OnLive – A Platform That Will Pay You For Quality Content

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OnLive – A Platform That Will Pay You For Quality Content

OnLive – The international real-time video streaming market is expected to increase from US $ 30.9 billion in 2015 to 123.32 billion US dollars in 2024. This increase can be attributed to the widespread use of high-quality content development and technological advancement.

There are many people in the world who need different services. It seems that we can not provide them with the service they want from any part of the world. But OnLive Marketplace is created precisely for this reason: to provide services to any person from anywhere in the world. This system is a decentralized market for broadcasters and ordinary users who can “book” an online meeting with a professional in any field or make transactions.

OnLive Network is a real-time streaming video protocol supported by blockchain technology. Due to the blockchain, this ensures full decentralization, high scalability and global broadcast uncensored review of the media open market.

The On.Live platform allows users to give virtually any service from anywhere to anyone, and provides valuable content for multiple business models for broadcasting and earning money. We use blockchains to control transactions and residential tokens, and we have real-time communications, business, and trading platforms.

Equipment integrity

Onlive’s commercial success is mainly due to the steady growth of new buyers and sellers. Other key performance indicators are customer acquisition costs, and the constant cost of service and customer lifetime value can be defined as the value of each customer discount. is equipped with tools and features that meet the needs of broadcasters and viewers. Two channels of communication allow public broadcasting for a large audience and one-on-one private consultations. Each of these options allows authors to monetize their activities while providing users with high-quality services.

OnLive Market

The global digital transformation consultancy market is worth about $23 billion in 2016. Consultants are currently standing on two occasions in the overall size of the UK consulting industry, and five times the size of China’s consulting market, reports from research institutions and analysts show that the current global The market penetration of digital transformation comes from a total of 2.31 billion pounds in all consulting markets in the UK, totaling 2.26 billion pounds.

OnLive Marketplace

The global video streaming market is worth $30.9 billion in 2015, which is expected to grow at over 16% from the CAGR of 2017 until 2024 to 2024 will reach $123.2 billion, and we will fill the live gap in the form of live Service and pay for public broadcasting.

OnLive System

  • Broadcasting companies – Broadcasters make and broadcast content to the Internet
  • Transcoder – The transcoder performs the task of transcoding to other formats.
  • Open Network – Everyone can join OnLive Network and play their desired role when meeting technical and economic requirements
  • Recipients – Recipient watches flow in selected quality and format and purchase direct services
  • Service Provider – Anybody with professional knowledge can sell through our system and offer personal discounts.
  • Relay Node – The relay node transmits data streams to recipients with or without transcoding.

How OnLive Works

OnLive Works

Vendors or service providers establish their own channels, they can directly sell services, or they can broadcast listeners too much PPV, PPM, PPD and other intelligence, and signed a code conversion contract and relay services. The customer pays for the completed service and gets a live video broadcast.

Direct Market Open Service

The transcoding market is where transcoders place their transcoding code in the transcoding service market. The bidding specifies parameters, such as the format from which they can be transcoded, and the parallel capacity user guarantees to provide it at the initial transcoding initial cost.

Live Market Services

The Live Services Marketplace is a place where any service provider or creator provides services for live streaming, video, and audio, and any service consumer or viewer can use it quickly to seek to provide reliable experts who are willing to provide such services. The platform can be compared with the online market of on-site video services. Each consumer can find talented professionals, individuals, and companies providing different types of services, such as: Medical advice, legal advice, other professional advisors or guitar lessons such as online and mobile applications.

The market allows 1 to 1 or 1 to 8 broadcast products. Senders and receivers use the format and quality they choose to connect without spreading scalability issues and the need for transcoders and relay nodes. This is an effective way to provide comprehensive expense and easy-to-use online medical advice and online courses.

Transaction security and content security

OnLive Security

Secure transactions – Transactions between all parties are protected by blockchain and smart contracts. In the latest version of OnLive Network, no trusted authority is required to confirm all transactions between all parties. Content Security – Among the content broadcasted by broadcasters, only the transcoder is selected, and whoever pays for decrypting the recipient of the transmission encrypts it.

ONL token details

ONL is built as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain

  • Token Type: Utilities
  • Token symbol: ONL
  • Maximum token supply: 111.000.000 ONL
  • Pre-ICO Token: 12.21 million ONL
  • Coinage provided by ICO: 61,050,000 ONL
  • Pre-ICO Hard Cover: 14,000 ICE Hard Cover ETH:100,000 ETH


  • Pre-ICO start time: 2018-01-22 11:00 UTC
  • Close: 2018-02-22 Discount: -30%
  • ICO Price Available Token: 12.21 million ONL


  • Starting at: 2018-03-11
  • Closed: 2018-04-11

Allocation of tokens

  • Pre ICO 11%
  • ICO 55%
  • ONL wallet 11%
  • Founder 11%
  • Bounty 6%
  • Consulting 5%
  • Legal Insurance 1%

Use Of Results

  • Capital expenditure 3%
  • Loyalty Program 115
  • Marketing team 8%
  • RCS – Other costs 55
  • Increased marketing by 19%
  • RCS – Support Team 6%
  • RCS – Development Team 31%
  • Other 9% marketing
  • Board of Directors and Management Team 6%
  • Other costs 2%


  • Q1 2018
    Widespread marketing and communications activities connected to the platform. Create Launch Pre.OrGroup Pre ICO and ICO – Token, waiting for registration of tokens on crypto exchanges. Prepare for the On.Live platform launch
  • Q2 2018
    Launched the platform, recruiting the first critical mass of users/broadcasters in the UK and US. Launching one-to-one (WEB), PPV, PPM, PPD, PPE Escrow, Smart Contract, ONL, Pay.On.Live, Partnerships. The ONL Token is an integral element of the OnLive Platform. This is used as the currency of the broadcast fee and this is the only payment option.
  • Q3 2018
    Launch one too many broadcasts (WEB), public broadcast (centralized version), all Pay models. Looking for Transcoding partners around the world
  • Q4 2018
    The widening of generic activity into the new sector increases the number of users/broadcasters, preparing additional language versions. Set up mobile version (iOS and Android) versions of apps for one-to-one modules. Smart Real-time contract, Escrow, Pay.On.Live
  • H1 2019
    Decentralization, open one by OnLive streaming ecosystem. enable one-to-one transmission and build OnLive based applications. Decentralization, open one by one live streaming ecosystem. enable one-to-one transmission and build OnLive based applications
  • H2 2019
    OnLive one too many public broadcasts, open code for everyone. Allow broadcasters to send videos directly to the network, transcode into various formats and bitrate and sell.
  • H1 2020
    Live Service Decentralization is full and public broadcasting is no censorship. Allow participants to donate their processing power and bandwidth in video transcoding and distribution services, and be compensated accordingly.

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