Orbis – Bring Unbanked People In Need In Our Ecosystem

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Orbis – Bring Unbanked People In Need In Our Ecosystem

Orbis – Bank checking account ownership rates in the world is only 60%. The remaining 40, especially in developing countries, there is no obligation for each bank account. This is a staggering figure, considering what Richangshenghuo integral part of the bank account which also has 60%. In the last five years, however, the number of global cash flow almost no inflation, non-cash transactions have more than 10% growth.

To resolve this problem, global financial institutions have invested significant resources. MasterCard and Visa, for example, among other things, enacted in 2016 in alliance with their efforts in 2020 will focus on 25 countries, mostly in Africa happiness purposes of access to global finance. These 25 countries, including who access bank accounts to exclude 73% of the total population.

ORBIS try to close the gap, too. At present, our aim is that by 2020, through a partnership with banks to provide 3 million people without bank accounts throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia access to financial services. Our self-service platform will provide a solution for a visit to these people, let them have the first opportunity to open their grant funding opportunities. These opportunities include possession of a debit card and the ORBIS payment application for smartphones and QR and barcode scanning. We think this is more than anything else by the existing financial institutions, which are prone to human error, and it can be a time consuming and complicated for non-banks to provide them with a better chance. ORBIS solution offered is sophisticated by today’s standards, so that these people will not pursue a new account. Security and limited transmission, prevent fraud, fast transactions, etc., will be built into the system, ORBIS branch of VR bot.

Our team is working hard to ensure that this development is done right and done well. We want to make sure that all of our platforms is released, to live up to our vision to transform the lives of those who use it. We also actively support the development of these local companies and encourage faster economic growth.

About The Project

ORBIS – Basically this task is to provide maximum comfort to enable the production of all possible liabilities and transactions for all parties to an ongoing task. It is often viewed as the direction and stop the use of the intelligent protocol. It’s very comfortable and attractive. After all, all the responsibility, in the end, will be safe and sound so fast, you never dreamed!

The project is not a case of a standard payment system! Interesting reality is that you will eventually be served by robots! Well, or so-called artificial intelligence, where you can finally become the most confident, there will be no major faults, such as, for example, if the owner would be human. After all, computers are usually fast many times, the most important is that it is a more accurate processing of data. Imagine that you enter a branch of Standard Bank, there will be a discussion with your PC and personal hologram! It’s funny, but it is hard to believe such improvements minutes.

Operation of the project will not only stop the transfer and payment. And become a comprehensive banking sector, this project will eventually be able to provide all possible solutions, embedded in Standard Bank’s normal, but the creation of a more comfortable situation. An interesting idea, because it can relieve the world, it really gives transparency and openness, as well as the protection of human liberation and elements of the personal data that is most important. This task can be achieved if all levels of the bank or investment company, which will be achieved, because it provides a very attractive and comfortable, but it will show us the time for us.

We came up with is to provide friendly customer service is quick, easy and cheap financial transactions, investment and service concept.

Market Strategy

ORBIS strategy will be forwarded to the target segments based on our values. This will be done through a variety of online and offline methods. The first method uses an Internet marketing tool. If you can clearly engage with customers, quickly, but when the fight is about more than time zones, countries and languages. Our website will be the primary source of information from our services. We will create a strong content strategy, not only illustrates the benefits of our service here, but we will also educate customers on how to use our services.

Other forms of advertising will be accepted ICO calendar announcements (Coinschedule.com, CoinGecko.com, networking, funding, ICOcrowd.com, ICOcountdown.com, ICO-list.com, Tokenmarket.net, and TokenSaleCalendar.com), and the use of social networks have: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide customers with valuable information interests and buying habits.

Facebook is the largest social media platform, more than two billion users. It allows a business based on advertising media over the years has evolved from a specific audience data easily collected at Facebook users against. It can find the best audience by advertising algorithms to track individual users preferences advertisement. Smart, beautiful, indeed. For each of your own Facebook page, you can raise the message to the selected target audience.

In the early stages of developing a marketing plan, several focus groups held an in-depth understanding of the possibilities of customers. This focus group provides a useful insight into the decision making process of the consumer.

Global financial institutions to invest significant resources to the end of the visit a huge gap to the bank. MasterCard and Visa, and other financial institutions together to form a coalition partner last year in achieving universal access to financial services by 2020. The alliance will focus on 25 countries (mainly in Africa), all of the financial exclusion of people 73 percent of the people who live effort.

  1. Expats: the life and work outside their home countries.
  2. Age 18-75: The Group has a relevant income.
  3. Account Holder: daily use of bank customers of financial services.
  4. People Do Not Have A Bank Account: people in poor countries is not a bank account


Our goal is to create a new financial subsidiary worldwide, based on the dispersion techniques

ORBIS Vision tries to make a profit for the period, and the provision of 300 million people through partnerships with banks not in Latin America, Africa and Asia in 2020 financial services. Our self-service platform will provide access to the solution of these people, allowing them the opportunity to provide funding for their first chance. This opportunity will include debit cards, smartphones, and ORBIS payment applications and QR scanning and barcodes. ORBIS provides advanced solutions for today’s standards, so this
new accounts of people will not be able to pursue. Security and unlimited transfers, transactions faster and more will all be built into the system, ORBIS branch of VR to chat robot.


ORBIS project work will give people who previously did not have a bank debit card accounts, smartphones and mobile payment applications Orbis, codes and QR codes, profitable company funded by charitable projects.

Number one can be made happen will be sooner or bi-directional done indefinitely and can be used to use. branch organization ORBIS homemade teller machine that systematically throughout the world, with virtual reality chat robot that can go beyond the question of time and manpower deck can be set.

Orbis Virtual Market

Our team is formed not only from IT experts, lawyers, business consultants, and encryption experts, we have been specializing in marketing and business management, the most important part in a company in one of the wonderful colleagues.

ORBIS team made of young entrepreneurs have come up with a visionary plan to bring new technologies and business cryptocurrency On another level, the introduction of the flow of marketing and management services. Our philosophy will also provide assistance with a start-up company and our vision for the future.

ORBIS virtual market in the marketing and management services to new concepts combined with new technology, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, provided by the company aims to develop projects of ORBIS and other businesses.

Orbis Usage Benefits

  1. Customers can use our platform to them very, very personal debit/credit score scorecard, the practical effect when buying or selling, or sent to their debit card ORBIS.
  2. For billing agreement, there is no limit global transfer function. This may reflect the conversion of foreign currency.
  3. ORBIS will provide quick credit score credit score time period of the loan application, customer forms, bringing out the need to implement the change between the parties to the bill of this software program.
  4. Fiat Forex trading may also be feasible, instead of faithfully cryptocurrency.
  5. Flowers can be saved by using signs that owes money to rescue our economy ORBIS re-earned.
  6. Looking ORBIS license token to release the funds, market interest rates token cryptocurrency by their own personal appreciation.
  7. POS ORBIS will enable wireless prices are all small businesses and entrepreneurs who appeal to this fact.

Token Details

  • Token ORBS
  • Platform Orbis
  • Type ORBS
  • Pre ICO price 1 ORBS = 0.50 EUR
  • Price in ICO 1 ORBS = 0.50 EUR


  • 50% Pre-ICO bonus (16th of April -30 of April)
  • Ico Stage 1 Bonuses ( 1st of May – 15th of June ) +45% bonus for >25000 ORBS Purchased +40% bonus for >15000 ORBS Purchased +35% bonus for > 5000 ORBS Purchased +30% bonus for > 1000 ORBS Purchased +25% bonus for > 1 ORBS Purchased
  • Ico Stage 2 Bonuses ( 15th of June – 29th of July ) +35% bonus for >25000 ORBS Purchased +30% bonus for >15000 ORBS Purchased +25% bonus for > 5000 ORBS Purchased +20% bonus for > 1000 ORBS Purchased +15% bonus for > 1 ORBS Purchased

Investment info

  • Min. investment 0.50 EUR
  • Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
  • Distributed in ICO 62%
  • Soft cap 500,000 EUR
  • Hard cap 25,000,000 EUR

Orbis Coin Distribution

Orbis Coin Distribution

Orbis Allocation of raised funds

Orbis Allocation of raised funds

Orbis Team

Orbis Team


Orbis Roadmap


Value investors Keyihuode token in time to grow, such as coins changed a wider range of applications. It depends on developers and consumers, and they started using the mesh network. If the network technology is considered a useful thing to use, people began to use it all over the Earth, it can be safely stated that the value of the token must be increased accordingly. In fact, this technique seems to be solved by a global network of decentralized program and access needs. Therefore, if this technique is widely used, the distribution of marks can be repaired.

So, here are the players I presented to you to find information and learn about the project ORBIS ™ is currently running their team. For more information and to join ORBIS ™ social media today article, follow the link below.

To know the latest information about the Orbis project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://orbistransfer.com/
Telegram Group: https://t.me/orbisgroup
whitepaper: https://orbistransfer.com/downloads/Orbis-White-Paper-2.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OrbisToken
Facebook: https://facebook.com/orbistoken
ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3844192.0

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Orbis team, I just give you the latest ICO info”