seek out the best Stock Exchange, in order to effectively allocate orders and promote our brand PaidThru.

Here are the details of our Token issuance:
  • Symbol: PAID
  • Total Supply:3,000,000,000 PAID
  • Initial Token Price:1PAID= 0.0097 USD
  • Acceptable Currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, DOGE, USD, CAD, GBP, EUR
  • Soft Cap:$6.1 Million (30% Token sold)
  • Hard Cap:$11.6 Million (60% Token sold)
  • Technical Specification: ERC-20
  • Decimals:4

$PAID Token Distribution

3 Billion $PAID Tokens will be created and distributed during our ICO. Here are the rules that will guide the distribution of $PAID:

PaidThru Token Distribution

Crowdsale Distribution

Depending on the success of the crowdsale and other funding tiers, we are looking to purchase the required assets and fuel the growth of the PaidThru Exchange accordingly. We plan to utilize the funds raised during the Crowdsale in the following order:

PaidThru Crowdsale Distribution


  • Q1 2014
    the concept for PaidThru accomplished
  • Q1 2016
    PaidThru wrongfully Registered. Domains purchased. Brands & socials created
  • Q1 2016
    Development of Blue Print for Exchange begins
  • Q2 2017
    Development of The PaidThru Exchange Starts
  • Q3 2017
    Use of Ethereum Blockchain as primary internal exchange Token
  • Q4 2017
    UML Logic, Wireframes and UI style
  • Q2 2018
    Introduction to PaidThru. Advertising Begins via Twitter Giveaways.
  • Q2 2018
    Development of ICO web site
  • NOV 2018
    The launch of ICO/Memberships, $PAID Token & PaidThru internet wallets
  • NOV 2018
    Development Cont. Team expansion/ Bounties & Partnerships(PaidThru Social)
  • DEC 2018
    Initial Development- $PAID in conjunction with Exchange good contracts & audits
  • DEC 2018
    Live small beer games developed and intercalary
  • JAN 2019
    Discard/wire development finished. Rainroom & Events intercalary
  • FEB 2019
    Token Sale Concludes.
  • FEB 2019
    Begin Application method For Exchange Listings
  • MARCH 2019
    Core Development prototype; correlation of good contracts & wallets
  • APRIL 2019
    Introduction of good Contracts & Balance API
  • MAY 2019
    The release of PaidThru Exchange Beta Version

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the PaidThru team, I just give you the latest ICO info”